Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getting Ready For Valentine's Day

Hello future readers! Valentine's Day is coming up! We get to pass out cards and candy and have a party in school! We're gonna make most of our cards in art class this week, but I thought I'd get a headstart. I invited my friends Wendy and her sister April to come over and make cards with me.
I love making cards. Some of the kids get the ones from the store that are already made, but I think it's more fun to make them yourself. I think it's more special that way. Since I'm only 9, I don't have a boyfriend, (Yuck!), so these cards will be just for people I like.
I think we're off to a super start! We thought our cards looked pretty cool!
My mom was in the kitchen trying out a new cookie recipe. She wanted to know if April and Wendy and I would try them so we could tell her what we think. Was she kidding? She didn't even have to ask! I never turn down cookies, and neither do my friends! Since we were gonna eat cookies, I decided to make some strawberry Kool-Aid in my new pitcher to go with them.
My mom brought the cookies in from the kitchen and I poured the Kool-Aid. It was like we were having our own little party! Far out!
The cookies were dynamite! Mom said since we liked 'em so much, she would make some for our class party! Outta site! Now I'll get to pass out cards and cookies. I hope people in the future still pass out Valentines. Even if you don't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, it's still so much fun sharing cards and goodies with your friends, and having parties in school. I can't wait for our class party. I'll bet Miss LaSalle will really like Mom's cookies!
Until next tine, future readers! Your friend, Julie Newman

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