Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Super Surprise/A Concert in the Park

Hello future readers,

This morning right after breakfast, Vivienne's mom called us into her sewing room and said she had a surprise for us.  When we saw what was in there, we stopped dead in our tracks.

New dresses! Three new dresses. Mrs. Walton explained that tonight after dinner we were going to the park for an outdoor concert, and Betta was coming with us! Far out!

Vivienne and I were so excited we jumped up and down and hugged each other.

"Well what are you girls waiting for?", Mrs. Walton smiled. "Try them on and see how pretty you'll look." She left us to try them on.

Outta site! The one with the blue rick-rack was mine, the one with the yellow rick-rack was Vivienne's, and the one with the red rick-rack was Betta's.

After we put on the dresses, we went to Vivienne's parents' room to show Mrs. Walton how we looked.

"Oh girls, you both look lovely!" Mrs. Walton told us. "You'll be the prettiest girls at the concert."
'We have GOT to call Betta!", Vivienne squealed. "She'll flip!"
When Betta rang the doorbell, we answered it together.
"Hi girls", Betta said. "Those are dynamite dresses. Where are you going?"
"Close your eyes and come with us", Vivienne told Betta.
Betta looked confused. "What?":
"Just close your eyes and come with us", I repeated.
"Why", Betta wanted to know.
"Don't ask questions, just do what we say!", Vivienne said.
"Oh, OK". As soon as Betta closed her eyes we each took one of her hands and practically dragged her into the sewing room. We stood her in front of the dressmaker dummy and told her to open her eyes.  Her jaw nearly hit the floor!

"It's beautiful", Betta said. "But what's this all about?"
"We're going to the band concert in the park tonight", Vivienne said to Betta. "And you're coming too! My mom said so."
"This is the grooviest day ever!", Betta almost yelled.
Mrs. Walton took a snapshot off all 3 of us in our new dresses.

"OK girls...let's get out of those dresses so they will be fresh for tonight. We'll pick you up after supper, Betta."
"Thanks so much, Mrs. Walton", Betta said to Vivienne's mom. "I'll see you guys later." She took her dress and went home.
We changed out of our dresses and helped Mrs. Walton clean up the house. Then we had to take naps, because we were gonna be really late.
"Nine-year-olds don't take naps, Mom", "Vivienne tried to tell her mother.
"They do if they want to go to that concert tonight", her mom told her.
We were both too excited to nap. We kept giggling and talking, but after awhile we fell asleep for a couple of hours. By the time we woke up,  it was almost time for dinner. Mr. Walton came home from work, and we sat down to eat.

We had tuna noodle casserole, watermelon, fruit punch and Jell-o for dessert.

"Bless this meal, oh Lord, and thank you for letting us go to the concert and for being together. Amen"

It was all so yummy! The only person that cooks better than  Mrs. Walton is my mom! After we ate, Vivienne's sent us upstairs to take baths before the concert. She got out a brand new box of Mr. Bubble. Yay! I love bubble baths!

"Rub-a-dub-dub...I like to soak in the tub!"

After we bathed and dressed we picked up Betta and drove to the park. It was a pretty warm night and we didn't even need jackets. That was good 'cos we wanted everyone to see our groovy dresses.  The park was already getting pretty crowded.

We had to walk way in the back by the benches. We finally found one that was empty and sat down.

We couldn't see very well, but we could sure hear the music! The concert was a Motown revival! Dynamite! It was kinda tight with all 3 of us sitting on that bench and I was starting to feel like a sardine! Vivienne's mom brought along an extra blanket, in case any of us got cold, so I pulled it out of her tote bag and sat on it.

The music was outta site! They played The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder and The Supremes! Since we were wearing matching dresses, when they played "Stop! In the Name of Love" we got up and started to dance and sing like the Supremes! Vivienne's parents were cracking up!

When it was time for Intermission, Vivienne's dad gave us each 50 cents for the snack stand. Vivienne's friend Lydia who went to Camp Falling Waters with us last year was running it!

