Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Candy Store

Hello future readers!

Every Friday at school is test day. We have our weekly Spelling test and Math test on Fridays. I'm pretty good at spelling, but I have to admit, I'm pretty crummy at Math. Sometimes it's hard for me to remember all those number facts. And if I even look at a word problem, my head starts to spin. But this week, I got 17 out of 20 answers right on my Math test! Far out! I decided to get myself a little treat with what was left from my allowance, so I met Lisa and Sunny after school and we walked over to the candy store.

Our candy store isn't very big, but it has lotsa candy! You can also buy comic books, soda and ice-cream there.

I like coming here 'cos I can get a whole lotta candy for not a whole lotta money.

I only had 20 cents leftover from my allowance. (I get 50 cents every Saturday). Some of my friends were already there before Lisa, Sunny and I showed up.

Danny and Kyle were checking out the newest Captain America comic book.

(I hope that bubble gum doesn't pop all over Danny's face!) Ha-ha!

Cheryl was picking out her favorite sour balls.

Jason had his eye on the candy bars. Boy does he ever love chocolate!

Kim was reaching in the freezer for some ice-cream.

We all said Hi to everyone as we walked in.
 what could I get for 20 cents? Sunny suggested a candy necklace. Yeah, I could get that. It was only a dime.

Sunny went to get her favorite soda, Orange Nehi.

I saw Kim and Cheryl checking out the comic books. Kim loves The Archies! (that's a cartoon musical group!)

Don't drop your ice-cream bar, Kim!

Cheryl likes The Archies, too! Lisa got an ice-cream cup.

(I wonder if she knows the flavors match her outfit!) Danny is trying to get Jason to loan him some money. He only had enough for the comic book, (and the gumball he got out of the machine), but now he wants some licorice, too!

Kyle's gonna buy a candy bar for him and one for his mom. She has a sweet tooth, too!

I decide just to buy the candy necklace. I wanna save room for pizza when Lisa comes over later to watch The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family with me. Are there still candy stores in the future? My mom doesn't like me to eat too much candy, 'cos it's not good for my teeth. I'll bet in the future, dentists have found a way to get rid of cavities all together and you can eat as much candy as you want! Wouldn't that be super? Gotta go now!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Project LOVE/Class Valentine's Party

Hello future readers!

Happy Valentine's Day!

On the Monday after I came home from West Virginia, I had a lot to tell my class and Miss LaSalle. I got 100% on my composition about my trip. Everyone said that it just wasn't the same without me around. Awwww! It's pretty nice to be missed so much. Anyway, Miss LaSalle said we were gonna do something a little different this year for Valentine's Day. We were still gonna have our class party, but she wanted us to come up with a way to show other people love outside our school. Everyone had lots of ideas. The boys wanted to donate basketballs for the Community Center, Robyn thought we should have a free car wash for all of our families. Stephanie wanted to do that for all the dogs, until Kyle and Danny reminded her about what happened last summer. Then Bridget got a great idea.

"My mom always says nothing says I love you like a good hot meal. Why don't we donate food to a local soup kitchen?"

Miss LaSalle thought that was a great idea! But since Springfield is such a small town, we don't have a soup kitchen here. But Miss LaSalle said she was driving to San Fransisco with a friend for Valentine's Day. She said she could bring our food to the 22nd Street Soup Kitchen in Oakland for us! We decided to call it "Project LOVE" and we've been bringing in food all week and putting it in the big box next to Miss LaSalle' desk. I brought in a box of oatmeal, and a can of baked beans,

After lunch and recess, it was time to pass out our Valentines! Outta site! Miss LaSalle told us to take out our folders and put them in front of the desks. We made them in Art Class along with our Valentines we were gonna pass out.

Kyle got chosen to be the "mailman" so it was his job to pass out the Valentines. We had
put them in another box by Miss LaSalle's desk when we came to class this morning.

All of us had decided to make plain red hearts with something cool written on them, 'y'know like those candy hearts? (do they still have those in the future?) Our names were on one side, and a Valentine wish was on the other. This way no one would get their feelings hurt if someone gave another person a big store bought card or something. So Kyle got busy passing them out.

When the box was empty, Kyle sat down and we all dumped out our Valentines on the desks to read them. It was fun reading all the different sayings.

"Hey! I got one that says Best Buddies! I know who this is from!"

"I got one that says Bear Hug. Awww, that's sweet."

"Mine says You're Super!"

"This one says You're Groovy!"

"Wow, this one says Friends Forever. Cool!"

"Mine says You're Neat. How about that?"

*giggle* "This one says Love Ya!"

"I think Jimmie Walker gave me this one. It says Dynamite!" The whole class laughed!

"Outta site! Mine says Right On!"

I even made one for Miss LaSalle!

"It says World's Best Teacher. Aw...thank you Julie."

Then we all got mini candy bars and Hershey's Kisses!

It was a super party! I'm glad Miss LaSalle lets us do fun things in class. And I'm really glad about Project LOVE. It makes me feel really groovy to know that people are gonna get a hot meal because of something nice our class did. I know a lot of people give food to the poor at Christmas, but who does it for Valentine's Day? Miss LaSalle's 4th Grade Class at Springfield Elementary School, that's who!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman