Saturday, September 17, 2016

What Happened On The Playground On The First Day Of School

Hello future readers!

We started school this past Monday. It was great to see Miss LaSalle again. I've really missed seeing her and Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Taylor every day. I even missed doing homework! (well, a little). Anyway, I wanted to tell you what happened to my friend Susan on the first day of school.

We were all out on the playground before the line-up bell rang.

I was playing tether ball with Kim and Robyn.

Wendy and Jennifer were playing on the see-saw.

Crissy, Raychel and April were taking turns on the slide.

Cheryl was rapping with Crissy.

The boys were playing basketball.

Shante' and Melody were playing on the bars.

Stephanie and Lisa were playing hopscotch.

Sunny, Bridget and Susan were playing tag.

I was on my way to the water fountain, when I noticed Susan, (who was it), turn around and run back toward the basketball court.

Danny backed up to make his shot, only he didn't see Susan running behind him. He knocked her down and landed right on top of her!

When they both sat up, Danny was rubbing his head, and Susan had a cut chin and skinned knee.

Bridget and Sunny came running over and I came running over and pretty soon there was a big crowd around Susan to see if she was all right.

Jason sat down next to Danny to make sure he didn't have a knot on his head. He didn't.

I helped Susan stand up and offered to help take her to the Nurse's Office. Then I asked Cheryl if she would take my book bag to Miss LaSalle's class for me.

We got to the Nurse's Office just before the line-up bell rang. Mrs. Stern, the school nurse, had taken some papers to the main office, and told us she'd be right back. I didn't want Susan to wait all by herself, so I waited with her 'til Mrs. Stern got back.

"Does it hurt much?", I asked Susan.

"My chin hurts more than my knee", she told me.

"You're lucky you didn't knock out a tooth!", I said.

"You don't think Mrs. Stern will send me home, do you?", Susan asked me. "I don't wanna miss my first day of school."

"Nah, she'll probably squirt some Bactine on your cuts, put a couple of band-aids on them and send you back to class. It'll be OK."

Meanwhile, back in Miss LaSalle's class, everyone was in their seats, and Miss LaSalle was taking attendance.

When she called my name and I didn't answer. Kyle and Cheryl explained what happened. When I got back to class, Miss LaSalle was telling everyone about the Class Helpers.

"I'm sorry I'm late, Miss LaSalle", I said as I handed her the late slip from the main office..

"It's all right, Julie. The other children explained what happened. You were a very good friend to Susan to help her like that. You'll have a commendation card on the board before the end of the day. Now take your seat."

"Thanks, Miss LaSalle!", I said as I walked to my table.

Wow, a commendation card on the very first day of school! Outta site! This was gonna be the beginning of a very groovy school year. I could just feel it!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman