Sunday, September 22, 2013

Red Robins Day

Hello future readers!

Well, we all got through the first week of school. It's weird getting back on school schedule after almost 3 months of summer! Anyway, on Friday after school, Cheryl, Sunny and I made plans to have "Red Robins Day". We weren't trying to leave the rest of our friends out, but well, you really get to know a person when you live with them for 2 weeks. It's almost like you're sisters. For example, I know that Cheryl twirls her hair when she's trying to fall asleep. Sunny snores! And both of them brush their hair for 20 strokes every night before bedtime. So we decided to celebrate our being back together with "Red Robins Day". We took Cheryl on a mini tour of our town. Not the whole town, just the good stuff like the park, the library, the candy store, the movie house and we ended the tour with Sam's Snack Shack. Sunny and I ordered crème soda floats, and Cheryl ordered a strawberry milkshake.

I was born here in Springfield, but my friends who have moved here from bigger cities say that living in a small town takes some getting used to. Cheryl thought it was weird that we had only 1 movie house, and no McDonald's. I tell her that it's really cool because everybody knows everybody your folks don't worry about you. I know she'll get used to things, just like all my other friends who moved here did.

Cheryl noticed the jukebox in the corner and put in a dime. She chose "Fire" by the Ohio Players. I love that song! Boogie time!

After we left the Snack Shack, Cheryl invited us over to her house. Far out! Her mom was really nice and was really happy to meet "those nice girls from camp she heard so much about". (haha!) We went up to Cheryl's room, and saw her dog waiting for her!

That pooch was huge, even bigger than Danny's dog, Muttley! Cheryl called her Butterscotch.  She was really friendly and loved to be petted. So we played with the dog and sat around and rapped. Cheryl wanted to know all about our friends, and school, and fun stuff to do in Springfield.

I really liked Cheryl's room. She was into horses, Nancy Drew books, and Wesley Eure who plays Will Marshall in "Land Of The Lost". She has a pretty doll named Samantha, and keeps a dish of candy in her room for company. Outta site!

We all had a pretty good time. We made plans to meet at the playground tomorrow after the Saturday morning cartoons were over. I love making new friends! I knew Cheryl was gonna fit in great with all our friends and love living in Springfield as much as I do!

Until next time , future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Day Of Surprises!

Hello future readers!

Well, this past Monday was the first day of school. And all kinds of far out things happened that day. The first great thing I found out about is that Susan and Raychel were staying in Springfield! It turns out that the jobs their fathers had in Arizona didn't work out. They're still gonna stay with their aunt and grandma until their parents can move back here, but that's great news! The other cool thing happened out on the playground before school. We were all playing before the line-up bell rang.


All of a sudden, Danny runs up to me and asks who the new girl who just walked onto the playground was.

Holy Toledo! I couldn't believe my eyes! It was Cheryl! My friend from camp!

I hugged her and I asked her why she didn't write and say that this is where she was moving to. She told me she wanted it to be a surprise!, OK, so I'm surprised! Sunny was surprised too. The Red Robins were back together again! Cheryl said she was in Miss LaSalle's class! Outta site! I was in her class again this year!

Just then the line-up bell rang and Miss LaSalle and Mrs. Johnson came out. Here comes surprise number 3! The other 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Alden left our school to have a baby, so Mrs. Johnson was taking over her class. And Mrs. Taylor was taking over the music class, (as well as Art and Baton Club). I've never had Mrs. Alden, but from what the other kids say, she's pretty strict, and Mrs. Johnson was much nicer. So we lined up to go inside.

Robyn and Raychel were in our class this year. Stephanie and Crissy were in Mrs. Johnson's class. I was gonna miss Stephanie sitting next to me in class, but we'd still see each other.

After we got inside, Miss LaSalle introduced Cheryl to the rest of the class. I thought that was pretty funny, since the only one who didn't know her from camp was Danny, but Miss LaSalle didn't know that.

Miss LaSalle said Cheryl could sit next to me and that all of us should help her get the hang of things. Far out!

Then we had to take out our notebooks, because Miss LaSalle said we had to write about what we did over summer vacation.

Is there some kind of law that says kids have to write about what they did over summer vacation as soon as they get back to school? Do you have to write this stuff in the future too?

Later, Cheryl, Danny and I were walking home from school together. She just lives 2 blocks away! This was gonna be a super school year! I'm so glad Cheryl moved to Springfield. We're gonna have a dynamite time together!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Last Day Of Summer Vacation

Hello future readers,

Well, I've been home from camp for a week. I've been telling my mom about all the fun things I did, and about my new friend Cheryl. I know her family is busy with moving and all, but I hope she writes soon.

Anyway, today is the last day of summer vacation! BOOOO! Why is the school year so long, and summer vacation is so short? Is it like that in the future? To finish off the summer with a bang, my friend Lisa's mom took me and Lisa (OK, Lisa and I), to the beach today! That's the one thing I haven't done all summer. Springfield doesn't have a beach, just a lake, so we had to drive a ways to get there. As soon as we were all set up, Lisa and I ran down to the water and put our toes in to see how cold it was.

And man was it cold! We decided to go build a sandcastle instead. Lisa made the big part at the bottom, and I made the smaller part on the top. I was very careful not to knock down the whole thing.  I think we did a pretty good job.

After our castle was finished, we went further down the beach, where there wasn't so many people, and played a game of Frisbee.

It was lotsa fun! Lisa kept diving for the Frisbee and got a mouth full of sand! We were so tired after all that running around, that we wanted to rest a while and work on our tans.

Lisa's mom warned us not to lay out too long, or we'd get burned to a crisp! We were getting pretty hungry, so Mrs. Lawrence treated us to hot dogs, sodas, and ice-cream bars! Far out! We listened to Lisa's radio while we ate our lunch.

"Summer Breeze...makes me feel fine..."

It was a really groovy day...the perfect way to end summer vacation. I hope future kids get to take off once in awhile and just enjoy all the things that make being a kid fun, like going to the beach, going to summer camp, hanging out with good friends, going to the drive-in movies, eating ice-cream, and bike riding. I'm kinda sad summer's over, but I guess I am looking forward to Fall and starting school.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman