Monday, June 24, 2013

The Last Day Of School

Hello future readers!

Last Friday was the last day of school. For the last couple of weeks, we've been helping Miss LaSalle take down the bulletin boards and pack up the books. Miss LaSalle took Henry to stay with her friend for the summer, so he'll be taken care of. When we walked into class today, it looked so empty, and a little sad.

I gave Miss LaSalle an apple for the last day. I know that sounds kinda corny, but my mom said it's what she used to do on the first day of school and the last, so I thought I'd continue the tradition.

Miss LaSalle told us to have a great summer and that she would miss all of us very much. She also mentioned that she wouldn't be here in Springfield this summer, but in France to visit her family. Wow, France! I sometimes wonder what it's like to be from a foreign country. I bet Miss LaSalle will be really happy to see her family, but I'm sure gonna miss her. She's the best teacher in the whole world.

Since it was the last day of school, we had only half a day. It's tradition at our school to bring in games or toys and just have fun being together on the last day.

Stephanie brought her new "Perfection" game. It's a lot of fun. You have to try and fit all the little shapes into their spaces before time runs out, and the board pops up and spills pieces all over! It always makes me jump when it pops!

Sunny and Lisa brought their Holly Hobbie friend dolls to school, but took time out from playing to watch Danny play his "Drive Yourself Crazy" game. You drive your little car through town and try to stay on the road and not hit anything. Danny's pretty good at it.

When the bell rang we all hugged Miss LaSalle and told her to have a great summer and have fun in France. When we got outside, there were a bunch of kids screaming "No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks!" I agree with only half of that. Our teacher never gave any of us a dirty look all term.

We met our friends from Mrs. Alden's class by the flagpole and made plans to meet at Sam's Snack Shack in half an hour (after we dropped our stuff off at home), to celebrate the last day of school!

Sam's place was really busy! There wasn't enough tables to seat all the kids, so some of us had to stand. Since today was the last day of school, everything was half-price! Not only that, but Sam just got a new jukebox, so the place was really grooving!

We all ate hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, and milkshakes. We talked about all the goofy things that happened during the school year and danced all day long. It was so much fun!

It was a dynamite day. I hope you guys in the future still do fun things like this when you're out of school. Maybe you go zipping along in your mini space capsules, and visit your friends on other planets. But whatever you do, I hope you'll have a great summer! I sure will! I hope you'll be reading more of my adventures about me and my friends in Springfield, when we do all the things that makes summertime great!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Baton Club Performance

Hello future readers!

Yesterday was the last assembly of the school year. That means our Baton Club was going to perform! I've never been so nervous in my life! I got up early to get all my things together before school.

This is part of the costume we get to wear. Isn't it outta site? I just love it!

We were all so excited backstage! The butterflies in my stomach had turned into bats! Then Mrs. Taylor announced us and we went onstage.

My mom was out in the audience taking picture, and all of the kids were cheering. We started with "Dancing Machine" by The Jackson 5 first.

"Boogie Fever" by The Sylvers was next. This was the easy one.

We did it! We were dynamite (if I do say so myself!)! No one tripped over their feet, no one dropped their batons, and the record didn't skip! I was glad I didn't have to be nervous anymore. My mom was so proud of me! After assembly, she gave me a big hug and told me we'd have a special dessert tonight to celebrate. All right!

Well, we get out of school next week. So next time you hear from me, it'll be summer vacation! YAY!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Adventures of Henry the Hamster

Hello future readers,

This past Friday, Miss LaSalle asked if I could please take Henry, our class hamster home, since I'm the only one who hasn't had a turn yet. You see, there's a good reason for that. My mom doesn't like hamsters. Can you believe  that? She says they're too much like mice and rats, and she won't allow them in the house. But I really love Henry and I wanted a chance to take care of him before the end of the school year. So...I told Miss LaSalle I'd take him. I know, I know...I shouldn't have done that. But hamsters are pretty quiet, and there was a good chance my mom wouldn't find out. I met my friend April after school. She carried my book bag home, so I could carry Henry's cage.

My mom was in the kitchen when we came in. Really quick I said, "I'm home, Mom", and we ran up to my room. So far, so good. I set the cage down and took Henry out. My dog Boomer wanted to see what was going on, so he jumped on my bed.

While April and I were talking, Boomer kept sniffing at Henry, so I sat Henry down on my bed.

At first, everything was OK. Boomer was sniffing away and Henry kept scampering between my legs. Then all of a sudden, Boomer started barking, and he wouldn't stop!

Henry got so scared, that he ran under the bed and wouldn't come out! I put Boomer out in the hall, and then April and I tried to get Henry to come out.

Every time we reached for him, he'd scurry to the other side of the bed. Finally I put his food dish down by my bed to lure him out. His cute little nose peeked out and sniffed the food. When he came out to eat it, that's when I grabbed him.

I put the cage up on my bookshelf so Boomer couldn't get at it if he came back in. But I think Boomer must have gone down to the kitchen and barked some more when I put him out. My mom came upstairs to see what my crazy dog was barking about.

My mom took one look at Henry and said, "Julie Ann Newman, what is that RAT doing in my house?" I told her Henry wasn't a rat he was a hamster. She said it didn't make any difference, and I knew better than to bring him home. She made me call Danny to come and get Henry, and sent April home.

I was in BIG trouble. Not just sitting through a lecture kind of trouble...this was not being allowed out of my room trouble. I was grounded for the entire weekend! Except for meals, the bathroom and Sunday School, I wasn't allowed to leave my room ALL WEEKEND! And I couldn't watch TV, play my records or tapes or use the phone either! My mom said I should use this time to think about how wrong it was to disobey her. She also told me I had to spend at least 2 hours Saturday and Sunday studying. This was just too much! I know I deserve to be punished, but come on! I wanted to beg for a lighter sentence, but I knew if I opened my mouth, I would have made things worse. Well, my mom can be a very groovy person, but if you get on her bad side, watch out! (sigh) I guess there's nothing I can do except tough it out. This weekend was really gonna be a drag.

At least I got a new issue of Dynamite magazine yesterday. I'll study tomorrow. I'll write more when I get out of "prison".

Until next time, future readers,
Your "grounded" friend,
Julie Newman