Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Dance Contest

Hello future readers,

Yesterday after the cartoons were over, Sunny and I decided to walk over to Sam's Snack Shack for a milkshake.

Marc, Jason Robyn and Bridget were already there playing pinball and hanging out.

Sunny and I walked in and waved to everybody. Marc and Jason were too busy playing pinball to notice us.

I sat down and Sunny went over to the jukebox. Just then Sam announced we were having a dance contest and the winner would get a free banana split! Far out!

He told us that we would each get to dance to half of a record, and he would decide who gets the free dessert! He gave Sunny 3 dimes and told her to pick 3 groovy songs from the jukebox.

The first song that came on was "Funky Worm" by the Ohio Players. All my friends like this song because it's so funny! Sam called Marc up first. He's a pretty dynamite dancer!

Sunny finished off the song. Get down Sunny!

The next song that played was "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John. Sam called Bridget up for the first half of that one. Do it Bridget!

Jason got up for the next half, doing spins and stuff. We always said he was a dancing fool!

The last song was "Express" by B.T. Express, and now it was my turn! As I was dancing I could hear the kids saying "Woo! Boogie down, Julie!"

Robyn took the last half of "Express". She got up and started shaking her hips and clapping. Shake it, Robyn!

After everyone was finished, Sam announced that the winner was our Dancing Fool, Jason! Sam put a banana split on the table in front of him.

"YAY! Groovy! Outta Site! Congrats Jason!" , we all yelled. Jason cheeks turned bright red! *giggle* As Jason ate his prize, Sunny had an ice cream soda, Bridget and Robyn took turns at pinball and Marc put a dime in the jukebox and asked me to dance.

Marc and I did The Bump to "Hollywood Swinging" by Kool & The Gang. All right!

We all had a really groovy time, especially Jason! I really like to dance, whether it's at Sam's to the jukebox, or in my room listening to records or the radio! Sometime I get carried away and my mom says I sound like a herd of elephants stomping around in my room. Do people still have dance contests in the future? I wonder what kind of dances you do. I usually make up my own dances, but I'm pretty good at The Bump!

"HollyWOOOOOOD! Hollywood Swinging!"

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Hi Julie,
    When I was a kid I watched American Bandstand and later on Soul Train. In 2017 we have a show called "Dancing With the Stars". A celebrity is paired up with a professional ballroom dancer and over a period of about 15 weeks must learn and perform different styles of dances. The show has judges who rate the performances from 1-10, but the fun part is that the TV audience gets to choose its favorite as well by placing a vote by phone. The combination of the judge's ratings and the audience votes determines the winner. It is a fun show and the costumes and set designs are fabulous. The coveted mirror ball is the trophy.
    Your future friend,

    1. I like watching Soul Train and American Bandstand and Dick Clark's Action. That show you're talking about sounds kinda interesting.

  2. There are a lot of shows about dance on TV nowadays. One premiered last night and there are 2 others I know of. I am a dancer, but I don't compete. I just dance for the fun of it.

    I love how you make up your own dances. I love doing that, too. Do you ever perform your dances for your mom?


    1. Hi Melodie,
      The only dance performing my mom has seen me do is in Baton Club at school. But sometimes we'll boogie together to her records or a song she likes on the radio.

  3. I love to dance and when I was younger, I loved going to school dances. I had to laugh at your mom's comment about sounding like a herd of elephants--my mom used to say the same thing!!!

    1. HAHAHA! Y'know I think there must be a book of things moms have to say to their kids, and they give it to all the mothers at the hospital just after their babies are born!

  4. What a fun time Julie! I used to love getting together with friends and we'd just dance in our rooms while listening to records. School dances were fun too, but I was SO shy that it was also a trial. Keep dancing to those 70s tunes they are some of the best!

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Yeah, dancing in my room by myself or with a friend is great, but I really love school dances! We're all in 4th grade and we're all friends, so there's no reason to be shy. I guess things get a little more weird when you're old enough to have a boyfriend. I'm glad I'm not that age!

  5. I love to dance! Xyra taught us how to twist to the Beach Boys Endless Summer outfit. She told us she used to dance to it every summer as a teenager and it kept her slim! Can you imagine? The bump looks like a lot of fun. Next time I bet you win. ;-)

    1. Hi Melody!

      My mom loves The Beach Boys! Her favorite songs are "Help Me Rhonda", "Barbara Ann" and "Fun Fun Fun". I could see how The Twist could keep the fat off your tummy! And I hope I win next time too. You never know when Sam will want to have another contest!

    2. Those are awesome songs. Xyra loves them all. She can't pick a favorite. I asked and she'd mention one then say, "No, wait..." She did say she was not fond of an In My Room remix, but you're safe from that version. Keep on keepin' on!