Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Explorers Go Swimming

How ya doin' future readers!

Hi, I'm Marcus (but everyone calls me Marc). The other guys are on their way here, but I ran ahead so I could be the one to tell you about our activity today.  We're going to take a swim in the lake!

I think I'll spread out my towel while I'm waiting for the guys to get here.

"Hey Marc! What did you run off like that for?"

"Who me? I just wanted to be the one to tell Julie's future readers about what we were doing today."

"Oh is that all? We thought we had cooties or something."

"You guys might as well sit down We gotta wait for Doug anyway."

We started rapping about the dance and stuff when Doug walks up and says, "All right men, let's hit the water!"

Something you gotta know about Doug.....he's on the high school swim team. He told us we had to earn our free time in the lake.  He made us swim out past the platform to the deep part of the lake. Then he told us we had to swim laps for 5 minutes! Can you believe that?  So that's what we did; up  and back to both markers for 5 minutes straight! Dang! We were almost too tired to swim after that!

Whew! The other guys might be used to this, but I sure wasn't! Anyway, we finally swam back to the platform and had some fun!

"Watch me dive, guys! Woo-Hoo!"

Danny's a pretty good swimmer, and Kyle told me he likes to surf. Maybe I'll get him to teach me one of these days.

Well, Julie's readers, that's pretty much it! Except that all that swimming made us so hungry that we stuffed ourselves with hot dogs when we came back for lunch!  Be cool! Stay in school! Keep it light and be Dyn-o-mite!

Your friend,
Marc Ellerbee

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Jason Does It Again!

Hello again future readers!

This is the Explorers cabin. I don't know if it's anything like the girls' cabins, ('cos we've never seen those!) But there are 2 sets of bunks. One for Kyle and Danny, and one for me and Marc.

We're getting ready for bed right now. Kyle and Marc are in the bathroom brushing their teeth.

We've got half an hour before "lights out", so we can do quiet things like read comic books, talk, or play games.

"Hey Danny, I picked up some spiders on the trail during free time. I'm gonna put 'em in Marc's bed for a joke!"

"Man, why do you always have to  play stupid jokes on everybody? Didn't you learn your lesson on St. Patrick's Day with Kim?  If Marc gets mad and creams you, don't come crying to me!"

"Nah, he's not like some squeamish little girl who will flip out when he sees a spider. He'll probably just go, 'Good one Jason'.  Now to put these little buggers in his bed. This is gonna be great!"

I could hear Kyle and Marc outside coming back from the bathroom, so really quick, I climbed into my bunk and pretended to be reading a comic book.

"...and then the guy tripped and fell and got poop smeared all over him!"
"HAHA! Man, is that ever disgusting!"

"Hey Marc, is something moving around in your sleeping bag?"
"Moving around? You must be seeing things, Kyle."

"Look I'll show you there's nothing in my sleeping bag."


By now I'm cracking up! "Oh my gosh, Marc! You should see the look on your face right now! Relax, pal. I put those guys in your sleeping bag."

"You? You did that? That's not even funny, man! What if I hadn't looked first? I could have squashed them! Or one of them could have bitten me!"

"You big dummy! You get down here right now and get those stupid spiders out of my bunk!"

"OK OK! Don't get so steamed!"

So I got all the spiders out of Marc's sleeping bag and dumped them out the window.

"OK they're out, are you happy now?"
"Well....not quite!" *WHAP!
Marc reached for his pillow and let me have it!

"Whoa, Danny did you see that?"

The next thing you know, we're all whacking each other with our pillows, howling with laughter!

Then our counselor Doug, who was outside talking to the other counselors hollers.
"If you guys aren't in bed in the next five seconds, you'll be on clean-up detail all day tomorrow!"

You never saw 4 guys get in bed so fast!

"Hey fellas, I think it's ghost story time!"

"Hey Danny, tell Three Finger Willy!"

"Yeah!" "All right!"

So Danny tells us the story I've heard it before, so I start getting a little sleepy.

"Good-night, future readers!" *yawn*

Catch ya on the flipside, future readers,
From the guys in the Explorers cabin:
Jason, Kyle, Danny and Marc

P.S. If you wanna check out the story of Three Finger Willy, click here.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Let's Go Fishing

Um...uh...hey there future readers,

This is Danny Campbell and Kyle Lewis. It's 6 o'clock in the morning. The reason we're both up so early is so we can do one of our favorite things to do in Camp Wilderness. Go fishing!

"Hey Danny, did you know that some people think fishing is boring?"
"Really? Well that's not true at all!  It's true fishing isn't as exciting as baseball or football, but fishing gives you a chance to relax, rap and get to know your buddy better."

"That's right, Danny. And besides reeling in a whopper takes a lot of skill. I've seen my Uncle Walter do it lotsa times! Man is he ever a good fisherman!"
"Anyway, we're gonna take the double raft out and find a good fishing spot."

"So how do you know what a good spot is, Danny?"

"I dad says that you can just feel it...and I'm starting to feel it. Let's fish right here."

So we dropped the mini anchor and sat there for almost an hour. We rapped about school starting soon, our dads, and how we got stuck in a town with so many girls!  (Don't tell Julie, but we think they're cool anyway).

It seemed like forever, but I finally got a bite!  I reeled him in slow and easy the way my dad taught me.

 "Quick Kyle! Get the net!"
"But I'm still fishing Danny!"
"You're not gonna catch anything in the next couple of minutes! C'mon! Help me out before he gets away!"

"Far out! Isn't he a beauty?"
"I hope I have good luck like you, Danny...wait a minute...there's something tugging on my line!"
"Easy Kyle, don't reel him in too fast!"
"I got him!"

"Hold your pole tight, Kyle, I'll grab the net!"

"Wow Kyle, that's a super catch! He's as groovy as my fish!"

After a while, it was time to go back to shore. That's OK, we each caught a fish!

"The Explorers are gonna eat like Kings tonight, Kyle!"

"And how! I'll bet even Shorty (our camp cook) will be surprised too!'

So long, future readers!
~Danny Campbell & Kyle Lewis