Thursday, June 25, 2015

Slippin' and Slidin' at Cheryl's

Hello future readers,

Today Cheryl invited me and Susan to come over after lunch and play on her new Slip 'N Slide. Hey! Just like Danny had at his 4th of July party a couple of years ago. Outta site! Susan and I changed into our swimsuits, grabbed some towels, and walked over to Cheryl's house. She was waiting out front to meet us.

It was super hot today, so we couldn't wait to to start sliding! Cheryl's mom hooked it onto the garden hose. Before Susan or I could even blink, Cheryl pulled off her shorts, ran straight for the Slip 'N' Slide yelling "Me first!" I thought she was gonna land on her head as she hit that thing spinning and rolling around!


I was next! I got a good running start, but I felt one foot touch the plastic, and all of a sudden my feet slipped out from under me! Yikes! Ready or not (and I was definitely NOT), here I come!


It wasn't the launch I planned, but it was groovy, anyway. Now it was Susan's turn. She thought she'd try it sitting up, but that didn't work out too well.


We all had a few more turns. We were having so much fun, we almost didn't hear the ice-cream truck coming up the block! Fast as lightning, Cheryl ran to ask her mom for 75 cents, (that's a quarter for each of us), so we could buy some ice-cream. Far out! Was that ever nice of Cheryl and her mom!  We sat down on our towels to eat them.

Cheryl had pistachio, I had tutti-fruiti, and Susan had chocolate. Yummy!

We had such a great time! I love anything to do with getting wet on a hot, summer day. Now I was cool on the outside from being wet, and cool on the inside with my ice-cream cone. What a super way to spend a summer's day!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fun On The Playground

Hello future readers!

Happy summer! I really love summer vacation, because there's so many fun things to do, and always someone around to do them with! A couple of days ago, Kim and I rode our bikes to the playground.

Some of the kids were already there. Wendy and April were on the see-saw.

Danny, Jason and Kyle were playing basketball.

Melody was playing on the slide.

While her cousin Stephanie was riding around on her scooter.

Kim and I rode over and said hello to the girls. The guys had gone to the water fountain.

We parked our bikes and Kim ran off to play tether ball with Melody, while I played on the slide with April.

I guess the boys got tired of playing basketball, and decided to play with us girls. Jason and Wendy played on the bars. Danny asked Stephanie if her could ride on her scooter, and Kyle ran up to Stephanie and yelled "Tag, you're it, Steph!"

We had a groovy time. It's fun playing on the playground when you don't have to worry about going back to class. It was a really hot day, and I must have made 4 trips to the water fountain! Pretty soon, Kim and I decided to leave. I was sleeping over at her house. Her mom was making a picnic dinner on the porch, and she was gonna make some homemade strawberry ice-cream for dessert! Far out! You can't do stuff like that during the school year in the middle of the week!

 I hope people in the future still have friends to hang out with and do groovy things during summer vacation.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The New Boy In Town

Hello future readers!

Yesterday (Friday) was our last day of school. We all hugged Miss LaSalle , Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Taylor good-bye. and then some of us went over to Sam's Snack Shack to hang out.

While all of us were eating, rapping and playing pinball, a new boy came in. When Sunny went over to the jukebox to pick out a song to play, she almost ran right into him!

Sunny introduced herself and asked the new boy his name. He told her his name was Kyle Lewis and he was new in town. He had been walking around, checking out Springfield, and this seemed like the happening place to be, so he came in. Sunny told him that Sam's was one of the grooviest spots in town. Then he came over to our table and introduced himself to us.

Wow, a new boy? I knew Danny and Jason were gonna be thrilled! Robyn and I said hi, and Danny waved him over to the pinball machine.

The guys introduced themselves and asked Kyle if he was any good at pinball. Kyle dug a quarter out of his pocket and  told the guys it was his favorite game.

And was he ever good at his favorite game! He scored over 2000 points off of one ball! The guys couldn't believe it!

Jason asked him what his secret was. Kyle told him that his father used to own a little diner in Laguna Beach, and he was in there all the time playing pinball. I knew Danny and Jason had found a new best friend.

Robyn wanted to play a song on the jukebox, but she didn't have any more change. Kyle walked over and gave her a dime. Wow, what a groovy guy!

