Saturday, September 20, 2014

The "Welcome Back To School Dance"

Hello future readers!

Well, yesterday was our first annual "Welcome Back to School" dance. After I got out of school  at 3p.m. I went home, had an early dinner, took a bath, and changed my clothes so I could make it back to school at 5 in time for the dance. The gym looked really groovy. The teachers did a good job decorating it. Miss LaSalle, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Taylor were in charge of the snacks, music and keeping us kids in line!

It was really far out! Miss LaSalle put on a record and everyone got up and boogied! And Jason is a dynamite dancer! He was spinning around and showing off his moves!

The music was outta site! Miss LaSalle really knows her stuff! She played  The Jackson 5, Elton John, K.C. & The Sunshine Band, The Sylvers, The Ohio Players, The Hues Corporation, David Cassidy (yay!) and Jason and Danny's favorite "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglass.

We had lotsa  punch and cookies and chips, 'cos dancing really works up an appetite! Even the teachers got up and danced! All right!

Everyone had a super time! Before we knew it, it was was 7 o'clock, and it was time to go home.  I never wanted the dance to end. I think there's a song on one of those old movies on TV that says, "I could have danced all night", and I could have too! I hope the school has another dance soon, 'cos it's so much fun! Do people still dance in the future? Jason thinks people wear "anti-gravity boots" and just float around the room. I don't think that would be much fun. How could you spin around, and do "The Bump"? That's my favorite dance. After I got home, I even played school dance with my dolls!  They like to "bump", too! Gotta go, now!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Monday, September 15, 2014

The First Day of the New School Year!

Hello future readers!

I had a really good day at school! First, I found out that I'm in Miss LaSalle's class again! Outta site! She's the greatest! This term I have Jason, Sunny, Cheryl, Kim, Melody, Wendy and Jennifer in my class.

Jason stood up and introduced himself, and then Miss LaSalle went over the rules, and the classroom helpers for the month.

And then I knew what was coming...the "What I Did During My Summer Vacation" composition. *groan* But SURPRISE! I was wrong! This year, Miss LaSalle said she thought we were probably bored with having to write about that on the first day of school, so this time, she had us write a couple of paragraphs about ourselves. Stuff like our favorite color, our favorite food, what we wanted to be when we grew up...stuff like that. That was actually fun.

After reading and reviewing our times tables up to the 4s, we went to the lunchroom. I'd forgotten how hungry I get doing schoolwork!

This was the first year that all the 4th graders had lunch boxes! And of course the lunchroom was as noisy as ever! Everyone talking at once, trading sandwiches, complaining about how hard math is, seeing who had the best dessert, who watched what on television last night... just regular lunchroom stuff. I've really missed this!

I had a ham and cheese sandwich, and apple, corn chips, Twinkies, and a thermos of strawberry Hawaiian Punch! Far out!

After lunch we got our vocabulary words for the week, and then we all went to the auditorium for a special assembly. Today was Monday. We usually had assembly on Wednesday mornings. We all wondered what it was about.

After everyone was seated, Miss LaSalle and Mrs. Taylor got up and made the announcements.

The first announcement was that we were going to have a "Welcome Back to School" dance! Right on! Our Christmas dance was so much fun, and I was glad we were having another one. Next we were told that Baton Club practice would start in 2 weeks. Yay! And last, and maybe the most important announcement was the 4th graders were going to be allowed to be color guard once a month in  assemblies! The whole auditorium started buzzing.

Only 5th and 6th graders were allowed to be color guard, so this was big! In case you don't have color guard in the future, it's when 4 kids every week get to lead the whole assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance and singing "America The Beautiful." You had to wear white shirts and blue pants, skirts or dresses. This was super exciting! It's about time 4th graders got some respect! I'd have to call Crissy after school and fill her in. She had to leave school early because she had a modeling  photo shoot in another town

After assembly it was time to go home. I couldn't wait to tell my mom about the dance and the color guard! I think it's gonna be one dynamite school year!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back To School Shopping

Hello future readers,

Well, I've been home from camp for a week now. It's nice to be home, but kinda weird sleeping in a room by myself, (OK, my dog sleeps with me), after sleeping in a cabin with 3 other girls. There's nobody snoring, or talking in their sleep, or waking me up to be their bathroom buddy. HAHA! Anyway, a couple of days ago, my mom took me clothes shopping for the new school year, but I still needed stuff like pens and crayons, so she sent me down to Woolworth. When  I got there, Jason, Jennifer, Lisa and Robyn were in the "Back To School" section.

Robyn was checking out the table with the pens, pencils, crayons, magic markers,  paint boxes, erasers and glue.

Lisa was checking out the groovy lunchbox display.

And Jason and Jennifer were looking at the notebooks and knapsacks.

Robyn saw me first and waved me over. She was really excited for school to start next week.

Lisa was trying to decide which lunch box to get. There were so many choices. She told me she was tired of eating school lunches and wanted a groovy lunch box like the other kids.

I saw her looking at the Peanuts gang lunch box. I told her I thought that was a good choice, since I had a Peanuts lunch box too, (only different than that one).

Jennifer was buying a lunch box this year, too. I thought that was funny because when she first came to our school last year, (and we weren't friends!), she said that only babies bring their lunches to school, and cool kids eat school lunch. Well I guess anyone can change their mind. She was gonna pick out a Wonder Woman lunch box as soon as Lisa made up her mind. She chose a new notebook while she waited.

Jason was a little down about having to repeat the 4th grade again. I reminded him that he and Danny would be in the same grade, maybe even the same class. I also told him that Miss LaSalle and Mrs. Johnson were very nice, and so was Mrs. Taylor, our Art and Music  teacher.

I was rapping so much, I almost forgot what I came down here for! I chose a pen, and eraser and a new box of crayons, and told my friends I'd see them later.

I'll bet in the future that all anyone has to do is punch a few buttons on a computer, and it makes any school supplies you want! Even though I'm kinda sad summer is ending, I'm really looking forward to school starting. And shopping for clothes and school supplies, is kind of exciting. It makes me think of all the groovy things coming up this school year. I hope I get Miss LaSalle again. She's so nice. Well, gotta go now, future readers. I'll let you know how my first day of school was.

Until next time,
Your friend,
Julie Newman