Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday Mornings and Cereal Box Records

Hello future readers! Do you have a favorite day of the week? I think my favorite day is Saturday. I especially love Saturday mornings, 'cos that's when all the great cartoons are on! I wake up really early, (I even beat Boomer to the punch!)
I love to wear my super comfy Yogi Bear pajamas to watch cartoons in. They're so snuggly!
I go to the kitchen to get my cereal. During the week, I usually eat oatmeal or eggs or waffles or something like that, but Saturdays, it's sugar coated grooviness! Last week, my mom bought a box of Super Sugar Crisp, and I've had my eye on the back of the box.
It was a cereal box record of one of my favorite cartoon musical groups, The Archies. No kidding...there's actually a record made outta cardboard on the back of the box that you can play on your record player! My mom explained it to me. There's a thin coating of vinyl with grooves like a record put onto the cardboard. You can't play it as much as a real record, or you'd wear out the coating. My mom won't let me cut it out until the cereal is gone. Lucky for me, I'm gonna finish off this box this morning! My mom lets me eat on a tray in front of the T.V. in the living room, as long as I'm careful and don't spill stuff.
Saturday mornings are special, 'cos I can sit here and watch T.V. pretty much all morning long, and my mom won't tell me to shut it off or I'll ruin my eyes. My favorite cartoons are The Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Show, Scooby Doo Where Are You?, Superfriends and Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids. My favorite live action shows are The Lost Saucer, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters and Land Of The Lost. I love to sing the theme songs, and watch the funny commercials. There just seems to be a magic feeling on Saturday morning that you can't get any other time during the week. I hope kids in the future have great Saturday morning cartoons, too. At 12:30, I shut the T.V. off, clean up my dishes and get dressed. (If I had my way, I'd stay in my jammies all day, but my mom would never let me!) I take the empty cereal box into my room and cut out that record.
Sometimes, the record comes out a little bent. It won't play on the record player that way, so mom has me press it between the pages of a heavy book. One time, I forgot and left it in the encyclopedia, and I needed it to do a report for school, and there was my record, waiting for me!
I eat my lunch and come back to check on the record. It's flat enough to play! I have lotsa fun cereal box prizes; baking soda submarines, rubber band race cars, terrariums, but my favorite prizes are these records. If I get the same one twice, I can trade them with my friends, 'cos they collect them too! Hey! It's the song "Boys and Girls". I love that one!
Saturday mornings are outta site! Until next time, future readers! Your Friend, Julie Newman

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Over at Sunny's House

Hello future readers! Saturday afternoon I got a phone call from Sunny. She wanted to know if my mom was coming to the Tupperware party her mom was giving, and if I was coming along. Even if my mom hadn't already told me she was going, I knew she would be. My mom is the QUEEN of leftovers. She can make a chicken last a whole week! And because she is so good with leftovers, she uses a LOT of Tupperware! Just in case your food computers don't make enough for leftovers, let me clue you in. Tupperware is a company that makes plastic containers, cups, pitchers, bowls, party platters, even some toys! You can't buy them in stores, you have to go to one of these parties. Sunny was inviting me, Stephanie, and our new friend Robyn over to play in her room while the moms had their party downstairs.
I was glad Sunny invited me over. Ever since she moved here, I've only been to her house twice. It seems that she was always coming over here to play or we'd play outside. I'm not exactly sure why...I guess it just worked out that way. Anyway, my mom and I went over to Sunny's house at 6p.m. I was the first one there.
We talked for awhile, and then Stephanie and Robyn showed up.
Sunny got a new 8-track tape player for Christmas, and got 2 new tapes; "Dancing Machine" by The Jackson 5 and the new K.C. & The Sunshine Band album. 8-tracks are kinda like cassette tapes, only bigger. You don't rewind or fast foward them, but you push program buttons to hear what songs you want. Sunny was really excited to play her new tapes for us. So we got up and boogied!
Mrs. Albright ordered a pizza for us. We had to sit on the floor to eat it. Sunny's mom didn't want us eating on the bed. She was afraid we'd get sauce on the bedspread. So we drank sodas, and ate pizza, and talked about school, our favorite TV shows, and stuff like that.
After we ate, Sunny took out her Rock Flower dolls, and we pretended our dolls were spies, posing as fashion models trying to break up a crime wave. One of Sunny's favorite shows is "Police Woman" with Angie Dickinson. I think she's really pretty.
Pretty soon, it was time to go home. We thanked Sunny and Mrs. Albright for having us over. After we got home, Mom showed me what she bought. She bought 2 8-piece container sets in Harvest Gold and Avocado Green. (Our cupboards look like a rainbow exploded!) And she even bought something for me! A brand-new pitcher for my Kool-Aid, and 3 new cereal bowls! Outta site!
I went straight to the kitchen and made myself some Kool-Aid! And tomorrow before Sunday School, I'm gonna use one of my cereal bowls! It's been a great Saturday! Until next time, future readers! Your Friend, Julie Newman

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My street has gone to the dogs! (Hahahaha!)

