Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our Easter Compositions

Hello future readers,

Once a week, Miss LaSalle gives us composition homework. Sometimes it's a drag, but other times it's fun because we get to use our imaginations and write stories about stuff we like. Last Tuesday, Miss LaSalle said we could make up stories about the Easter Bunny! So after dinner that night, I sat at the kitchen table and thought about what I should write.

I decided to write about what the Easter Bunny does to get ready for his favorite holiday.

It took almost half an hour, but I think I did I pretty good job. Man, did all that writing make me hungry. I got some granola bars and milk before finishing the rest of my homework. After all, the brain needs food too!

The next day at school, after silent reading period, Miss LaSalle told us to put our books away and take out our compositions because we were going to read them out loud to the class. Some of the kids groaned. I actually think reading out loud is kinda groovy. Miss LaSalle says that public speaking is good for us and prepares us for giving speeches in high school, or when we grow up and have to give presentations to our bosses and stuff like that. I don't know about those things, I just like reading out loud.

First up was Jennifer. Her story was about how the Easter Bunny wished for one Easter, he could be a boy and get Easter goodies, instead of always having to make them. It was a pretty cool story.

Wendy was next. She wrote about how the Easter Bunny was tired of giving eggs and wanted to give everyone pickles instead. It was pretty funny! We were all cracking up Even Miss LaSalle laughed!

Then it was Sunny's turn. In her story, the Easter Bunny had a magic stone that let him be invisible, so he could bring all the kids their goodies without being seen. Only this year he lost it, and this little girl saw him. I really liked her story. So did the other kids.

When it was Kim's turn, she read about how the Easter Bunny in her story not only gave out eggs, but chickens to the people in poor countries, so they'd always have eggs to eat and they wouldn't starve. Outta site! Kim always thinks of other people.

Then it was my turn. Everyone else's stories were so creative and far out, and I thought my story was kinda corny. Anyway, I wrote how the Easter Bunny lived on the island of Fluff and was getting ready for Easter, but there was a storm, and it blew all the eggs off the egg trees and he was worried there wasn't gonna be enough eggs for Easter. But then he found a magic chicken who could lay 100 eggs at a time. So the Easter Bunny had enough eggs and didn't have to plant egg trees anymore.  Miss LaSalle said it was very creative, and the kids clapped when I was done, so I guess it was a good story after all!

Jason was next. In his story, the Easter Bunny was an alien from another planet, and wanted to come to Earth to share his planet's eggs with the people of Earth. But the President thought he was a scout for an invasion force and had the army capture him. It was a good story, but I think Jason has been reading too many comic books, or watches too many science fiction movies on TV.

Cheryl's story was really nice. She said that the Easter Bunny had the power of the rainbow in him, and that's how he colors eggs, but he visited a land with no color and no happiness so he shared the power of the rainbow with them so they could be happy.

Last but not least, was Melody. In her story, every year a new bunny won the honor of being the Easter Bunny by winning the Bunny Olympics! The one who could hop the farthest, wiggle his ears the longest and twitch his nose the fastest got to be the Easter Bunny. It was a really cute story.

When  we were finished, Miss LaSalle said how proud she was of all of us for writing such creative and entertaining stories. Do kids still have to write compositions in the future? Maybe you don't even have to write it, but just tell a machine what you want to say! I guess that would save a lot of time.  This is the last week of school before Easter vacation. If you're off from school, I hope you have a groovy vacation.

Until  next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Julie, your compostion was really groovy! Your friends wrote great stories, too.
    Here in the future, we still have to write compositions. Sometimes it's a pain in the neck, but other times it's really fun.
    I hope you have a "hoppy" Easter! And my last day of school is on Thursday-I can hardly wait!!!

    1. Thanks Sunny! I'll be writing another entry after the Egg Hunt next week, but I hope you have a groovy Easter!

  2. Everyone had such great ideas, and I love how different each of them were from the other, you have a creative bunch of friends! Kids still have to write, no magic wand or anything. Happy Easter!

    1. Yeah, I really liked listening to all their stories. And I'm really glad they liked mine. It's good kids still have to write. And I hope you have a Happy Easter too!

  3. Hi Julie,
    I'd say Miss LaSalle has the best, most imaginative 4th grade class ever!
    My grandson and I write stories together and then he draws the illustrations. Are you going to draw pictures for your story? I'd love to see what a magic chicken looks like.

    1. *giggle* Well, Miss LaSalle already put them up on the writing board. I do like to draw so maybe I'll do an entry with some drawings some time.

  4. Those are awesome compositions! Everyone was very imaginative.

    Reading aloud can be difficult, but it is good Miss LaSalle encourages you to practice. It's a very good skill to have.

    Happy Easter!

    1. Yeah, all the kids in our class are pretty good readers. That's because all our teachers make us read out loud from our readers and our compositions. I think I'm a good reader 'cos my mom still reads to me. Sometimes I'll read her a story. She likes it!

  5. I really liked your compositions. They were so creative!

  6. Your classroom looks like a nice place to learn!

    1. Yeah, Miss LaSalle's a pretty groovy teacher and makes fun.