"Hi Lydia!", we all said.
"Hi girls. Hey Julie! It's great to see you again! I heard you were here for a visit. How have you been?"
"Like the song says, I've been "Feelin' Alright". It's really cool you get to run this stand all by yourself."
"Well this is part of fund raising for our church", Lydia began. "We're raising money to send our youth group to the Philippines later this summer."
"Yeah, we heard about that in Sunday school", Betta said. "We're happy to help."
Just then, 2 more girls, Marcie and Evelyn from Camp Falling Waters and another girl I didn't know walked up.

"JULIE!", they shouted and hugged me. "You're back! How are you?"
"I'm doing great! I've really missed you guys. Who's your friend?"
"Oh this is Mika. She moved here a couple of months ago.", Evelyn explained.
"Oh yeah. Vivienne wrote to me about you. It's nice to meet you, Mika."
"It's nice to meet you too, Julie", she said in a really quiet voice. "Vivienne talks about you a lot. It must be nice to have a pen pal."
"It's really super", I answered. "We started writing to other kids through our school. Maybe that's something that you can try some time."
"That's a good idea", Mika said.

"OK, what's everyone having?", Lydia wanted to know.
I ordered a strawberry swirl ice cream cone.. It was really delicious!

 When the intermission was over, we all said "See ya around" and went back to our bench for the rest of the concert. It was really far out. Right before the concert was over, Lydia, Marcie, Evelyn and Mika found us and listened to the last song, "Going To A Go-Go" by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.  Vivienne's mom took a group shot of all of us.

Well, the concert was over and it was getting late. I hugged all the girls, including Mika) good-bye, 'cos I'm leaving tomorrow, and I wouldn't see them again. But I promised we would hang out on my next visit. When we got back to Vivienne's house, we got ready for bed. We were kinda punchy and weren't ready to sleep, so we played with Vivienne's Magic 8 Ball for a while. In case you don't know what that is, it's kinda like a fortune telling toy. You ask it questions, shake the ball and it gives you answers. (But of course we know, it's just a toy.).

"Will Vivienne and Julie ever stop being friends?", she asked it.

"Will Julie come back to West Virginia soon?" I wanted to know.

"Will Vivienne come visit Julie in Springfield this year?" she asked.

"Will people in the future dig up my time capsule and read about all my adventures?" I asked the 8 Ball.

"Does Kevin Fleagle like Julie in a lovey-dovey way?"
"Vivienne! You promised not to tease me!"
"I'm not teasing, I'm just asking a question." She shook the 8 Ball and it said:

"Does Kevin Fleagle like Julie Newman in a lovey-dovey way?"

"Oh that doesn't mean anything", I told Vivienne. "You know this thing is just a dumb little toy."
"I know that. But wouldn't it be funny if it were true?
"No, it wouldn't", I said.
"C'mon Julie, you're not mad are you?"
I yawned. "No I'm not mad, but I am tired. Let's go to sleep, OK?"
"OK. I'm glad you came to visit me, Julie. I'm really gonna miss you."
"I'm glad I came too, Vivienne."
"Friends forever?" Vivienne asked.
"Forever and ever", I answered.
"Good-night Julie."
"Good-night Vivienne."

Until tomorrow, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hanging Out With Kevin and C.J.

Hello future readers,

So today, Vivienne and I were cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast (pancakes, YUM!), when Kevin calls. He told Vivienne that him and C.J. wanted us to check out their room and see all the neat stuff the guys from Springfield sent them, (Danny, Jason, Kyle and Marc are pen pals with Kevin and C.J.) and could we come over in half an hour? Sure, why not? So Vivienne let me ride her new bike and she rode her scooter over to their house. We agreed to switch on the way back

 "So why do you think the boys wanna show us their room?", I wondered.
 "Probably to brag", Vivienne began. "I think Kevin's a little jealous since you're always coming to see me and Danny and the guys can't come to visit. Betta says Kevin and C.J. are always getting packages from your friends, so they probably just wanna show off. You know how boys are."
I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, everything always has to be a competition. Boys!"

