Monday, June 24, 2013

The Last Day Of School

Hello future readers!

Last Friday was the last day of school. For the last couple of weeks, we've been helping Miss LaSalle take down the bulletin boards and pack up the books. Miss LaSalle took Henry to stay with her friend for the summer, so he'll be taken care of. When we walked into class today, it looked so empty, and a little sad.

I gave Miss LaSalle an apple for the last day. I know that sounds kinda corny, but my mom said it's what she used to do on the first day of school and the last, so I thought I'd continue the tradition.

Miss LaSalle told us to have a great summer and that she would miss all of us very much. She also mentioned that she wouldn't be here in Springfield this summer, but in France to visit her family. Wow, France! I sometimes wonder what it's like to be from a foreign country. I bet Miss LaSalle will be really happy to see her family, but I'm sure gonna miss her. She's the best teacher in the whole world.

Since it was the last day of school, we had only half a day. It's tradition at our school to bring in games or toys and just have fun being together on the last day.

Stephanie brought her new "Perfection" game. It's a lot of fun. You have to try and fit all the little shapes into their spaces before time runs out, and the board pops up and spills pieces all over! It always makes me jump when it pops!

Sunny and Lisa brought their Holly Hobbie friend dolls to school, but took time out from playing to watch Danny play his "Drive Yourself Crazy" game. You drive your little car through town and try to stay on the road and not hit anything. Danny's pretty good at it.

When the bell rang we all hugged Miss LaSalle and told her to have a great summer and have fun in France. When we got outside, there were a bunch of kids screaming "No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks!" I agree with only half of that. Our teacher never gave any of us a dirty look all term.

We met our friends from Mrs. Alden's class by the flagpole and made plans to meet at Sam's Snack Shack in half an hour (after we dropped our stuff off at home), to celebrate the last day of school!

Sam's place was really busy! There wasn't enough tables to seat all the kids, so some of us had to stand. Since today was the last day of school, everything was half-price! Not only that, but Sam just got a new jukebox, so the place was really grooving!

We all ate hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, and milkshakes. We talked about all the goofy things that happened during the school year and danced all day long. It was so much fun!

It was a dynamite day. I hope you guys in the future still do fun things like this when you're out of school. Maybe you go zipping along in your mini space capsules, and visit your friends on other planets. But whatever you do, I hope you'll have a great summer! I sure will! I hope you'll be reading more of my adventures about me and my friends in Springfield, when we do all the things that makes summertime great!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman