Sunday, August 28, 2016

It's Showtime!

Hello future readers!

Today was the big day! We put on our version of "Frankenstein" right after lunch in the Rec Hall. Everyone was so excited!

All of us who were in the play were right outside the door to the Rec Hall. We could hear all the kids "ooh" and "ahh" over the laboratory set. Kyle did most of the drawing on that one. It was really far out!

Kerry passed out Jiffy Pop for the girls to share. Then she got on the stage and raised her hand for quiet.

"OK everybody, simmer down. We would like to welcome you to our production of "Frankenstein".  As you can see from the set behind me, a lot of people worked really hard on this play."

"We know it was kind of a drag when we had to close the Rec Hall for rehearsals, but as you're about to see, it was worth it! And now on with the play! Act One: "Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory."
Kerry went  offstage and turned on some scary organ music, and Danny and Kyle walked onto the stage. Kyle laid down on the table and Danny stood beside him.

DANNY: "At last! After months of hard work, finding the right body parts and putting them together, it is almost time to bring my creation to life! The weather is perfect! The lightning from the storm will provide me with the power to give life where there once was none. Where is that no-good assistant of mine? IGOR!!"

JASON: "Yes Master, is it time?"
DANNY: "Yes, Igor. Open the skylight so the lightning can power the electrodes."

JASON: "Yes Master!"
DANNY: "For years the other scientists laughed at my ideas. They kept telling me that I couldn't bring life from death. But I will prove all of them wrong tonight!"

JASON: "The skylight is open, Master!"
DANNY: "Excellent, Igor. Now we will raise the table so our friend can take in the life giving force!"

The scary music got louder and the lights flickered off and on. Velvet got a little scared and turned her head away.

Kyle slowly reached out his arms and sat up on the table.

DANNY: "It's alive! My creation lives!"
JASON: "It's wonderful, Master! It's alive!"

Kyle start moaning and climbed down off the table. He walked with stiff legs off the stage.

DANNY: "No wait! I have so much to teach you! You're not ready for the real world, yet! Come back!"

DANNY: "Igor, you fool! You let him get away!"
JASON: "I am sorry, Master. My spindly little legs cannot run after a mighty creature such as that!"

The lights went off and we all clapped.

When the lights came on again, Doug (the boys' counselor) started setting up for the next scene.He took down the laboratory set, laid a green blanket on the stage and put up the set for the lake. Oooh! That was the one that I helped paint!

 Then Kerry walked onto the stage to announce the next act.

"Act Two: The Lake."

 Kerry walked off the stage, and turned on some piano music. Then Mia walked onto the stage carrying a flower and sat down on the "grass".

MIA: "Oh it's such a beautiful day! The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing."

MIA: "Oh how I wish I had someone to play with!"

Kyle walked on the stage with stiff legs and his arms out, moaning and groaning.

MIA: "Hello there. Are you looking for someone to play with, too Mister? You can play with me. My name is Maria."

MIA: "I was just about to play boat, Mister. Do you wanna play? I'll teach you."

"You pick a flower and toss in the water. See? It floats like a boat. Now you try. Here's another flower."

Mia gave Kyle the flower and he "threw" it into the "water".  He stood up, picked up Mia and swung her around.

From the doorway, Danny and Jason yelled "SPLASH!" at the same time the lights went out. We all clapped again. Now Doug went up on the stage to take down the lake scene, and put up the set for the castle that the boys painted. Was it ever cool!

"Act Three: Outside of Dr. Frankenstein's Castle." She walks off and turns on storm sounds.

Oh wow, this was MY scene! Me and Vivienne and Kim and Raychel all marched up on the stage behind Stephanie carrying our "torches".

ALL: "Left...left... left, right, left! Left...left...left, right, left!"

STEPHANIE: "All right everybody this is it! Frankenstein's Castle. Now remember, we don't want to hurt the man, we just want to arrest him."
VILLAGERS: No! No! That madman must die!"
STEPHANIE: "Now I know how you all feel about what that monster did to that poor little girl. But the law is the law, and we've gotta have a trial. So tonight, Dr. Frankenstein goes to jail!"
KIM: "Where he'll rot!"
RAYCHEL: "His monster won't hurt any of our children!"

Stephanie turned around and pounded on the "door" of the castle.

STEPHANIE: "We know you're in there, Frankenstein!"
VIVIENNE: "Come out and meet your doom!"
ME: "Come on out, Frankenstein!"

We make room for Danny as he walks onto the stage.

STEPHANIE: "Dr. Frankenstein, I'm placing you under arrest for the murder of Maria Talova."
DANNY: "I never killed anyone!"
STEPHANIE: "But that monster of yours did, and that makes you responsible."

DANNY: "Oh please, have mercy on me. Don't put me in jail! I was just trying to prove my scientific theories!"
STEPHANIE: "You fooled around with the laws of nature. It's not man's place to give life, that's God's job."

Stephanie put fake handcuffs and chains on Danny.

STEPHANIE: "Your monster will die by poison and it will buried in a pauper's grave where it won't be able to do harm to anyone else!"
DANNY: "No, no....he's a living being! You can't just kill him! Who are the murderers now?"

STEPHANIE: "He's not a man, he's a savage beast, and never should have been brought to life in the first place! Now off to jail with you!"

The lights go out again, and everyone claps. Man, am I glad that's over! Now maybe these butterflies in my stomach will go away!

The play is actually supposed to end here, but us kids talked it over, and decided that it needed a better ending. So we asked Doug to write a 4th act for us. The last part is in Frankenstein's lab.

"Act Four: Back in Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory." Kerry walks off and turns on the piano music.

STEPHANIE: "Poor beast. I almost feel sorry for you. It's not your fault. You were put together with parts from dead people. You weren't meant to live at all."

STEPHANIE: "Now the dead can finally rest in peace. May God have mercy on the soul of your creator."

Stephanie walks off the stage, and Jason comes out of his "hiding place".

JASON: "That fool constable! What does she know? If you weren't meant to live, my Master never would have been able to give you life."

JASON: "The world just doesn't understand people like us, my friend. They call us ugly, and say we don't have souls, just because we're different. But I know better."

JASON: But I promise you this....someday, I will track down a man with a mind as great as my Master's. I'll save you from that pauper's grave, and another great scientist will give you life!"



Everyone clapped and cheered!


Doug moved the table and Kerry got back on the stage.

"And now the cast of our play will come out for their final bows. Danny Campbell was Dr. Frankenstein, and Jason Gerard was Igor."


"Kyle Lewis was The Monster, and Mia Malone was Maria."


"Stephanie Sherman was The Constable."


"Kim Pierce, Julie Newman, Raychel Shaunessy and Vivienne Walton were the Villagers."


Well,  that's the end of our play, future readers. It was lotsa fun to do. I'm glad I didn't have a big speaking part, or I would have goofed it all up. It's also the end of our time here at good ole Camp Echo Hill. Tomorrow we'll be on the bus back to Springfield, and the day after that, Vivienne has to go back to West Virginia. *sigh*. I'm gonna miss her. But we made some groovy memories here at camp. I'm not sure when we'll see each other again, but we've had an outta site summer neither one of us will ever forget!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman