Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Last Slumber Party

Hi future readers...

Well, Susan and Raychel came over this weekend for our last sleepover.  At first it wasn't any fun, because no one knew what to do. We weren't sure whether we should be sad and serious, or really go crazy and just have lotsa fun. My mom came up to my room because we were being so quiet, (and trust me, that's not normal for us),  and asked us what was going on. Well, we explained we just weren't sure how to handle this. She told us that just because Susan and Raychel were moving away that there was no reason we couldn't still be friends. That's what telephones and letters are for. And you know, she was right! My mom has a friend that she hardly ever sees. They write and call, and they've been friends for 10 years! Raychel and Susan will always be my friends. I can write them and give them the lowdown on what happening in Springfield. Mom even said I could call them once in awhile. And that's when we loosened up and started having a groovy time!

Raychel started digging through my records, and playing all our favorite songs. We kept changing the speed and making the singers sound like chipmunks! That cracked us up! Susan got out my Barbies and pretended to be sad that Ken broke up with her.  She sounded just like one of those soap operas on television! We stuffed ourselves with candy and Jiffy Pop and soda. I looked over at the door and saw my mom peeking in. I think she was happy we were making so much noise!

And of course, it wouldn't be a slumber party without a good spooky ghost story! I just got a new book of ghost stories from the Arrow Book Club order at school. Usually, Mom yells up the stairs that it's getting late and we should go to sleep, but not this time. We stayed up late, telling ghost stories, playing games and having fun.

And you know, even though I will still miss my friends, I feel better about things now. Raychel heard her dad say that maybe the move won't be permanent. Wouldn't that be something if they moved back here someday? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

I hope I haven't bummed any of you out with all this sad talk. I promise all my entries won't be a downer. Christmas is coming, and that's definitely a happy time!

Until next time, future readers...
Your friend,
Julie Newman

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