Sunday, April 21, 2013

Who wants to watch a Monster Movie?

Hello future readers,

I sat down to watch television, and was looking through the TV Guide. I saw that on Saturday night, "Dr. Shock's Monster Movie" was going to be on.

 Now, monster movies aren't really my scene, but I had been trying to think of a way to thank Danny and Sunny for sticking up for me with Jennifer. I know a lot of my friends like monster movies, so I thought I could have another pajama party, complete with junk food and Dr. Shock! So I asked my mom and she said yes, (have I mentioned how far out my mom is?), and I got on the phone and called all my friends.

I was in luck. That "Father/Daughter Dance" was on Sunday night, so everyone said they would be here! Outta site!

The next night, I popped some corn, put out some cookies and candy, and got into my jammies. At 7:30 my friends started to arrive.

We spread out the blankets and pillows, got out the junk food and camped out by the television.

I had never watched Dr. Shock, and I don't mind telling you he was more than a little creepy!

Tonight's movie was called "The Monster Who Wouldn't Die".  Here are some scenes:

Wow, was that monster scary! Wendy screamed twice, Robyn kept hiding under the blankets, and Danny ate almost 2 pans of Jiffy Pop! I'm still not all that wild about monster movies, but getting together with my friends is always a groove.

Are there monster movies in the future? Stephanie thinks that people in the future will be too smart to believe in monsters, and Danny thinks they'll be machines that can make people into projections so they'll actually be in the movie whenever they want! I don't know about any of that, you'd know better than me. I do know that even though I'm nine and I know there are no such things as real monsters, these movies still sometimes scare me. But I'll never get tired of pajama parties!

Until next time, future readers!
Your friend,
Julie Newman

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