Robyn put in the dime and chose "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. Then Robyn and Kyle started dancing. Far out!

We all dig that song, so the rest of us joined them and danced too!

When the song was over, Sunny went over to watch Danny play pinball, Jason and Robyn danced some more, and I sat down to finish my banana split. Kyle sat down with me. He told me banana splits were his favorite dessert and ordered one too. I looked at his t-shirt and asked if he'd seen the movie "Jaws". He said yes, but he was sorry he did. He told me his old house was 2 blocks from the beach, and he spent a lot of time swimming and surfing there, but after he saw "Jaws", he didn't go near the water for almost a month! I don't blame him! Just the trailers on TV scared the heck outta me! But, he's over that now.  I knew he get along great with Cheryl. She used to live in San Clemente, which is kinda close to Laguna Beach, and spent a lot of time hanging out at the beach, too.

I guess as far as boys go, Kyle's pretty cool. It was nice of him to give Robyn a dime for the jukebox, and to sit down and rap with me. I remember when Danny first moved into our neighborhood and I thought all boys were creepy. I suppose I'm just more used to them now. I told him it was good he moved into town just in time for summer vacation. He said that his mom thought so too, so he could have almost 3 months to meet all us kids, and not feel like the "new boy" when school starts in the Fall. I know it was kinda weird for Jason when he moved back here last summer, so he would probably make Kyle feel right at home. Anyway, it's good to have a new friend. Welcome to Springfield, Kyle!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Last Assembly of the School Year

Hello future readers!

Last week, we had our last assembly of the school year. I always get kind of  a happy/sad feeling at the end of the term. Happy because summer vacation's coming, and I'll get to go to camp and the pool and far out things like that. And sad because it's weird when you spend every day going to school, following a routine, seeing your teachers, and then you just don't anymore. Some of my friends think I'm weird for liking school, but I've got the world's greatest teacher, I get to see all my friends every day, I love getting commendation cards, and I even got a better grade on my Math test last Friday. And best of all, I'm in Baton Club! Speaking of Baton Club, we always have our performance for the last assembly. I don't even get nervous anymore. But I knew Susan and Raychel were a little shook. It was also the 4th grade's turn for Color Guard again, and this time Danny was leading. His mom was so proud of him. She came to assembly (along with the other mothers of us kids in Baton and Color Guard), and even made Danny wear a tie! Man, did he ever hate that! She kept snapping photos, and embarrassing the heck outta him, saying he looked like such a "little man"! Poor Danny! Sometimes parents just don't get that us kids don't like them gushing over us in public like that. (I heard Danny tell Jason that he packed some "normal" clothes in his book bag to change into after assembly).  Anyway, both the Color Guard and the Baton Club were backstage, and Mrs. Taylor warned us to be quiet while she was making the announcements. I peeked through the curtains, and saw everyone waiting for the assembly to start..

Mrs. Taylor went out onstage and gave a speech how she was very proud of all the kids for having such a great school year, and how wonderful it was to have parents to enjoy volunteering for field trips, school dances and fund raising. She was also very proud of all the kids in her Music class, Art class, and Baton Club, and that she was going to miss us all during the summer.

Then she announced it was time for the Color Guard to come onstage, and she went and sat at the piano, and played their theme song. There was Danny and April from Mrs. Johnson's class, and Sunny and Kim from Miss LaSalle's class. Danny led the girls onto the stage.

He led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance and "America The Beautiful".

Then each kid in the Color Guard saluted the flag as they left the stage.

Even though Danny was happy to be chosen to lead the Color Guard, I knew he was glad when it was over. I remember how many bats were flying around in my stomach when Miss LaSalle chose me to lead.

Anyway, after we sang "America The Beautiful", Mrs. Taylor introduced The Baton Club! We were performing to "Jive Talkin'" by the Bee Gees, and "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Susan almost tripped going out onstage, but she got her act together and was outta site!

I think we were pretty groovy, if I do say so myself. My mom brought her new Super 8 movie camera and filmed the whole perfirmance. Far out! I think I'll ask my mom if I could invite Susan and Raychel over for dinner next week,  so we can watch the movie of us doing our baton routine. I'll bet they'd really like that!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman