Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Christmas Morning

Hello future readers,

I hope you are all having a really far out Christmas. I know I am. Last night, before I went to bed, my mom gave me my "Waiting for Santa" present. This year, it was a little toy Christmas dog. I named him Peppermint, because of the peppermint candies on his ears and paws. I think Boomer is jealous. He saw how much I liked the toy dog, and went to the corner and sulked. Silly pooch!

When I woke up, I took the candy out of my stocking, and ran to get my mom so we could open presents. I got her a new mug for her tea, a potholder I made in Art class, and a card. She really loved them. There were so many presents for me, I didn't know which one to open first! The first one I opened were 2 boxes taped together. I opened them, and there was a View Master, and a case with extra picture reels! Right on! The next box I opened had the radio I wanted in it! All right!

The next present had not one, but THREE pairs of groovy pants in it! My favorite pair are the purple ones. They're corduroy and are super soft! I also got a new denim purse with a happy face on it! Dynamite!

After we opened our presents, (and cleaned up all that wrapping paper!), my mom made chocolate chip banana pancakes, and we sat in the living room with our TV trays and watched Christmas movies.

 Later today, we're going over to Kim's house to have Christmas dinner with her and her family. I can't wait to see what she got for Christmas! I wonder if it's as groovy as the stuff that I got? I hope Christmas in the future isn't just another day. I hope it's a day of fun and food and super cool presents!

Merry Christmas, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Springfield Elementary's Christmas Concert and Dance

Hello future readers!

Friday was such a dynamite day! Not only was it the last day of school before Christmas vacation, but it was also the day of the annual Christmas concert in assembly, and our first annual Christmas dance! The teachers and the PTA decorated the gym, and all of us got to bring our favorite Christmas records to dance to. (I brought my Partridge Family Christmas album.) It was the grooviest!

So this year Mrs. Taylor took over as our music teacher.

We've been practicing for weeks. Miss LaSalle's class sang "Joy To The World", "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" and "Carol Of The Bells".

 Mrs. Johnson's class sang "Away In The Manger", "Frosty The Snowman", and "What Child Is This?".

Mrs. Taylor also let Cheryl play a violin solo, ("Jingle Bells"), and Crissy play a guitar solo, ("The First Noel").  They both played really good!

Then both classes sang "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Our teachers and our parents were so proud of us! I was proud of all of us, too. Everyone remembered all the words, no one fell off the risers, no one scratched their tush or picked their nose. Hahaha!

School was over after the assembly, but everyone stuck around to go to the dance! Miss LaSalle was in charge of playing our records.

Mrs. Johnson was in charge of the refreshment table. There was candy, cookies and pink lemonade.

Mrs. Taylor was in charge of making sure we all behaved and no one beat each other up on the dance floor!

Even though the dance was for the 4th, 5th and 6th graders, Crissy's cousins Kerry and Velvet came too. And their friend Sabrina (who was in 5th grade) was with them.

It was outta site! We all danced and ate all afternoon. Kim was all giggly after she danced with Danny. I think she has a crush on him. Danny isn't going to like that!

Velvet spent most of her time at the refreshment table. Kerry had to keep dragging her away!

I hope our school really is gonna do this again next year, we had so much fun!

Danny even asked Miss LaSalle to dance! And you know what? She's a pretty good dancer!

It was a really super terrific day! Almost as good as Christmas, but without the presents. Speaking of Christmas, I can't believe that it's almost here! My next entry will be all about Christmas morning.

Until then, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Making out my Christmas list

Hello future readers!

Yesterday, my mom said we were going to the Springfield Shopping Center this week to do some more Christmas shopping, and if I wanted to see Santa, I'd better make out my list to give to him. So I sat down in the kitchen with some chocolate chip cookies, hot cocoa, along with a pencil and paper and thought about what I wanted.

I wrote the first thing that popped into my head...a new radio. Oh, not the big kind that's on a stereo, just a little portable one. I know I already have a record player and a tape recorder,  but I just want a little radio that I can put in the basket of my bicycle to take along with me. I took a bite of a cookie, and thought some more.

A couple of days ago, Robyn brought a Christmas Wish Book catalog to school. My mom won't let me keep a catalog, because she's afraid I'll bug her too much for stuff I might want. She says it's bad enough that every other commercial on television is a toy commercial lately, and that I'm always dropping little hints every time one of them comes on. I really don't want everything I see on T.V., but I kinda wish out loud a lot. Anyway, I saw some really groovy pants in Robyn's catalog that I really liked. So that's what I wrote next on my list. They don't have to be the exact same pants, but I do want something colorful, super cool, and well...groovy. *giggle*

The last thing I wrote down was a View-Master. In case you don't know what that is, it's almost like a little camera that you can put picture reels in to see 3D type pictures, almost like you could reach out and touch them! They have all sorts of reels of stories, TV shows, movies, nature, and places around the world! Almost like being able to see a movie or a favorite show whenever you wanted, even if it's isn't on! Or even visit other countries without leaving your house! Lisa has one of these, and it's really far out!

I guess that's really all I want this Christmas. I was gonna ask for a doll, but I've gotten a doll the last 2 Christmases, and I also have Barbies and a couple of dolls from other countries, so I really don't think I need another one yet...but maybe next year.

