Sunday, December 27, 2015

Outta Site! It's Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas, future readers!

Yeah, I know Christmas was a couple of days ago, but it's Christmas vacation, and I'm still in a holiday mood! That's probably because I had a really super Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, my mom and I went and got the tree and decorated it. It was really pretty. And we left cookies and milk out for Santa.

One of my "Waiting For Santa" presents this year was an ornament with my name on it! I couldn't wait to hang it on the tree!

Isn't it beautiful? I also got a new book, "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss. I love watching that special on television!

I read out loud to my mom until she sent me to bed. I wanted to stay up and wait for Santa. But my mom says he knows when I'm awake and won't come if I'm still up.

The next morning I was up with the birds. It was Christmas! After I dumped my candy outta my stocking, I ran to get my mom and then I ran straight to the living room. There was a huge box, so big that it couldn't fit on the table with the other presents! I was hoping it was the doll I asked for.

I knew it was from Santa Claus. I looked over at the table where I'd left the cookies and milk and they were gone!

So I sat down and tore off the wrapping paper.

Dynamite! It was the doll I asked for! It was a "My Real Baby" doll!

I couldn't wait to get her outta the box!

She was so cuddly and cute and smelled a little like baby powder.

I named her Lucy, isn't she the sweetest thing?

Here Lucy...want some milk from your bottle? *giggle* And Santa brought other things for Lucy, too! I got 2 outfits that came with bottles! Far out!

I saw a package under the tree with my pen pal Vivienne's name on it! Groovy! I opened it up and it was another doll! And it looks just like Vivienne! So that's what I'm calling her..only spelled differently.

There were 2 more presents for me under the tree...a new pair of sneakers, and a Lite Brite set! All right!

I didn't get the t-shirt I asked for, but that's OK. We got a card from my Uncle Richard a few days ago, that had $5 in it for me to spend. So I'll buy a new t-shirt with that. And anyway, I wasn't expecting outfits for Lucy and another new doll! I just love being surprised at Christmas!

I spent the day playing with my new toys, and then my mom told me I had to put my Christmas dress on because we were having Christmas dinner at Danny's house. I knew his little cousin Michael was gonna be there too. I decided to take my new doll Vivian with me, in case they were gonna be playing a bunch of boys' games. When we got there, my mom went to go help Mrs. Campbell in the kitchen, and I walked into the living room and saw Danny and Michael playing with their new toys under the Christmas tree.

We all said Hi and then Michael jumped up and gave me a big hug. He's such a neat little kid!

They showed me all the toys they got for Christmas. Michael got a Penguin action guy, an old-time car and a Wooly Willy game, and Danny got a Venus Probe for his Six Million Dollar Man, a Hot Wheels Sizzler car, a space ray gun that makes noise and lights up and a Flash action guy.

So we sat down to play. Michael showed me his toy car, and pointed out to me that it wasn't Danny's but his very own car. *giggle* I know that sometimes it's hard for little kids to share. He told me that he liked my new doll.. Awww...that was sweet.

Then Danny points his ray gun at me and tells me he's going to pulverize my atoms, whatever that means! He's such a BOY! I know Michael will probably act like that someday. *sigh*

Then Michael grabs Danny's Venus Probe and starts to show me how cool it is. Danny got all bent and told Michael to keep his hands off his "special present" and that he has his own stuff to play with. Man, every time those two are in a room together for more than 5 minutes, they start fighting.

I was happy Mrs. Campbell called us in to dinner, so I wouldn't have to listen to the arguing anymore. Us kids ate in the kitchen, and the grown-ups ate in the dining room.  We had turkey, salad and baked potatoes for dinner. But since Michael doesn't like turkey, he had fish sticks.

After we ate our dinner, Mrs. Campbell brought in some Christmas cookies. Michael told me that he helped make them. Danny reminded him that they both helped make them. I think Michael was just trying to play big shot for me. *giggle*

So that's how I spent my Christmas, future readers. I hope all of you had a groovy Christmas too!

Until next time,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Our School's Christmas Dance!

Hello future readers!

This past Friday, we had a Christmas Dance at our school after our Christmas concert in assembly. Far out! I'm so glad the school decided to have a Christmas Dance again this year. It was really outta site! Miss LaSalle brought in the records again, and told us we could  bring our own Christmas records if we wanted to, so I brought the Jackson 5 and Partridge Family Christmas albums. Kerry only had a half day at her school, so she came and brought Velvet along. Sabrina was there just wouldn't be a party without the whole gang! Mrs. Johnson set out cookies, candy and punch. We really had a ball!

We all had such a groovy time!  I didn't know Kyle was such a dynamite dancer! He sure gave Jason a run for his money! Even though we stopped sometimes to eat and drink, (and go to the bathroom), most of were on the dance floor for almost the whole 2 hours of the dance! It was crowded, but fun! Before any of us knew it, the dance was over and school vacation had begun! Even though I was sad the dance was over, I was happy it was Christmas vacation! My mom and I will be baking cookies, doing some last minute shopping and just relaxing. I can't believe it's almost Christmas! I'll be sure to tell you all about the groovy presents I get and the neat things I get to do! Have a Merry Christmas, future readers!

Until next time,
Your friend,
Julie Newman