Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pups At The Park/Coloring Eggs

Hello future readers!

Another one of my favorite places I thought Vivienne should see is Springfield Park. It had been awhile since I had taken Boomer there anyway. We decided to go after breakfast. As we were walking downstairs, I could smell banana bread! I love banana bread! My mom also fixed some bacon and eggs to go with it.

After we ate, it took me 15 minutes to find Boomer's leash. I don't know why that crazy mutt keeps hiding it! It's not like he doesn't like to take walks. I think he secretly enjoys watching me drive myself nuts looking for it! I finally found it under my mom's bed. (Dopey dog!) Now we could walk to Springfield Park.

Springfield Park is usually pretty quiet in the mornings. Just a few people out taking walks, reading on the park benches or people walking their dogs. Sometimes you might even see some school kids out on a field trip doing nature studies. But this morning, we ran into my friend Cheryl and her dog, Butterscotch.

Cheryl had been trying for weeks to teach Butterscotch how to fetch a ball. She's actually a pretty smart dog, I think she's just stubborn. She just sits there, waiting for Cheryl to run and bring back the ball. Fetching is actually something that Boomer is pretty good at, but he likes sticks better. I waved to Cheryl and Boomer barked at Butterscotch. (I guess they were saying "Hello".) I introduced Cheryl to Vivienne. Vivienne told me later that she thinks Cheryl is very pretty. I think so too.

Cheryl was happy to finally meet Vivienne. She had been hearing me talk about her for weeks when I got back from West Virginia. Cheryl said we kinda looked like sisters. I guess in a way, we do. I could tell Cheryl was getting pretty mad at Butterscotch for not fetching the ball. She was just about to give up and go home when Melody walked up with her dog,  Snowflake.

Snowflake is such a pretty dog, but she gets dirty so easily. When Cheryl dropped the ball, Butterscotch used her nose and nudged it at Snowflake. Maybe Butterscotch just doesn't like playing ball with people. I think she just wants to play with Snowflake!

Vivienne said Hi to Melody and told her what a neat dog she had. We started rapping about our dogs and stuff. Vivienne told us her friend Emily had a dog, a cocker spaniel.  They're such cute dogs! After awhile, me and Vivienne decided we wanted to walk around the park some more, so we said goodbye to Melody and Cheryl, (and their dogs!) It's still pretty cold in Falling Waters where Vivienne lives, so she was really digging the warm Spring day. Kinda reminds me of that song "Grazin' In The Grass" by The Friends of Distinction. We were both starting to get a little tired, and Boomer saw another dog in the park he wanted to chase after, so we decided to go back to my house. Mom asked us if we wanted to dye eggs for Easter. Was she kidding? Of course we wanted to! My mom took out some glasses and gave me the box of egg colors.  I wonder if people still color eggs in the future?

There was pink, purple and blue. We had fum coloring the eggs!

I can hardly wait for Easter! I think it will be far out spending the holiday with Vivienne. Holidays are so much more fun with you've got people you care about to share them with!

Until next time, future readers!
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I dyed eggs once, and it was fun.
    Dogs are hard to train. We have two, and we love totaled them to the park.

    1. Wow, only once? You should color eggs more often. It's super fun!

      Boomer usually listens to the important things like "sit" and "stay". He can even fetch and roll over. It's the other things that drive me bananas! Like hiding his leash, or jumping on me and licking me to wake me up every morning!

  2. Looks like lots of fun! Glad you've been making the most of your visit with Vivienne!

    1. Yeah, we've been having a dynamite time! I'm gonna be really sad when she has to leave! :o(

  3. Julie,
    Sounds like Butterscotch is teaching Cheryl how to fetch!

    1. *giggle* That's pretty funny! I'll have to tell Cheryl that!

  4. Hi Julie,
    Vivienne was hoping she would get to color eggs with you. It is one of her favorite Easter activities.
    Mrs. Walton

    1. Super! It's mine too, (besides eating the goodies in my basket, that is!)

  5. You will be happy to know that people still decorate eggs in the future--and they still make Paas coloring sets!