Monday, November 12, 2012

More Groovy things about me!

Now that you know what my diary is about, I'll tell you a little more about myself. My family is made up of 3 people: me, my mom and my puppy, Boomer. Boomer isn't really a person, but sometimes, he thinks he is! I love him a lot, but I sure don't like the way he jumps on me to wake me up every morning. My mom bought me an alarm clock but I sure don't need it! Not with Boomer around!

I'm probably a lot like most kids. I love to read, watch TV, play with my friends, and listen to music. My favorite show is the Partridge Family! It stars the grooviest singer on Earth, David Cassidy! His posters are right above my bed. Sometimes I just like to stare at them and daydream! I know it may be impossible, but I'd love to meet him one day, or at least go to one of his concerts.

I have 4 best friends: Stephanie, Sunny, Susan and Raychel. I can't bring myself to narrow it down to one best friend, because I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings.  We all live within 2 blocks of each other, so there's always someone around to play with. We have lotsa fun together. We have slumber parties, celebrate holidays together...we're even in the same class at school! Sometimes it seems we're more like sisters than best friends. Here's a picture of all of us together at the welcome party I gave when Sunny moved into the neighborhood.

                                     That's Raychel, Stephanie, me, Sunny and Susan.

I go to Springfield Elementary School and I'm in the 4th grade. My teacher is Miss LaSalle. I think she's the prettiest teacher in the whole school. She came to America from France when she was 12 years old. She speaks English, but with a little bit of an accent. I think it makes her sound like a movie star! When I get to high school, I want to study French, so I can sound like Miss LaSalle. My mom thinks Spanish would be easier. I guess I have lotsa time to think about it.

I wonder what school will be like in the future. I bet the kids can stay home and get their lessons on a TV screen. I don't know if I would like that. I'd miss recess with my friends, school plays and field trips.

Well, I gotta go now, because I have to go to the grocery store with my mom. Are there grocery stores in the future? Or maybe you push a button on the wall and get whatever food you want! That's what they do on the TV show "Star Trek".

Until next time, future readers!
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. I got Boomer from my neighborhood Animal Shelter (aka Sunshine

  2. Boomer is so cute! we (the dolls) have a cat named ginger. Mom(Dharma) has 6 cats! we really are cat people,lol.

    - Claira

    1. Hi Claira! Wow...6 cats! That is a lot! Even though Boomer is my dog, he's kind of our group's mascot. My friends all love him too.