Sunday, November 18, 2012

The new boy on my block

Hi future readers!

Today an interesting thing happened. My friend Raychel and I were playing in front of my house, when we saw a moving van going down the street. It stopped about 3 houses up the street from mine.

Raychel and I decided to walk up the street and see who was moving in. We saw a station wagon park behind the moving van. A man, a woman and a boy got out. The boy looked like he was about our age. Wow..a boy? Our neighborhood has a lot of girls in it. Raychel's brother Randy is a boy, but he's 13, and doesn't hang around with us. Most of the time he's at the ball field with all the other boys his age. This was the first boy around here who was a kid our age. We watched as the movers unloaded the truck. Then we saw the boy sit on the front steps with his baseball and glove.

Personally, I think boys are kinda yucky. Raychel doesn't mind them so much, because of her brother. She wanted to go and say hello to him, but I wasn't so sure. What if he was a creep? But Raychel reminded me that if I was the new kid, I would want someone to make friends with me. She's right, I guess...but I still think boys are yucky. So we walked up and introduced ourselves.

He said his name was Danny Campbell, and he was 9 years old. I was right, he was our age. And he seemed nice enough. He didn't tell us to get lost because we were girls, and he didn't want to talk to us. maybe all boys aren't yucky. There are exceptions to every rule, aren't there?

So we sat down and talked awhile. Danny told us he moved to Springfield from San Diego. He thought it was strange moving to a small town from a big city, and wasn't sure he was gonna like it. We told him that Springfield was a pretty fun place to live, and since it is a small town, it's pretty safe and everybody knows everybody. He said that was kinda weird, but cool. I was getting kinda hungry, and invited Raychel and Danny to my house for a snack. Danny asked his mother if it was OK. She thought it was nice he was making friends so quickly.

So we sat around eating chocolate chip cookies, drinking soda, and telling dopey jokes all afternoon. It was fun, I guess. And I learned not to "judge a book by its cover" as my mom likes to say. I guess I wouldn't want people not to like me, 'cos I'm a girl, or what I look like. So today, I made a friend who's a boy. But that doesn't make him my boyfriend!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

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