Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Skateboarding Trio

Hello future readers!

I can't believe the groovy weather we've been having here in Springfield. Even though it's still February, it almost feels like summertime! When I finally got dressed after the Saturday morning cartoons were over, I put on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I thought maybe my mom would think I lost my mind and tell me to change into some jeans, but she didn't! I guess she wants it to be summer, too!

Anyway, I hopped on my bike and rode down to the school playground. I went in the entrance on the far side, where there isn't any playground equipment. That's where we sometimes run relay races and play ball, and stuff like that.

Up ahead of me, I could see Jason, Danny and Sunny all coming towards me on their skateboards. Far out!

Sunny and Danny were doing tricks like popping wheelies, and "walking" on their boards. Jason came up to me and asked me to tow him behind me. Was he kidding? I told him "No way...what do I look like a tow truck?" Haha!

Jason went off with Danny to ride some more while Sunny came up and offered me a turn on her new skateboard. I'm actually too chicken to ride those things, so I told her "No thanks, I'll stick to my bike."

After we rode around the playground for awhile, we were getting kinda hot. I told everyone they could all come back to my house for something cool to drink! They were all for it! So we headed back to my house.

When we got to my house, I went inside, panting with my tongue hanging outta my mouth. My mom laughs and says for me to grab some sodas for me and my friends waiting outside. How did she know anyone was waiting outside? I guess when women get to be moms, they just know stuff!

So we sat around drinking sodas, rapping and seeing who could burp the loudest!  (Danny can!) Jason wanted to do some more skateboarding and challenged Sunny to a race! You think he would've learned his lesson about challenging girls to any kind of a race from summer camp last year. I guess some people gotta find things out the hard way!

I wonder if I'll ever be brave enough to try skateboarding. Danny said he'd teach me, but I don't know. I guess I'm just too scared I'll fall down and crack my head open  or break my leg or something. I've never broken anything in my life, and I don't wanna start now! Besides, I still cry when I fall down and skin my knee. I wouldn't want the other kids to think I'm a cry-baby when I fall off a skateboard. Oh well...maybe someday. I wonder if kids still ride skateboards in the future. Maybe you guys ride "space" boards! *giggle*

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend.
Julie Newman

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Springfield Elementary's Valentine's Day Dance!

Hello future readers!

On Friday after school, we had a Valentine's Day Dance. The gym was all decorated with banners, and balloons and streamers. It looked really groovy. As usual, Miss LaSalle was in charge of the music. She always chooses the best records!

Mrs. Taylor was at the refreshment table. There was chips, Oreo cookies, heart shaped cookies, chocolate chip cookies,  and pink lemonade to drink. Yummy!

Mrs. Johnson walked around making sure there was no horsing around on the dance floor.

Wow, did we ever have a super time! School dances are always outta site, and this one was a ball!

Then Miss LaSalle and Mrs. Johnson announced that we'd be doing a Soul Train, and anyone who wanted to participate should line up by the basketball hoop.

In case you don't know what a Soul Train is, I'll fill you on. Soul Train is a music show that comes on after the Saturday morning cartoons are over. It has dynamite music, dancers, and super cool singing stars. Near the end of the show, the dancers get in 2 lines, and people take turns dancing down the middle. It's really fun, and lotsa people do it at parties. So some of us got in 2 lines. Jason was the first one to dance down the middle while Miss LaSalle played "Love Machine" by The Miracles.

Cheryl was next. She's a really good dancer. She takes ballet, and sometimes works her ballet moves into more modern dancing. And she's the only person I know who can do the splits!  It's really something to see!

Next up was Robyn.  She knows all the latest dances, because she never misses Soul Train! She practices all the dances she sees on TV every week.

Then it was my turn. I may not dance as good as Cheryl and Robyn, but I have some groovy moves, too!

Man, I really wish these dances lasted longer than 2 hours. That's when most of us are just getting warmed up! But since it was right after school, I guess the teachers wanted to go home. I don't know when we're gonna have another school dance, but I sure hope it's soon. I'm glad our teachers plan fun stuff like this for us kids to do. It just makes school a little more fun.

Until next time future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, February 8, 2015

20 Commendation Cards!

Hello future readers!

I just got home from school, but I couldn't wait to tell you. I finally did it! At last, I have 20 commendation cards!

In case you future kids don't know what that means, let me explain. In school, when you do something  really good, the teacher gives you a commendation card. Y'know, like when you're the quietest in line, or when you help someone out, or pick up litter off the playground...stuff like that. They're usually index cards that your teacher will write what great thing you did, and she'll put them on a special bulletin board in the classroom. Sometimes she'll add a little sticker or drawing to it.

 When the bulletin board gets full, the teacher takes them down, but you need to save them, 'cos you can trade them in like trading stamps. For instance, 5 cards gets you a lollipop. 15 cards, and you can watch the class while your teacher goes to the office. But 20 cards is the biggie, 'cos you can skip a homework assignment! And I finally got 20! Outta site!

I've been saving them all in my pencil case in my bookbag.  Miss LaSalle is really groovy about letting us keep the cards, she just keeps track of the numbers in a little book she keeps in her desk. She says we don't have to start over after 5, but if we claim something big like watching the class or skipping homework, we have to start all over again.

Some of the kids really like being in charge of stuff (and just being plain bossy), so they'll claim at 15 cards, but I'd rather skip a homework assignment. That way, I'll have more time to play or watch television.

Now I have to decide which assignment I wanna skip. My mom says I can't skip my Math homework, 'cos I need all the help in Math I can get. *groan* She wants me to get better marks on my Friday Math tests.

I don't really wanna skip my Health homework, 'cos those assignments are fun, like making charts of the food groups. And Spelling's out, 'cos I got one of my commendation cards for scoring 100% in last Wednesday's Spelling Bee! Hmm...maybe I can skip Reading or Social Studies.

Well, I don't have to decide right now, 'cos it's Friday, and I don't have any homework tonight anyway. But it's so much fun thinking about it! Maybe I can skip our monthly book report...hmmmm...

Wow...I really need to relax my brain! I think I'll just listen to some music for awhile, and then go downstairs for a snack. My mom is really proud of me, and says we can celebrate by getting a hamburger at Sam's Snack Shack for dinner tonight! Far out!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman