Sunday, May 19, 2013

Making up is hard to do...sort of

Hello future readers!

On Saturday afternoon, I went over to Robyn's house, so we could practice our baton routines. She has the records of the songs we were using, and she was glad I suggested practicing together.

A few minutes after I got there, the doorbell rang. It was Jennifer. Robyn had invited her to practice with us.

I wasn't really happy about that. But Robyn said if we're gonna be in the same baton club, we'd have to get it together and talk things out. Good ole Robyn...she doesn't mess around. She gets right to the point. So before we did any practicing, we sat on Robyn's bed and rapped awhile.

Jennifer told me she was sorry she had been so rotten to me. She explained that she was really popular at her old school, and hated moving away from all of her friends. She saw how popular I was at the playground and in school, and it made her kinda jealous. She wanted to get noticed and picking on me was the only way she could think of to do that. I told her that I was the one who introduced myself and would have been her friend anyway; and she didn't need to get mean to get attention. She told me she realized what a turkey she was being after Danny sounded off at Sam's Snack Shack. And she said she was REALLY sorry about teasing me about not having a dad. Her mom and dad almost got a divorce last year, and she knew what it was like not to have a dad around. I told her that I forgive her. (well, it had to happen some time, didn't it?) I also mentioned that if she wants to unload and get something off her chest, that it was okay to come to one of us, even Danny. Good friends are always there for each other. She was surprised I wanted to be her friend after the way she acted. I told her we could start all over again, and just forget the last month ever happened. We slapped each other some five, and that was the end of it. I was glad. I had been pretty uptight about this whole thing, and was glad it was OVER.

So then it was time to practice. Robyn put "Dancing Machine" by the Jackson Five, (her favorite group!), and we went through the steps.

Not bad. Jennifer dropped her baton once, and I handed it back. She smiled, and we went through the routine again. We got all the way through it without a mistake! Then we tried "Boogie Fever" by the Sylvers.

That routine is a little easier. Mrs. Taylor told us that we should always practice the harder one first. If we can do that one, the rest is a piece of cake. And she was right!

After we practiced. I checked out Robyn's record collection. She got some really outta site sounds! We chose a record to play and then Robyn got out her new board game: Trouble! I love that game!

We played records and played Trouble until it was time to go home to dinner. I had a lot of fun, and I'm glad Jennifer and I are friends now. Sometimes, I wonder what life would be like without emotions getting in the way. On Star Trek, Mr. Spock's race, the Vulcans got rid of emotions, and said they were all better because of that. Life might be "logical", but it sure wouldn't be much fun. It would be a drag if you couldn't laugh or cry or love. But even though he didn't feel emotions, he was always there for his friend, Captain Kirk. And isn't that what it's really all about?

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Groovy! Glad you're friends now!

  2. I'm glad you too made up - you did the right thing!

  3. I'm glad everything worked out for you.