Thursday, January 2, 2014

Party Time on New Year's Eve!

Hello future readers,

Happy New Year! I had my annual New Year's Eve pajama party. ( I think this may become what my mom calls a "tradition".) It was super groovy! I couldn't believe it when my mom said I could invite my 13 closest friends over! She did warn me, though, that if we got too rowdy, this would be the end of this tradition! Cheryl and Danny even brought their dogs, Butterscotch and Muttley over, so Boomer would have someone to play with.

 We all had to stay on the "island" of blankets Mom spread out on the floor for us. For the first hour, we all kinda separated and played games like Twister, Perfection and Trouble. Do kids still play board games in the future? I hope so, 'cos they're really a lot of fun.

Jennifer and I played with my new View-Master. She liked the Barbie reel the best.

When Susan got up to go to the bathroom, Danny grabbed Cheryl's pillow and bopped her with it!

Wow, was he ever sorry he did that, because Stephanie, Cheryl and Wendy came to Susan's rescue and creamed him with more pillows!

Danny got kinda mad because he said he was only teasing Susan, and he didn't mean for the other girls to gang up on him. I reminded him that he started it and he shouldn't expect to come to a pajama party and not get into at least one pillow fight! The other girls said they were sorry, but I'll bet it'll be a long time before Danny tries to swat any of us girls with a pillow again!

Well, after the pillow fight, I decided to take out my new radio.

 I turned to a station that was playing "Dance To The Music" by Sly and the Family Stone, so that's what some of us did!

Right after that song was over, the pizzas that my mom ordered came, so we all settled down and ate pizza and popcorn and drank sodas.

Then we turned on the television to watch a few episodes of "The Twilight Zone". Most of us really like this show but Susan and Melody got a little scared.

 My mom said it was almost midnight so some of us got our hats and leis on, and turned on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve". Mom filled up our glasses with soda and we toasted in the New Year!

Most of us dropped of to sleep right after that, and some of us stayed up for another hour watching more of "The Twilight Zone". We all had a dynamite time. I really hope my mom lets me keep up with this "tradition". It's really outta site when we can all get together and have fun! I think I'm really lucky to have so many friends to share special times with. I hope you future readers are just as lucky as I am!

Happy New Year!
Until next time, your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Hi! Molly: Ooh 'groovy' and um...................... i uh..... -cough cough- whats a viewmaster?
    - AnonymousA

  2. Heehee! Hi Molly! I talk about View-Masters in my entry about making out my Christmas list!

  3. I used to play with a viewmaster too!

  4. Molly: well I am from the 50's so this all seems very... odd to me. No offense but i could use some lessons on 70s and 2000s. and 80s...and 60s. I am a few decades behind on the times. Haha! Mama showed me a view master. I thought it was terrific! Mama is playing with her dollhouse dolls instead of me today. She is kinda a collector in some sense.
    - Anonymous A and molly.

  5. awesome party .. looks like everyone had a good time at it .. lol

  6. Lovely! I was totally fun reading your pot. You guys must have great times together. Keep it up.

  7. Really really cute, and great photos! Cheers!

  8. leah really far out. do you listen to skillet!!!!!!

    1. We like groups like The Sylvers, K.C. & The Sunshine Band, The Jackson 5, The DeFranco Family, and my favorite, The Partridge Family!

  9. Looks like a fun night! We always had a New Year's Eve slumber party too because one of my friends birthday was on January 2nd. Dick Clark was still rocking in New Year's Eve in 2000 for the new millennium!

  10. Wow, really? Dick Clark's New Year show is still on in the future? He must be doing it from a wheelchair! *giggle*

  11. New Years' Eve parites are so much fun, Julie! And we still play board games in the future, which is good. I love all the games you played at your party-especially Perfection! :-) It's always fun to see everything explode!

    1. Wow, you still play Perfection in the future? Outta site!