Hello future readers, Now that the holidays are over, it's weird getting back to "normal". Kinda sad, too in a way. Today is Sunday, and one of my favorite things to do on Sunday afternoons is walk my puppy, Boomer. I've been so busy with my new friends and old friends, (Wendy), that I really haven't been paying him much attention lately. So he was really glad when he saw me get the leash off the hook in the kitchen. He barking and jumping around so much, I could hardly get it on him! I got my coat, and we started out.
We had just walked a little ways down the block when we ran into Danny and his dog Muttley.Boomer was glad to see his new friend. Danny said he never knew a dog was so much work! Muttley was always hungry, wanted to be walked all the time, and had the annoying habit of chewing up his mom's slippers! I told him sometimes taking care of Boomer can be a drag, but I wouldn't trade him for anything.
Danny and I walked on, talking about our dogs when we saw Lisa coming towards us. She said there wasn't much to do at her house, 'cos all the grown-ups were playing cards, so she thought she'd take a walk around the neighborhood. She was glad she ran into us!
It was getting cold (and nearly time for dinner), so we decided to head on home. Danny and Lisa walked a little more, but I was glad to get back to my warm house. I wonder if people still keep pets in the future. Do you have robot dogs? Or have all your pets died off like in Planet of the Apes, (one of Danny's favorite movies)? Even though he can be a pain sometimes, I really love my puppy, Boomer. I hope Danny gets used to taking care of his dog soon, so he'll know how groovy it is to own a dog. Until next time,future readers! Your friend, Julie Newman

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello future readers!

New Year's Eve was outta site! My mom said I could have a pajama party with my friends!This idea went over big with the girls, but Danny wasn't too keen on it. He wasn't sure he wanted to spend the night with a bunch of girls. We had to promise him we wouldn't do things like play with Barbies or beauty parlor, or drool over David Cassidy. He finally agreed. He even brought his new dog over. Danny used to live in an apartment in San Diego, and his dad said that once they moved into a house, he could get a dog. So he brought his new dog Muttley over to meet Boomer.

I was a little worried because Muttley is so much bigger than Boomer. But I didn't have a thing to worry about. After sniffing Muttley all over, Boomer started wrestling with Muttley and sat him! Who would've thought it!

I hollered at Boomer, but Danny just laughed. He said Muttley wouldn't have let Boomer do that if he didn't like him. We were glad they were going to get along.

Speaking of making friends, we made a new one this week. Another girl moved into the neighborhood. (Poor Danny, he's never gonna have another boy to play with!) Her name is Robyn. She looks a lot like my old friend Tracie who moved away. I invited her to the party so we could all get to know her. She seemed really nice.

Some of the girls brought board games to play. Danny brought his Planet Of The Apes action guys he got for Christmas.


Wendy asked me if she could take out my record player so we all could dance. We all thought that was a great idea! I let Robyn choose the records we danced to. She said she was having so much fun and she felt like we had all been friends for years!

We all danced until we were pooped out, even Danny! (and he's a pretty good dancer for a boy!) We even played Freeze for awhile. We were really grooving!


Then we all spread out blankets and pillows and camped out in front of my television. There was a Twilight Zone marathon on. That's a show we all like! I think our favorite episodes were "Talky Tina" and "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet". We ate popcorn and candy, and stayed up really late.

Everyone actually stayed awake until midnight! We watched Dick Clark drop the ball on his New Year's Party on TV, drank soda and blew horns. Right after that, we started falling asleep. April fell asleep first, and Muttley licked her face to make her wake up! It was a great party!

I wonder about New Year's Eve in the future. You guys probably have time machines so you don't measure time in years the same way we do. But I hope you all still have parties, and have fun with your friends. Maybe if you find my diary, you can travel back in time to hang out with me and my friends! It would be fun meeting someone from the future!


Until next time,
Your friend,
Julie Newman