Sunday, December 2, 2012

I got some sad news today...

Well, future readers...

Remember when I said that some of my entries might be a drag sometimes? This is one of those times...

We just had a storm last night, and even though it was sunny, it was still too wet to go outside and play. I decided to invite Susan and Raychel over. We were in the living room, playing "Barrel Of Monkeys" on the floor.

Suddenly, Raychel got this really sad look in her face, like she was going to cry.  I asked what was wrong, but she wouldn't answer me. Susan told me that she and Raychel were moving away.

What??!! Was she kidding? Both of them had only moved here a year ago. Their dads work together for the same company. Susan and Raychel were best friends before they even moved into our neighborhood. Now they were moving away, because their dads were being transferred to another branch of the company in another city. I felt like crying. This just wasn't fair! I hugged Susan.

I was really gonna miss her. She always loves to come over and play dolls or listen to records or watch television. But what I really like about her is that she would never tease people, or let anyone else tease her friends, because she knows what that's like. Even though she's afraid of the dark sometimes, and didn't want to go in the Spook House at Halloween, she's never afraid to stick up for what's right. Then I hugged Raychel.

Out of all my best friends, I think I'm the closest to Raychel. She's not afraid of trying new things. She's the only one of us who isn't scared of spiders. She's really good at keeping secrets, and even likes David Cassidy, (but not as much as I do). And even though she's a bit of a tom-boy at times, she's still very much a girly-girl. She's the one who helped me realize that all boys aren't yucky, and that I should be friends with our new neighbor, Danny. I wiped my eyes and put on my "brave face", (that's what my mom calls it).

I told them that we're just gonna have to have all the fun we can before they leave, which won't be for a couple of weeks. I'm sad they won't be here for Christmas. But my mom always tells me that it's important to love the people we care about and appreciate them when they're around, because someday, they may not be.

Well, future readers, I guess that's it for now, because I really don't want to think about this anymore, because when I think about Susan and Raychel leaving, I get the world's biggest lump in my throat. Being brave is a bummer, and right now, all I wanna do is curl up in my mom's lap and have a good cry.

Until next time...
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Oh poor you Julie!
    -Crissy and Abby

  2. Aw, Julie, I understand how it feels :( My best friend moved away to Indiana a few years ago and I don't see her often :(

  3. oh, im so sorry! but at least you still have danny,sunny, and stephanie. moms BFF (well, former BFF) pops, sold her doll in october.