Sunday, June 19, 2016

Everybody Wants To Get Into The Act!

Hello future readers,

Well, school's out for the summer. As  much as I'll miss my teachers, especially Miss LaSalle, I'm glad I'm gonna get to do the things I want to do every day. 'Cos that's what summer vacation is all about!

You're probably wondering why I'm stealing lines from that old funny guy with the big nose...what's his name? Jimmy Durante? Well, here's the reason...

As most of you know, what you're reading are my diaries you found in my time capsule, along with some snapshots of my life, right? Well, my friend Danny knows about this, and wanted to know if he could make an entry, too!

 He thinks time capsules are pretty cool, and he digs the fact that people are gonna dig this thing up and read about my life. But he told me that folks in the future should know things about 70s BOYS too. I guess that's only fair, even though I do talk about him in my diary from time to time. But I told him he'd have to use his own diary. ("Boys don't use diaries, Julie, they use journals!" ) Oh brother, I said he could do this if he used his own journal.

So this entry is written by my friend, Danny.  Take it away, Danny!

Um...hey future readers! (I think that's what I'm  supposed to call you).  My name is Danny Campbell, and I'm 9 years old.  I'm a friend of Julie Newman's and she said I could tell you about my life; the life of an average boy in the 70s.  I'm including lotsa snapshots, 'cos Julie said I was only gonna get one shot to do this thing.

So these first few pictures are taken in my room. As you can see, my favorite color is blue, but I like green too.  I think my room is a groovy place to hang out, 'cos it's got just about everything most boys like; action guys, models, comic books, games, a record player and adventure story records, Legos---just all kinds of cool stuff!

Even though I have a toy box, I keep most of my favorite things on this side of my room. Pretty neat, huh? See that trophy? I won that last summer at camp for winning the cross country race against Stephanie who was racing for the girls' camp. She was a lot tougher to beat than I thought! See my Batman clock? It has a great talking alarm to wake me up every morning. Only now it's summer, so I don't have to use it.

I also have a dog named Muttley, (after the cartoon dog Muttley on Wacky Races).  He's a pretty terrific dog, and I really love him. 

                                "Come here, Muttley! Come on boy!" *whistle*

                               "Good boy, Muttley! There's a good fella. Now sit!"

Muttley is pretty well-trained, and doesn't jump on people. He chases our neighbor's cat once in awhile, but he's usually a pretty good dog. His favorite things are fetch, eating and sleeping (but my mom won't let him sleep on my bed!)

                                             "Hey Muttley! Where are you going?"

Oh I know...he just heard the screen door close. That means my dad is back from the store. Every time my dad comes home, Muttley thinks he's gonna get a doggie treat, (which he sometimes does). Oh well, I gotta look for my skateboard, anyway. I'm supposed to meet my buddies, Jason and Kyle on the far side of the playground so we can ride together.

                                                       (Is it under my bed?)

Ah, here it is! I'm a pretty good skateboarder. I can slalom around cones, walk on my board, I can even flip it up with my foot and catch it! Well, I'm off to the playground!

Jason and Kyle are pretty good with their boards too. Sometimes our friend Sunny comes with us. She's the only girl I know who's actually good at skateboarding! After awhile, we ride on over to Jason's house to shoot some hoops. 

Sometimes it's hard playing with 3 guys, so sometimes we have to take turns guarding each other. Or sometimes, we'll just play "Horse" or "21" or "Around The World".  Those are different games you can play with a basketball and hoop. Pretty soon, we get tired and Jason wants to go down to his Rec room and play Hot Wheels. (Those are toy cars. Do kids still play Hot Wheels in the future?). I run back to my house to get my case of cars. We all have some pretty far out cars, and we always share, and sometimes we even trade. Jason has a pretty neat track set up, kinda like the one I have in our Rec room.

When we're done playing Hot Wheels, Kyle jumps up and says, "Let's play Secret Agent!" Hey, that sounds like a cool idea. But me and Kyle have to go home and get our walkie-talkies and our ray guns. We don't pretend to kill anyone, we just freeze them, or put them to sleep or just stun them like in "Star Trek". (that's a TV show). When we get back, we pick who gets to be the secret agents, and who gets to be the bad guy. Since we only have 2 walkie-talkies, someone's gotta be the bad guy, and this time it's Jason. He doesn't really want to, but it's his turn. 

"Red Wing to Blue Bird. The Viper has stolen the plans for the missile base. We must capture him."

"Blue Bird to Red Wing, I read you. I'll go east, and you go west and we'll surround him. Over and out."

"Those goons think they have me fooled, but they will never capture The Viper! HAHAHAHA!"

"Haha! I got the drop on you 2 turkeys.  My organization will soon have the plans, and you 2 goody-goodies will be vaporized!"

"You didn't know that we have 150 agents surrounding this block! Who's the turkey now, Viper?" "Get him!"

