Friday, July 19, 2013

The Drive-In Movie

Hello future readers!

Outta site! We went to a drive-in movie last night! It was so much fun! In case you don't have drive-in movie theatres in the future, I'll fill you in. It's like a gigantic parking lot with a big movie screen in the front. You have to go see the movies at night. It even has a snack bar! Some drive-ins have posts with speakers on them. You take the speakers off and hook them in your car window to hear the movie. Our drive-in sounds are on what my mom says is a "radio frequency". You have to tune your AM dial to 690 to hear the movie from your car radio. Anyway, my friend Stephanie came over for dinner, and when it got dark, we drove to the drive-in.


We drove past the marquee and saw what was playing..."The Creature From Planet Zoltar". Oooh! We'll have to tell Danny what's playing here. He loves Science Fiction movies!

We found a place to park, (we were behind that yellow car), and Mom gave us some money for the snack bar. We got a large popcorn to share, candy bars and soda. We made it back to the car just as the movie was starting!

We cuddled up under the blanket my mom had brought along, ate our snacks and watched the movie.

Here are some scenes from "The Creature From Planet Zoltar":

It was a really good movie! Stephanie hid under the blanket when the creature picked up the girl and carried her away. I said she was missing the best part of the movie!

I felt kinda sad when the spacemen shot the creature to save the girl. I don't think he was gonna hurt her. Maybe he just liked her like Faye Raye in King Kong. I thought they should have made friends with the creature. Anyway, after the movie we drove home. Steph and I were so tired, we fell asleep on the way.

We had a really groovy time. I think drive-in movies are the coolest! They're only open in the summertime, and since there's no school, you can see a movie right in the middle of the week! I hope summer is just as much fun in the future. That's all for now!

Until next time,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

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