 "My mom also thinks Kevin likes you a little", Vivienne told me. I looked at her in shock and almost ran into her! "Hey Julie, watch it!"
 "Oops sorry, Viv." Then I said, "Likes me? No way! With all the dumb jokes he's always playing on me?"
 "My mom says boys do dopey stuff like that when they like a girl, 'cos they're too young to know how to be all lovey dovey."
 "I like your mom, Vivienne, but I think she's wrong. That turkey just gets a kick out of making me look dumb."
 "You're probably right, Julie."

So we get to their house. Betta and Little G are out shopping with their mom, and their dad is out working on something in the garage. So we went upstairs to their room.

It looked like a regular boys room, (I guess.). They had superheroes lamps, bedspreads and posters. There were cars and balls, and action guys all over the place. Just the kind of place where a boy would be happy. They also had some school pictures of the guys from Springfield on the walls.

I guess that's OK. Vivienne has one of my school pictures on her night stand. Kevin showed us the toy box full of Hot Wheels stuff, and the comic book box. The guys had sent them that stuff.

Vivienne sat down on C.J.'s bed and their dog Barkley jumped up on her..

"Barkley, you bad dog", C.J. scolded.  "You know you're not allowed on our beds! Get down!"

Barkley didn't budge. So C.J. yelled, "Barkley , DOWN!!"

Barkley jumped down and started whining. He sounded just like Boomer whenever I scold him.

 I don't ever think I've ever heard C.J. yell before. Last year, Kevin had him so whipped he hardly said 2 words when Kevin was around. I guess he's finally wearing his "Big Boy Pants". Right on, C.J.!

"Hey Vivienne, wanna see my action figures?", C.J. asked her.
"OK", she answered.
C.J. pulled out Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. I only know that 'cos Kyle has the same guys. I wonder if the guys in Springfield sent those too?

Then Kevin said to me, "Hey Julie, did you know I put a snake in Danny's bunk when I was at camp with you guys?"
"You did? Danny Never told me that."
"Probably because he was embarrassed he screamed like a girl when he saw it!"
I laughed at that. "Speaking of screaming like a girl---"
Kevin held up his hand. "Please don't remind me!"

"Remember the talent show, Kevin? You were pretty good on your guitar, and didn't even need a tape player."
"Yeah, you girls weren't too bad with your batons either. Oh hey! Danny told me his band played "A Horse With No Name", by America. That's one of my favorite songs! I've been practicing. Check me out..."

Kevin grabbed his guitar and played that song. (And don't tell Danny I said this, but I think Kevin was actually better!)

When Kevin was finished playing,  Kevin jumped up and pulled some toy ray guns off of his shelf and handed them to me and Vivienne.
"Hey girls, wanna play Space Rangers? Me and C.J. will even be the bad guys."

"Nah...we'd better be getting home for lunch", Vivienne told the boys.  "Thanks for showing us around your room, guys."
"Yeah thanks", I said. "You have a pretty cool room...well cool for boys, anyway. See you guys later."

Then Vivienne and I rode back to her house..
"So what were you and Kevin talking about when  I was playing with C.J.?"
"We were just remembering about when we went to camp, why?"
"Oh no reason. I just thought he might be asking you out for a date!" Vivienne busted out laughing!
"Vivienne Walton! If you tease me anymore about Kevin, I'm gonna pour cold water on your head when you're sleeping!"
"Calm down  I was just kdding, Julie. But you're right, I shouldn't tease you. I guess I just wanted to see what you'd say."
"I say Kevin Fleagle is a turkey!", I laughed.
"Come on, I'll race you back to my house", Vivienne said as she took off.
"When you're on a bike? No fair! Hey! Vivienne come back!" (Gotta go now future readers!)
"Come on Vivienne, wait up, will ya?"

Until tomorrow,
Your friend,
Julie Newman