Monday, February 1, 2016

West Virginia, Here I Come!

Hello future readers!

Greetings from Falling Waters, West Virginia! (I sound like a post card!) I had to get up really super early this morning, because I had an 8:30 a.m. flight. That was OK, because I was too excited to sleep  anyway! I was really excited, but a little nervous, too. I've never been on an airplane all by myself before, and I've never left the state of California without my mom. She was crying a little when I boarded the plane. She made me promise to call her as soon as I got to Vivienne's house. The flight was outta site! This really nice stewardess named Gail looked out for me. She gave me a hot dog and a chocolate ice-cream sundae! She also gave me a neat coloring book, a pin shaped like pilot's wings, and a new set of jacks in a mini airline bag! I guess I must have been a little sleepy, because she woke me up just before we landed. I looked out and wow! Is Dulles International Airport ever BIG!

Gail walked me out and I gave her a hug and thanked her for being so nice to me. I looked over and saw 2 people holding this beautiful sign that said "Welcome Julie". It was Vivienne and Kevin's sister Betta!

I ran over and gave Vivienne a big hug!

I said hello to Vivienne's mom, Mrs. Walton and thanked her for letting me stay at their house. Betta was excited because we were gonna drive to Falling Waters, where they live (isn't that a groovy name for a city?) in their neighbor, Mr. Hansen's cool car. Mrs. Walton borrowed it because the battery in her car died and Vivienne's dad was still at work. I got my warm sweater out of my suitcase. As we were walking through the airport, I looked out the windows and could see snow on the ground! This was so exciting!

Man, was it ever cold outside! I was really glad to get into the nice warm car. And what a dynamite  car it was!  It was white and had red leather seats and a red steering wheel! Far out!  It was like riding around in a Valentine card! The boys would flip if they knew I was gonna ride in this thing! I asked Mrs. Walton and she told me this was a 1967 Buick.  I want a super car like this when I grow up.

It was an hour and a half drive back to Falling Waters, Vivienne's mom had the radio on, and we wer singing to all our favorite songs. I found out that Vivienne and Betta like a lot of the same songs I do! We played funny "hand jives" like "A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea". (a hand-jive is a game you play with your hands, sorta like "Miss Mary Mac" ), and "Down by the Banks of the Hanky Panky" and "Waddle -y Acha". Before we knew it, we were almost to Vivienne's house. As we pulled up to the house, we looked out and saw some of Vivienne's friends and Betta's 2 brothers Kevin and CJ playing outside. Vivienne rolled down the window and we waved at them. I felt like the Grand Marshall in a parade, waving from that car!

Mrs. Walton wanted to know if I wanted to pose for some fun snapshots in this car so my friends in Springfield could see it. Did I ever! Here are a couple of pictures we took:

Outta site! This car is a convertible!

Eat your hearts out, Danny, Jason and Kyle!

We told Betta we'd see her in a little while, and went inside. Vivienne has a nice room with a big purple bed that was big enough for the 2 of us to share. She even had the picture I sent her along with the talking stuffed dog  and the friendship bracelets I gave her for Christmas on her night stand. What a groovy friend!

I called my mom to let her know I was OK. I told her all about my flight, and she was glad I had a good time, and that I was safe. Mrs. Walton asked me if I wanted to rest up after my long plane ride. But I was too excited! I wanted to go out and play in the snow right away! So Vivienne loaned me a red coat,  a hat, some mittens, and some boots and she bundled up herself and we went outside. She got her sled out of the garage and let me play on it!

Wow, was that ever fun! I've never been sledding before! Betta came outside and we took turns on Vivienne's sled.

And then we did something I've always wanted to do...make snow angels!

Mrs. Walton called us to come inside. She didn't want me to get too cold on my first day. We took off our wet things, and got ready for dinner. Mr Walton came home. I like him. He's tall and handsome. He has a mustache and smells like cologne. He kept calling me the "newest member of the family." If my dad were still alive, I would want him to be almost like Mr. Walton.  We had homemade chicken vegetable soup and cheesy biscuits for dinner. Yummy! That soup tasted really good after playing out in that cold snow. After dinner, Vivienne wanted to watch television.  So her mom gave us some Hawaiian Punch and some Jiffy Pop and we went into the living room. And do you know what was on? The Partridge Family! My favorite show! Only here in West Virginia, it comes on Mondays instead of Fridays. Right on!

I was getting a little sleepy. I'm not used to the time difference yet. So we got ready for bed.  I like Vivienne's room. It's cozy. It's a little smaller than my room at home. She even has posters of The Partridge Family and the Brady Bunch on her wall, kinda like me! Far out! She's also a Beach Boys fan. My mom likes them. I like the song "Surfin' U.S.A."

We talked for a little while. I was kinda missing my mom and Boomer. He was probably lying on my bed right now, whining for me. It's gonna be a little strange sleeping in a different bed so far from home, but at least Vivienne will be right here with me. Mr. and Mrs. Walton came in to tuck us in and kiss us both good-night. That made me feel a little better. *Yawn*. Good-night, future readers. I'll have more to tell you tomorrow.

Until then,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

*I would like to extend a very special THANK YOU to my good friend Fawn for sponsoring Julie's trip to West Virginia. She is taking all of the photos you are going to see for the next week. I'd also like to thank her neighbors, The Hansens, for the use of their fantastic '67 Buick. Man, whatta car!*


  1. Sounds like you had a great flight and looks like you are going to have a lot of fun! Sled riding is great exercise too. Yum to Hawaiian Punch! (in the future they put it in plastic containers and it doesn't taste the same)

    1. I'm having such a groovy time! I didn't know that it was so much work pulling a sled, but it was still lotsa fun. Stay tuned for more fun!

  2. Hey, I have a bestie in VA too! You were so brave to fly by yourself! Sophie flew alone for the first time last year and she was very nervous too, but after that first time she wasn't afraid anymore.

    1. With a nice stewardess like Gail, I didn't feel like I was alone at all. It was really cool. I'm not so nervous about flying alone now!

  3. Thanks for sharing about your flight. I haven't been on an airplane since I was little, but I still remember all the fun I had.
    Hope you have a lot of fun in the snow.


  4. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time! I can't wait to hear about your other adventures, Julie!