Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hello future readers!

It's finally Halloween! It seems like it took forever for this day to come! School is super groovy on Halloween. We all get to wear our costumes to school and we don't even need to bring our books! The teachers know that us kids are much too excited to get any work done anyway. Before we got in line to go inside, Stephanie introduced me and Raychel to her cousin, Melody.

Melody's parents are in the Peace Corps. That means they're part of a group who goes to poor countries and help people build houses and plant crops and stuff like that. Some of the countries don't have real schools or teachers yet, and since her parents didn't want Melody to miss school,  she came to live with Stephanie and her family. Wouldn't you know it? The lucky duck gets to start school on Halloween!

When Miss LaSalle came out to bring our class inside, she didn't have a costume on. We all thought that was a little strange.  When we got to our class, we were all talking as we were sitting down, so none of us noticed that she reached in her desk drawer and pulled something out. When she called the class to attention, we all looked at her and cracked up!

She put on an eye patch, a scarf and a fake moustache like a pirate! It was pretty funny! She read "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" to us. That Headless Horseman is super scary! Then we all went out to the playground for the Halloween Parade. Each class gets to parade around the playground so everyone could see their costumes. Mrs. Taylor announced each of the classes. Finally it was the 4th grade's turn.

Miss LaSalle led our class around the playground while Mrs. Johnson's class cheered.

When it was time for Mrs. Johnson's class to march, we cheered for them.

After the parade, we had lunch. After lunch Miss LaSalle gave us a party! We had fruit punch, popcorn balls, cookies, caramel apples, candy bars and lollipops! It was dynamite!

Then came the best part of the school day...the Spook House! There was a carnival Spook House ride set up in the back of the school! Far out! We all waited in line for our turn to ride. Susan was a little scared, but said she'd go in, if I held her hand.

It wasn't so scary, but I think Susan kept her eyes closed anyway. After school we all went home to get ready to go trick-or-treating. We went to pick up Crissy and her little cousin, Velvet. It was gonna be Velvet's first time going out with us older kids. Kerry warned her to behave herself and stay close to Crissy.

We went all over the neighborhood; each of our own houses, all of our teachers and friends. It was outta site! And we got loads of candy!

*whew* It was such super groovy and super busy day, that I'm pooped out! If they still celebrate Halloween in the future, I hope yours is just as great as mine was. *yawn* Happy Halloween, future readers!

Until next time,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. I just love all of your Halloween costumes!!! <3


  3. The costumes are wonderful! I remember them. I even had the witch costume. ;)

  4. The costumes are awesome! My mom would never let me have a store bought costume, she always had to make them, geesh.

    1. For me, it just isn't Halloween without buying a costume from Woolworth. And my mom isn't really much good at sewing. She can do buttons, but that's about it.