Monday, January 27, 2014

Saturday Afternoon Bike Ride

Hello future readers,

This past Saturday, after the cartoons were over, Sunny called me up to see if I wanted to hang out. After being cooped up in this house so long of course I did, so I sat on the front steps of my house to wait for her. Ten minutes later, she shows up on her new bike.

Sunny got this super groovy bike for Christmas. It's blue, purple and white, and has streamers on the handlebars a bell, a basket, a sissy bar and a rack for holding things, cool decals, and even a license plate with her name on it! She says hi and asks me if I wanna go riding. All right! So I get my bike outta the garage, and we took off. I like my bike alright, but I don't think it's as far out as Sunny's.

We weren't really going anywhere, just riding around the neighborhood, enjoying the day.

We got to the top of the hill on Farrell Street. We both looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking; race time!

Both of us started pedaling like crazy. It was weird but almost the whole way down the hill, we were riding right alongside each other. Then finally at the bottom of the hill, I really poured it on, and I won!

It was really fun! I guess my bike isn't so bad after all! We rode a little further until we got to Sunny's house. She had to go to the bathroom, so I waited outside and watched our bikes. I was glad to rest awhile. Racing is hard work!

When Sunny came back out, she had gotten her allowance from her mom. Since she saw me outside watching the bikes, Mrs. Albright gave Sunny an extra quarter, so she could buy ice-cream for the both of us! Outta Site! And perfect timing too, since the ice-cream truck was a block away. We caught up to it on our bikes and got a couple of cones. Since we were closer to my house now, we decided to eat the cones on my front steps.

Sunny got vanilla and I got tutti-frutti. It was nice, just sitting there, eating our cones and shooting the breeze. Later that day, I made Sunny's mom a thank-you card for treating me to an ice-cream cone. That was really nice of her. It was a groovy kind of Saturday, and I'm just glad I wasn't sick anymore so I could enjoy it! I hope your Saturdays are groovy too!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Catching up on stuff...

Hello future readers,

I'm sorry I haven't made an entry for the last couple of weeks, but you see, I've been sick. Right after New Year's, I came down with a nasty ear infection and sore throat. I really hate being sick. I couldn't go to school or the playground or Sam's Snack Shack. I couldn't have any visitors, or they'd get sick, too. And I had to take this really yucky medicine! I mean it was nasty with a side of disgusting! Not the regular penicillin that come in a bottle. This was the super yucky powder that you have to mix with water or juice. No matter what kind of juice my mom mixed it with, there was no hiding that nasty taste. I felt like I was gonna throw up! But you don't wanna hear about that!  My mom was really groovy, though. She let me camp out on the couch, so I could watch television. She gave me lots of my favorite juice and soup, and bought me new coloring books and paper dolls to keep me busy. Gotta love my mom, she made being sick a little easier. I'll bet in the future, no one even gets sick. You probably take some super magic pill or something and get better in a snap. I wish I could have done that.

Since I was outta school for almost 2 weeks, I have a TON of homework to catch up on! In fact I'm taking a break from my Health homework to write this entry, so it has to be quick. Miss LaSalle is being really nice about it and letting me turn it in a little at a time. Thank goodness I'm almost done. I have just social studies and reading to do and then I'm DONE!

This weekend I can finally go out and play with my friends, and not have to worry about homework, so I'll probably have some stuff to write about then. My mom just called me downstairs for dinner, so I gotta go now.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Party Time on New Year's Eve!

Hello future readers,

Happy New Year! I had my annual New Year's Eve pajama party. ( I think this may become what my mom calls a "tradition".) It was super groovy! I couldn't believe it when my mom said I could invite my 13 closest friends over! She did warn me, though, that if we got too rowdy, this would be the end of this tradition! Cheryl and Danny even brought their dogs, Butterscotch and Muttley over, so Boomer would have someone to play with.

 We all had to stay on the "island" of blankets Mom spread out on the floor for us. For the first hour, we all kinda separated and played games like Twister, Perfection and Trouble. Do kids still play board games in the future? I hope so, 'cos they're really a lot of fun.

Jennifer and I played with my new View-Master. She liked the Barbie reel the best.

When Susan got up to go to the bathroom, Danny grabbed Cheryl's pillow and bopped her with it!

Wow, was he ever sorry he did that, because Stephanie, Cheryl and Wendy came to Susan's rescue and creamed him with more pillows!

Danny got kinda mad because he said he was only teasing Susan, and he didn't mean for the other girls to gang up on him. I reminded him that he started it and he shouldn't expect to come to a pajama party and not get into at least one pillow fight! The other girls said they were sorry, but I'll bet it'll be a long time before Danny tries to swat any of us girls with a pillow again!

Well, after the pillow fight, I decided to take out my new radio.

 I turned to a station that was playing "Dance To The Music" by Sly and the Family Stone, so that's what some of us did!

Right after that song was over, the pizzas that my mom ordered came, so we all settled down and ate pizza and popcorn and drank sodas.

Then we turned on the television to watch a few episodes of "The Twilight Zone". Most of us really like this show but Susan and Melody got a little scared.

 My mom said it was almost midnight so some of us got our hats and leis on, and turned on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve". Mom filled up our glasses with soda and we toasted in the New Year!

Most of us dropped of to sleep right after that, and some of us stayed up for another hour watching more of "The Twilight Zone". We all had a dynamite time. I really hope my mom lets me keep up with this "tradition". It's really outta site when we can all get together and have fun! I think I'm really lucky to have so many friends to share special times with. I hope you future readers are just as lucky as I am!

Happy New Year!
Until next time, your friend,
Julie Newman