Sunday, May 12, 2013

School Photos

Hello future readers,

We just got our school photos back. I think they look pretty groovy. Do you have school photos in the future? I still think you take your classes at home on a television screen, so maybe you don't have photo day. But it's fun to get all dressed up and take pictures. Anyway, here's what our photos look like:

We took the pictures in the auditorium. This is our class picture.  Starting from the left is Miss LaSalle, Lisa, Stephanie, me, Danny and Sunny. I think we all look pretty groovy in our good clothes. Danny complained all day about wearing that suit. He likes t-shirts, jeans and sneakers better. But I think he looked pretty cool. Now here are the photos of each of us:

Yep, that's me. My mom loves this picture. She ordered a bunch of wallet sizes to send to my aunties and uncles.

Here's Lisa. I think she looks outta site in pigtails!

Here's Sunny. I love the way her photo came out. She's very pretty.

This is Danny. I think he takes a pretty good picture... for a boy, I mean.

And here's Stephanie. I just love her green eyes. They're so sparkly!

Well, that's it. School photo day was fun. Even though there may not be any school photos in the future, I hope you still get all dressed up sometimes and take pictures, just because.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Groovy! We do have school pictures in the future, but our school photographers aren't anywhere near as good as ours!

  2. Those pictures are outta site! The school pictures in the future (or at least, my school pictures) don't look nearly as good as yours do!

  3. You all photograph so well!

  4. Those pictures are ace! I also like yours, Julie!

  5. I love everyone's school picture!!!

  6. where I live they take school pictures the first week of school....and then we get the yearbooks the last week of school.

  7. We took our pictures in April. I think our school takes picture in the spring because it's easier to get dressed up when the weather is warm than it is when it's cooler.