Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Film and Fun on Valentine's Day

Hello future readers,

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. I know I did. In our class we always pass out cards and have a party. But when we came in from the playground after recess, Miss LaSalle told us that we would also be watching a film in our class.

Outta site! We were all pretty happy about that. We don't get to see films in class very often. Sometimes we have a film strip, or maybe a Science or Social Studies lesson on the overhead projector, but must of the time, we watch films in the auditorium. So this was really a treat!

It was time to pass out Valentines! We all took out out folders.

Isn't it funny how Kyle had a flying saucer and Jason had a space creature? I wonder if they planned that? Anyway, Melody passed out all the Valentines. It was a real kick opening all of them. Even us girls liked the Batman cards Kyle and Jason passed out.

Then Miss LaSalle told us to clean up our Valentines and put the folders away so we could pass out the  cookies and candy. She said she could watch the film while we ate, just like in a real movie theatre. Isn't that groovy?

Miss LaSalle put the film reel on the projector  and started the movie. It was "The Red Balloon".

We have to use our chalkboard since we don't have a screen. I love this movie. Even though there isn't a whole lot of talking in it, (except the boy calling for his balloon), it's still really good. I think it's neat how the balloon followed the boy everywhere, even to school. Kim started crying when the mean boys popped it. But the best part is when balloons came from everywhere to take the boy into the sky at the end! We all cheered!

It was such a good movie. Do kids still watch films in school in the future? I like watching in the auditorium, but there's something really special about watching it in the classroom. I love holidays when we get to do fun stuff at school. I hope you all had just as much fun on Valentine's Day as I had.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Loud And Proud

Hello future readers,

This past Friday, my mom pulled this note out of our mailbox:

A couple of years ago, Danny formed a little band for our school talent show, with Sunny and Crissy called "Loud And Proud". Crissy played guitar, Sunny played tambourine and Danny played this little toy drum. The sang to an Archie record and were actually pretty good.  Well this past Christmas, Danny got a real drum set. He was so excited, he wanted the band to play again. But Crissy told him she only did it for the talent show, and was too busy with her modeling to be in a band again. Since Kim and Susan take guitar lessons with Kerry at the Community Center, Danny asked if one of them could be in his band. Susan said she would need a lot more practice to play that well, but Kim said she could do it. They've been practicing for a month now, and they were ready to put on a show. But twenty-five cents? That's half of my allowance! Luckily I found 2 dimes in the couch cushions on Friday, so that meant I only had to fork over a nickel to see Danny's band. All right! I called Cheryl to see if she got one of Danny's notes too. She did, so we decided to walk over to Danny's together.

When we got to Danny's house, April, Wendy and Kyle were already there. We pulled up a couple of boxes and sat down.

I looked around for a record player or tape recorder, I didn't see one, so that meant they were really gonna perform live! Outta site! They played "Melody Hill" by The Archies. "That's The Way I Like It" by K.C. & The Sunshine Band, and "C'mon Get Happy" by The Partridge Family.! YAY!

They weren't perfect. The messed up some notes here and there, and played the songs a little slower than the records, but I think they played darn good for a bunch of 4th grade school kids! And so did the other kids.

When they were playing "C'mon Get Happy", I pretended I was in The Partridge Family's garage listening to them play! Hahaha! When it was over, we all cheered!

                                                          "YAY" *whistle*

                                               "WOO! All right!" *more whistles*

They all took a bow, and the show was over. Kyle wanted to try out Danny's drums.

 "Its not as easy as it looks!", Kyle told Danny.

And Cheryl wanted to try Kim's guitar.

 "I wish my mom would let me take guitar lessons", Cheryl said.
 "But you play the violin so pretty", Kim told her.

Just then we heard an ice-cream truck coming down the street. Danny's mom got each of us a cone! Far out! Since the cones were a quarter, and admission to Danny's show was a quarter, it was almost like we were all getting paid back!

   I just love Raspberry Ripple Royale ice-cream!

Mrs. Campbell is so nice! And Danny's band was super! I hope they keep on practicing, so they get really good and put on a concert at school! Wouldn't that be something?

I know there's music in the future, but are there still bands? Or is all your music computerized? I hope there are still live bands, and that kids still play instruments and not just buttons on a computer. I had a groovy time at Danny's! I'm really proud of "Loud and Proud". *giggle* I think Danny chose the right name for his band!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman