Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Halloween Carnival

Hello future readers!

Happy Halloween! Yesterday was such a super groovy day! Our school had a Halloween carnival and man did I ever have a dynamite time!

So yesterday, Kim and I were walking to school in our costumes. Since we were doing the carnival all day, we didn't even need books! She was dressed as Wonder Woman, and I was Minnie Mouse.

We were at the far end of the playground on the back side, when we ran into Danny. And guess who was with him? His cousin, Michael!

Michael was really happy to see me. He was all excited when he told me that his family drove in from San Diego last night to spend Halloween weekend with Danny's family! Far out! Even though it was a school carnival, other people in our area could come too, so I thought it was cool Michael was gonna get to hang out with us big kids and finally meet Velvet!

When we got to the carnival, there was all kinds of cool stuff to do! The rides were The Spook House, The Terror Track and The Pit. (The Pit was a kind of bouncy trampoline thing). And the games were the Pyramid Pitch, the Ring Toss, and the Apple Bob. There was even a Fortune Teller machine. And guess what? Even Kerry was there! The High School was closed today for a teacher's meeting, so Kerry got to work the Snack Bar! This entry is gonna have a lot of snapshots, so you can see all the fun we had! Check it out!

                                        The Super Girls!(Kim, Raychel and Susan)

                                                      Velvet and Michael

Wow, what a great day! I had so much fun going on the rides and playing games and eating all the goodies! I was so tired when I came home at 3:30, that I conked in my room and didn't wake up until dinner time! I think this has been the grooviest Halloween ever! And it's not even over yet! Tonight I go Trick-or-Treating! I hope Halloween is just as much fun for you kids in the future. I'm gonna remember that carnival for the rest of my life!


Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman