Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hanging out at Sam's Snack Shack After the First Day Of School

Hello future readers,

This past Monday was my first day of school. I'm in Miss LaSalle's class! We had lots of review lessons today---Spelling, Math, Reading..etc. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Last year, I forgot a lot of Math, but this year, I did better. Listening to my Multiplication Rock record this summer helped a lot. Would you believe we actually got homework on the first day of school? Miss LaSalle wants us to write a composition about our families. I guess mine will be pretty short, since it's just me and my mom. I guess I'll have to write about my auntie, uncle and cousins too. We have a book report due on Friday (ugh!)  I signed up for Baton Club again this year. I wonder who else signed up or wants to try out to be in it? At lunchtime, some of us talked about going to Sam's to celebrate the first day of school. So me and some of the other kids in my class walked over to buy a soda at Sam's.

"Hey Bridget, you gonna go to the Public Library to get a book for your book report this week?"
"I dunno, Julie. I may use one of the new books my grandma sent me."

"Did you see that spy movie last night on T.V., Marc?"
"Yeah, that Agent Osbourne guy is the greatest. I didn't think he could ever beat The Black Claw."

"You gonna help your dad at the Community Center this year, Shante'?"
"Not until next month. Dad said I have to get used to my new school routine first."

When we got to Sam's, me, Shante' and Bridget grabbed a table, Robyn made for the jukebox, and the boys went right for the pinball machine.

"Are you sure you don't want some of my milkshake Bridget?"

"Nah, if I fill up before Mom's pot roast, she'll kill me!"

"That's why I like cream soda floats. It's the best of both worlds."

"Hey Marc, are you gonna write about any of your family in Texas for homework; like your uncle who's  in the rodeo?"

"Man, I don't even wanna hear the word homework until after dinner tonight!"

We all laughed about that. I guess it's harder for some of us to get back into the school year groove than others. But I was glad to see Miss LaSalle again. I really missed her over the summer. Henry our class hamster did too!

We all knew we had to leave pretty soon, or our parents would call the F.B.I out on us. After all it was a school day. Robyn asked Marc for a dance before we left.  She chose "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder, and she and Marc really got down!

Well, that's pretty much it, future readers, I have a lot of homework to do, so I guess I better go now.  I love that us kids have a place to hang out like Sam's when  we just wanna go off by ourselves for awhile. Our parents are usually pretty cool about letting us hang out a little and not coming straight home from school. Sometimes it's Sam's, sometimes it's the candy store or the playground, or each other's houses. But my mom says I gotta be home by 4:30. Do kids in the future still hang out after school? Or do you just talk to each other over your T.V. phones?

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Dance On The Last Day Of Camp

Hello future readers!

I'm writing this entry from home because we took the bus back to Springfield this morning We really had a groovy time on our last day of camp. I came into the Rec Hall yesterday, and a few of the girls were already there decorating for our big dance. It looked kinda empty, 'cos Doug, (the boys' counselor) had come that morning to help Kerry move the furniture into the storage shed. I wanted to help, so I asked Kerry what I could do.

Just as I was asking Kerry how I could help, Bridget came running up all excited 'cos she found these cool tie-dye steamers in the craft cabin and asked Kerry if we could use them to decorate.

"Sure Bridget", Kerry said. "Those streamers will look terrific."
"Wow, those streamers are really far out", I said.
"Hey Julie, wanna help hang these streamers and balloons?"
"Far out! Let's get to work!"

"Hey Kerry, do you like the poster I made in Arts & Crafts for the dance?" Shante' asked.

"Super job!" Kerry told Shante'.

Well, pretty soon it was time for the dance to begin. The guys came over from Camp Wilderness and we just had ourselves a good time dancing to the music, and eating the yummy snacks (including our cookies.!), and enjoying the last day of camp! Even Mia and Velvet were there! Check it out!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about both the girls and boys camps These past 2 weeks have sure been a groove! Today we all said good-bye to Camp Echo Hill and Camp Wilderness for another year. But at least I don't have to say good-bye to my friends. We'll all be back in Springfield, just in time for school to start next week. So I guess you'll hear from me then!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Friday, September 1, 2017

A Little Archery, A Little Football

Uh...hi future readers!

I'm Kyle Lewis.  For today's camp activity, we're gonna practice archery.

This thing on my back is called a quiver. It holds arrows that we shoot at this target with this thing called a bow.

If any of you have ever seen a cowboys and Indians movie or maybe even a Robin Hood movie, you've probably seen these before. The rest of the guys are headed this way, so we can get on with archery practice.

"My turn first!", I said.

"OK, so I didn't get a bullseye, but at least I hit the target."

"My turn next!" said Jason.

"Not too bad." he said.

"All right, I'm up next!" Danny was all excited.

"Hey mine is right next to yours Kyle."

"OK finally it's my turn!" Marc said.

"OUTTA SITE!" he yelled!

"Holy smokes! Marc got a bullseye!", I said kinda surprised.
"Hey look at that! Super job, Marc!" Danny told him, slapping him on the back.
"Grooviest shot of the day!", said Jason said.
"Thanks fellas", Marc said smiling.

I bet you all are wondering why we're wearing our numbered jerseys, huh? Well, we all decided we  wanted to play a little football after archery practice today. So Doug took the quiver and arrows and moved the target so we could play.

"OK you guys ready?", Marc asked.

"We're ready already!" Jason said.

"OK, since me and Danny won the coin toss in our cabin, we've got the ball first. GO LONG!"

"I got it!", I yelled.

I caught the ball and went out for a pass.

Danny got that one. When he threw it,  Jason tried to dive for the ball.

We had a really good time tossing the pigskin around. When we play football at home in Springfield, usually some of the girls wanna play, which wouldn't be so bad if they actually knew how to play. When we offer to teach them, they say something like, "We changed our minds. We don't wanna play that old boys game.  C'mon, let's go play dolls". Girls! 

Anyway, I gotta get back to the game future folks! This is our last entry about our camp. We hope you all liked seeing the way us guys do things.  But you'll see us the dance!

So long, future readers,
From your buddies,
Danny Campbell
Jason Gerard
Kyle Lewis
Marc Ellerbee