My Mom's Page

Hi future readers!
My mom says that she sees all the fun I'm having with this time capsule, and she wants to get in on it too! If you have any questions for her that I can't answer, (like where she buys my clothes and stuff like that), you can write to her, (Mom told me she loves to get mail!).  So make my mom happy, and write to her soon, OK?

Your friend,
Julie Newman

Hi future readers!

This is Julie's mom, Sharry.  I've been noticing that quite a few people have comments and questions for me on Julie's entries. So I thought I'd set up a link to my e-mail address. If you wanna know where I get certain items or clothing used in the photos you see, drop me a note! If you see a prop I've made that you would like a tutorial to,  I'd love to know. If you're just wondering about this crazy lady who loves the 70s, I'll be happy to answer your questions. But please remember, if you are replying to one of Julie's entries on the main page, address your comments and questions to her.

Thanks, future readers,
Peace, Love and Happiness
Sharry and Julie

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