Monday, May 15, 2017

Yippee! All new Class Photos!

Hello future readers!

Outta site! It's that time of year again. The tine when we get our class photos back! Take a look at our groovy pictures!

Top row (L-R): Cheryl, Melody, Kyle, Lisa, Sunny. Bottom row (L-R): Miss LaSalle, Kim, Wendy, Raychel, me, and Jason.

Here are the photos of each of us.

Yep, that's yours truly. How do you like me in pink?

Melody decided to wear pink too!

Cheryl always takes super pictures. I just love her top. It's really far out!

Here's Kim. She's the shortest of all of us, and the photographer kept trying to make her sit on a phone book, but she didn't want to.

Jason went with the relaxed look this year, and wore a striped shirt.

Sunny always dresses in the grooviest clothes!

Wendy looks so cute with her braids in loops!

Lavender is a really pretty color on Lisa!

Kyle wasn't nervous at all this year, and took a really good picture. (well, for a boy, I mean).

Raychel's outfit is really cool! I wish I could wear stuff like that for picture day!

Here's Mrs. Johnson's class: Top Row (L-R): Crissy, Stephanie, Marc, Bridget, Shante'. Bottom Row (L-R):  Mrs. Johnson, Robyn, Jennifer, April, Danny and Susan. (Robyn and Jennifer forgot assembly was cancelled for photo day and wore Color Guard colors).

Crissy wore a pants suit instead of a dress this year. Right On!

Here's our new friend Marc. I think he takes a good picture too, and I really like his shirt!

I have never seen Shante' take a bad picture. Not even in snapshots. She's so pretty.

Oh! I hope Susan will let me borrow that puppy dog sweater some time. It's so cute!

Stephanie's cool green eyes always make her pictures extra special. Oh! And the photographer thought it was cute that Stephanie and Melody both wore jumpers for photo day.

They do look cute together, don't they. And speaking of cute...

April is wearing the same outfit as Wendy! The photographer's eye nearly popped out of his head, and he told April "Didn't I just take your picture?" Wendy giggled and said, "No you took mine!" After the photographer had a good laugh, he decided to get one of the sisters together.

Their mom is gonna love that one!

Danny wore stripes today too! (I wonder if him and Jason planned that?)

That twisty ribbon looks cute on Robyn and makes her pretty curly hair look extra special.

Bridget is one of the nicest people ever, and takes one of the nicest pictures ever!

I think it's neat that Jennifer wore a shirt with a rose on it and her middle name is Rose.

Well, that's all of the class photos! I hope you liked them! I wonder how school photos look in the future?

Until next tine future readers!
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Meet My Dolls

Hello future readers!

There are a lot of things I like to do, like jump rope, ride my bike, twirl baton, listen to music and stuff like that. But one of my most favorite things to do is play with my dolls. Most of them I've gotten for Easter or Christmas. Some of them I've asked for, and some of them were a complete surprise! I've got a pretty groovy doll collection, and I asked my mom to take pictures of me showing them to you. Here we go!

First I wanna show you my Barbie dolls. I don't have very many, just 3 of them.

This one is my Gold Medal Barbie. She's a gymnastics doll.

I'm really not all that great at tumbling, so I just pretend with my Gold Medal Barbie. The other 2 are Malibu Barbie (I call her Suntan Barbie), and Bead and Braid Christie.

This is my doll JuJu. She's my favorite. She's the doll I sleep with and tell secrets to, and hug real hard when I'm feeling sad.

I think JuJu looks a little like my friend Sunny. What do you think?

This is my Dawn doll. Isn't she pretty? I like to pretend she's a fashion model like my friend Crissy.

This is Lucy, a My Real Baby doll. She's my second favorite. She's the doll I like to play Mommy with. Isn't she just the cutest thing?

Here's my beautiful Blythe doll. Some of my friends think she's funny looking, 'cos she has a big head, but I don't think so. I think she's pretty far out!

Here's Sarah, my doll from Scotland. She has sleepy eyes! I really don't play with her all that much, 'cos she's a special doll from another country. She's the kind of doll that you just look at mostly, but play with sometimes.

I guess this one would have to be my 3rd favorite. This is my doll Vivian. I named her that 'cos my friend Vivienne from West Virginia sent her to me. And I think she looks just like Vivienne, don't you?

Here's Wonder Woman! She's really not a doll, more like an action figure. I'm not much into superheroes, but she sure does come in handy when I play with the boys!

Here are my Honey Hill Bunch dolls! Spunky, Sweet Lee, I,Q. and Curly Q.

This is Sweet Lee. She's called that 'cos she loves to bake! She's always making cookies for the club.

Here's Curly Q. I just got her this past Easter. She's a really good friend who loves telling jokes and funny stories.

I.Q. is the brain of the bunch. She's real smart and always has her nose in a book.

And finally this is Spunky, the only boy of the bunch. Actually there's another boy, Solo, but I don't have him. Spunky is the tallest member of the club, so I guess that makes him the oldest. My friend Jennifer has the youngest of the bunch, Lil' Kid.

And here's my Barbie Styling Head. She's not really a doll, but she's still a Barbie, so I guess that counts. She came with a comb, brush, curlers and make-up.  I don't want to mess up her hair, so she just stays the way she came out of the box.

Well I guess that's it for my----(What did you say, Mom? I forgot my Holly Hobbie doll? Oh no! You're right!) My mom just reminded me that I forgot my Holly Hobbie doll. She's at my friend Kim's house. Kim wanted to borrow her 'cos she's doing a report for school on Laura Ingalls Wilder, and wanted to draw some pictures of Holly Hobbie to go with the report. But that's OK, I have a picture of me with my Holly Hobbie doll. It was the first picture I used when I started this time capsule!

I had different covers on my bed back then. But look, I'm even wearing my hair the same way! Isn't that just too much?

Well, that really is it. I wonder if girls still play with dolls in the future? I couldn't imagine life without dolls to play with. When I'm playing with them, I can be all kinds of different people; a mommy, a fashion model, a gymnastics champ, a teenager, or a girl growing up in the 1800s. That's why I really love playing with dolls. My mom says that sometimes, she passes by my room  and hears me pretending with my dolls and laughs 'cos it reminds her of when she was little and played with her dolls. Even though I've seen pictures, it's still hard to imagine my mom being little! *giggle* Maybe if you still play with dolls, you an pretend you're a kid from the 70s, like me!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend
Julie Newman