Meet My Friends!

Hey there, future readers!

Y'know, I think I'm really lucky to have so many friends! And since I'm friends with pretty much the whole 4th grade of Springfield Elementary School, maybe it's a little tough for you to keep them all straight. So along with my diary in this time capsule, I'm including snapshots of all my friends so you'll know who's who!

Your friend,
Julie Newman

  Susan Corinne Hormsby

                            Raychel Renee' Shaunessy

                             Kimberly Jasmine Pierce 

                              Robyn Michelle Brooks

                               Lisa Jeanine Lawrence

                                Daniel Scott Campbell 

Cheryl Lane Castlebury

The Miller Sisters:
Wendy Joy and April Dawn

Jennifer Rose Murray

Sunshine Blossom Albright

The Cousins:
Melody Marie Davis
Stephanie Roberta Sherman

Sabrina Monique Thomas

The Cooper Family:
Kerry Elizabeth, Velvet Charlene
and Crissy Lynette

Jason Timothy Gerard

Shante' Nicole Crawford

Kyle Patrick Lewis

Bridget Yvonne Fairchild

Marcus Allen Ellerbee

Michael Andrew Cavanaugh
 (Danny's cousin)

Mia Theresa Malone

...and our teachers,

Miss Mimi LaSalle,
Mrs. Tiffany Taylor,
Mrs. Aimee Johnson