Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day at Springfield School

Hello future readers! I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day. I know I did! I made all my Valentines in Art class, and with my friends Wendy and April. I already gave them their cards at my house, since they're not in my class. My friend Robyn isn't in my class either, so I gave her a card on the playground before school. All the kids in my class were finding it really hard to concentrate on our work, because we couldn't wait until 2p.m. for our class party to start. We had silent reading period after lunch and recess. Finally Miss LaSalle told us to put our books away, 'cos it was time to start our party! YIPPEE! All of us had made card folders, and Miss LaSalle brought in party hats for us to wear. Danny didn't want to wear one. He told Miss LaSalle that he wasn't going to wear any "sissy" hat with hearts and flowers on it. Poor Danny...the only boy in a classroom full of girls. I was really surprised he came to school at all that day. He really doesn't like the idea of giving Valentines to a bunch of girls. But I guess his mother made him. Miss LaSalle had to remind him to be respectful, and that she understood and he didn't have to wear one. Instead, he got to play the mailman and pass out cards. We opened our cards, and then Miss LaSalle passed out the goodies! There was punch and chocolate bars and candy and lollipops. I brought in some of those groovy cookies my mom made and Miss LaSalle let me pass them out. Everyone loved my mom's cookies, especially Miss LaSalle! I wondered if any of the other classes were having such a great time. We all agreed that Miss LaSalle is the grooviest teacher at Springfield Elementary School. Soon it was time to clean up and get ready to line up for dismissal. Before we got our coats, Miss LaSalle gave us each 3 chocolate kisses to take home. More candy? Far out! It was an outta site Valentine's Day. But my mom says you shouldn't wait til Valentine's Day to show people how much you care about them. So in case you haven't done it today, give someone you love (or even just like) a big hug, and tell them that life is better with them around. Until next time, future readers, Your friend, Julie Newman

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