"When are you gonna learn that crime doesn't pay Viper? We got you right where we want you. Now hand over those plans."

Somehow, The Viper managed to escape. We were running past Julie's house, when Julie along with Stephanie and Melody were coming down her front steps.

They said they were going to Sam's Snack Shack, and wanted to know if we wanted to come along. Well, even secret agents and evil villains gotta eat! So we went!

When we got there, Sunny, Raychel and Cheryl were already there. Julie, Stephanie and Melody ordered some snacks.

I was watching Kyle play pinball. Kyle's the best pinball wizard I know. He can make a quarter last a really long time. Sometimes he keeps the pinball in play so long, that I have to take over for him, and I get a free game without having to spend my allowance! Outta site!

Cheryl and Raychel were hanging out over by the jukebox and picked a super song by The Sylvers, so Jason asked Sunny to dance. Jason is a dancing fool! Haha!

So that's a day in the life of Danny Campbell, future readers. Thanks to Julie for letting me put this in her time capsule. And thank you, whoever you are for reading it!

This is Danny Campbell, signing off! Over and out!

Thanks Danny. I'm sure whoever reads this will get a big kick out of your entry. Maybe I'll let some of my other friends write entries sometimes. Then you won't just get my opinion about how groovy the 1970s are. But the next entry will be written by plain ole me, Julie Newman.

Until then, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Good, Bad Day

Hello future readers,

I guess the title of this entry doesn't make much sense to you, does it? Well, let me clue you in.

Actually my day started off good. I was sitting out on my front steps, playing with my paddle ball.

Then Kim and Sunny rode up on their bikes and asked if I wanted to go riding.

I really wasn't doing anything else, so I said "Sure" and got my bike out of the garage. We were having fun, riding along but not really going anywhere. Just riding around, enjoying the day.

Then I got a little ahead of Sunny and Kim. I could hear them behind me calling "Wait up, Julie".

When all of a sudden, my bike hit a bump on the sidewalk. My bike stopped, but I kept going...right over the handlebars!

I felt my foot catch in one of the handlebars, and it pulled my bike down on top of my foot!

Kim and Sunny jumped off their bikes and ran over to see if I was OK.

"Are you alright, Julie?", Kim asked. I just groaned. Kim pulled the bike off of me and Sunny helped me sit up.

"Can you get up, Julie?", Sunny wanted to know.

"I don't think so", I answered. My head and my arm really hurt. I felt like crying, but I didn't want my friends to think I was a baby. So I took a deep breath and said, "Could one of you go get my mom?"
So Kim jumped on her bike and rode back to my house to tell my mom what happened.

"Don't worry, Julie", Sunny said. "Your mom will be here soon." It couldn't have been soon enough for me. I felt like someone had used my head and arm to scrub the sidewalk!

A little while later, my mom showed up. She picked me up, put me in the front seat of our car, and put my bike in the trunk. When we got home, she carried me up to my room and put me on my bed.

Now that the girls weren't watching, I started to cry. My mom wouldn't think I was a baby, she would just talk softly and tell me everything would be alright.

My mom said I should hold JuJu while she cleaned my scrapes and put Bactine and Band-Aids on them. I like Bactine. It doesn't sting like the red stuff does.

My mom gave me a kiss, and went back downstairs. A few minutes later there was a knock on my bedroom door.
"Julie, it's us....Kim and Sunny. Can we come in?"
"Sure, come on in."

As they sat down, Sunny asked, "How do you feel?"
"Like the sidewalk jumped up and slapped me in the face, but I'll be OK."

"Man, you really had us worried!", Kim said to me.
"Yeah, it was really scary seeing you on the ground like that", Sunny added.
"Well, I just hope I don't ever fall of my bike again!"
Just them my mom came back into the room.
"Julie, you have mail from West Virginia."
"It must be from Vivienne!"

"It must be really far out to have a pen pal", Kim said as I opened the envelope.

After reading the letter a couple of minutes, I shouted, "Dynamite!"

"Well, don't keep us in suspense, what does it say?", Sunny wanted to know.

"It says that Vivienne's invited me to spend a week with her and go to day camp in West Virginia."

"Wow, that's really outta site, Julie!", Kim said.
"Yeah Julie, that's really groovy!", Sunny agreed.

"I just hope Mrs. Galbraith isn't our counselor! Remember how I told you guys how strict she was when I went to school with Vivienne?"
"Yeah, that would be a bummer."
"And how!"

So that was my bad, good day, future readers. It started out good, turned bad, but ended up good again. I don't think I'll have any trouble talking my mom into letting me go to West Virginia this time! Do kids still go to day camp in the future? I went once a really long time ago, and I can't remember what it was like. But if Vivienne, Betta and my other WV friends are there, it's sure to be a groove!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman