Sunday, January 11, 2015

Saturday in the Park...Springfield Park!

Hello future readers!

Well, now that the holiday season is over, things are calming down and life is getting back to normal. The holidays were fun, but it was so busy. Yesterday after I finished my lunch, Shante' called me and asked me if I wanted to go to the park! Outta site! My mom said it was OK, so I grabbed my jump rope and walked over to Shante's  house so I could walk to the park with her and her mom.

Springfield Park is different than the playground at school. It's mostly grass, there's no equipment, but there are lotsa benches to sit on, There's a creek where kids sometimes sail their toy boats. You can always see kites flying overhead, and ice-cream push carts are all over the place. We decided to play near the path. Shante's mom found a seat on a nearby bench to do some crocheting, and Shante' got out her ball. We were having fun just kicking it back and forth.

Then I got out my jump rope. At first we were taking turns, but then we were jumping together. It was fun but it wasn't easy, since my rope is kinda small.

All that jumping made us hungry, so Mrs. Crawford gave us each a quarter for the ice-cream cart. Far out!  I got a frozen chocolate banana with nuts, and Shante' got a Bomb Pop.

While we were enjoying our snack, Danny and Jason came running up, shooting their squirt guns at each other.

We figured we better let them know we were there before we got soaked in the crossfire.

Then Jason said , "Hey Julie...stick'em up!" I warned him that he better not squirt me with that thing. But then he said, "I'm gonna get you, Julie!" Yikes! I screamed and started running and of course, he started chasing me!

Danny squirted Shante' in the face! She screamed and ran, so he chased her, too!

They kept chasing us until Shante' ran behind the bench where her mom was sitting. Danny wasn't about to squirt Mrs. Crawford! Seeing that Shante' was safe, I ran back there, too. Mrs. Crawford told the boys that they had their fun, but it was time for them to go play someplace else. Ha ha, crazy boys! Later for you turkeys!

After that, Shante's took out her frisbee, and we tossed it back and forth for a while.

Mrs. Crawford walked over to us, and said it was time to go home. Aw man! We were having such a groovy time, too. Oh well...there will be other days. I'm glad Shante' invited me to come along. I had a really nice time, even with those goofy boys chasing us! It was almost dinner time, and I knew my mom would have something good cooking at home.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Good morning Julie,
    What a fun day you had! It is much warmer in Springfield than it is where I live. This morning we have freezing rain. I haven't taken down my outside Christmas lights yet and they look so pretty shining through the ice on the bushes. Do you ever get snow or ice in Springfield?

  2. Hi Fawn,

    No, Springfield is in California. We get rain, but not freezing rain! It doesn't snow here either. A lot of my friends used to live where it snows and sometimes miss it, especially at Christmas time. When I was really little, I went to the mountains with my cousins and saw the snow, but I don't remember much about it.

  3. Looks like a fun day at the park. Those darned boys with their squirt guns! Reading your post makes me hungry for a chocolate covered banana though.

    1. Danny and Jason are my friends, but sometimes they can be such....BOYS! Are boys this dopey in the future, too? And chocolate covered bananas are outta site! Sometimes in the summer, when I can stay up late, my mom will ask me if I feel like a late snack. So we walk to the corner store really late, at 10 o'clock at night! We each get a frozen banana, and walk home real slow, just eating them and digging the warm, summer night.

  4. Looks like you all had fun!!! We've had rain most of 2015, but the sun is due to come out Thursday! Yea!!!!! Maybe I need to go fly a kite at the park then!

    1. Man, I remember last year when it rained for almost 2 straight weeks, it drove me up the wall! My mom said I was making her bananas too, 'cos I was complaining about being cooped up. I couldn't wait to get outside!