I know some kids have a really long list of things they wanna ask Santa for. But my mom says it's not nice to be greedy. If I ask for just a few things, that means that maybe I'll be surprised by something I didn't even know I wanted! Since I love surprises, I'm keeping my list short.

I wonder what Christmas is like in the future? Does anyone even go shopping then, or do you just punch some buttons on a computer and it gives you what you want? I hope there is still Christmas in the future. It's my most favorite holiday, and one of the best things about being a kid, and being part of a family, (even a family as little as mine!)

Until next time , future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sleeping Over at Wendy and April's House

Hello future readers!

Last night, I spent the night at April and Wendy's house. It had been a while since I slept over, and I wanted to hang out with the sisters before we all started getting really busy with Christmas.

I love how they sometimes dress like twins. I asked them about it once. Wendy told me that it was really hard on her the 6 months they were apart because of April's car accident. She thought her sister would never walk again! When they came back to Springfield last Christmas, they were as close as 2 sisters could be! Even though April is a year older (and got held back because she missed so much school), they felt like twins, so they decided that sometimes, (but not always) they should dress like twins! Gosh they're lucky...sometimes I wish I had a sister.

Anyway, we sat around for awhile, rapping, eating Jiffy Pop and drinking Kool-Aid. We talked about what we wanted for Christmas. I want a new radio. Wendy wants a new doll, and April wants to meet her favorite TV star, Michael Gray. He plays Billy Batson on the Saturday morning TV show, "Shazam!". April thinks he's the dreamiest thing on 2 legs. I think he's cute, but not as cute as David Cassidy! Hahaha! Wendy and I both told her that there was no way she was gonna get Michael Gray under the tree with a big ribbon tied around his neck! Hee! April told us that she really wanted a make-up set.

Then Wendy wanted to play dolls. She and April have extra doll clothes for their Holly Hobbie dolls. Their favorite show is "Little House On the Prairie". Wendy always wants to be Laura, because she always wears her hair in pigtails just like Laura does on T.V.

After we finished playing dolls, I pulled my "Operation" game out of my bag. April loves that game. And she beat me and Wendy too! She only got buzzed once!

It was getting kinda late, so we got ready for bed. Right after we got our pajamas on, Wendy grabbed her pillow from her bed, and gave April a funny look. April grabbed her pillow too, and they both started coming towards me. Two against one! Hey! That's no fair!

They clobbered me! But it was fun, anyway. But I guess we got kinda carried away, 'cos the girls' mom came upstairs and told us to knock it off and go to bed. April got her book "Ramona The Pest" and read Wendy and me a bedtime story. I've heard some kids in our class say that they're too old for bedtime stories. Not me! I love to sit with my mom in her big, comfy chair and have her read to me.  I think it will be a sad day when I get too old for that!

After a couple of chapters, we decided to call it a night and go to bed. I really had a groovy time. I love having slumber parties with my friends. I wonder if kids to have sleepovers in the future? I'll bet all you have to do is get in your transporter and beam over to your friend's planet if you wanted to, like on "Star Trek".  I bet that would be fun!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving was Far Out!

Hello future readers!

I know this is a late entry, but the holidays are always so busy! It was super groovy having Kim stay with us; almost like having a sister. We got up early on Thanksgiving morning. My mom made a big breakfast and we watched the parade. Kim's favorite balloon was Mickey Mouse. Mine was Tom Turkey. After the parade, we helped Mom fix dinner. Kim was in charge of the green beans, I was in charge of the mashed potatoes. It all smelled so good while it was cooking, it was so hard to wait. Then, finally my mom said it was time to get dressed. Kim and I were so excited when we set the kids' table.

We helped my mom bring all the food out. There was turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. It all looked so yummy!

I had just put the cranberry sauce on the table when the doorbell rang.  The girls all came over together; Cheryl, Jennifer, Lisa, Stephanie and Melody.

I was kinda sad that all of my friends couldn't come over, but Danny, Sunny, Susan, Raychel, Robyn, April and Wendy all had other plans with their families. Besides, my mom said it would be too hard to cook dinner for all those people! My Uncle Richard blessed the food, and Kim's dad, Jeff carved the turkey. Then at last it was time to EAT! All of the food was delicious!

Later it was time for dessert. We never have just one thing like pie at our house. This year we had pie, and ice-cream, Jell-O, and cake.

After we finished our dessert, all us kids decided to play Charades. It was so much fun! Cheryl gives really good clues. Do people still play Charades in the future?

I guess we were having too much fun, because my mom said we all needed to calm down and watch television for awhile. That was OK, because "The Walton's Homecoming" was on. We all like that one. Melody thinks "John-Boy" is cute! Hahaha!

We were all having such a good time, I didn't want it to end. But everyone had to go home, including Kim.  Her parents had gotten all the big things unpacked , and Kim could sleep in her own bed in her new house. I was happy for her, but sad for me, because I was gonna miss her sleeping in my room. But hey, that's what slumber parties are for! Anyway, it was a really dynamite holiday. I hope yours was just as groovy.

Until next time future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman