Sunday, December 22, 2013

Springfield Elementary's Christmas Concert and Dance

Hello future readers!

Friday was such a dynamite day! Not only was it the last day of school before Christmas vacation, but it was also the day of the annual Christmas concert in assembly, and our first annual Christmas dance! The teachers and the PTA decorated the gym, and all of us got to bring our favorite Christmas records to dance to. (I brought my Partridge Family Christmas album.) It was the grooviest!

So this year Mrs. Taylor took over as our music teacher.

We've been practicing for weeks. Miss LaSalle's class sang "Joy To The World", "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" and "Carol Of The Bells".

 Mrs. Johnson's class sang "Away In The Manger", "Frosty The Snowman", and "What Child Is This?".

Mrs. Taylor also let Cheryl play a violin solo, ("Jingle Bells"), and Crissy play a guitar solo, ("The First Noel").  They both played really good!

Then both classes sang "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Our teachers and our parents were so proud of us! I was proud of all of us, too. Everyone remembered all the words, no one fell off the risers, no one scratched their tush or picked their nose. Hahaha!

School was over after the assembly, but everyone stuck around to go to the dance! Miss LaSalle was in charge of playing our records.

Mrs. Johnson was in charge of the refreshment table. There was candy, cookies and pink lemonade.

Mrs. Taylor was in charge of making sure we all behaved and no one beat each other up on the dance floor!

Even though the dance was for the 4th, 5th and 6th graders, Crissy's cousins Kerry and Velvet came too. And their friend Sabrina (who was in 5th grade) was with them.

It was outta site! We all danced and ate all afternoon. Kim was all giggly after she danced with Danny. I think she has a crush on him. Danny isn't going to like that!

Velvet spent most of her time at the refreshment table. Kerry had to keep dragging her away!

I hope our school really is gonna do this again next year, we had so much fun!

Danny even asked Miss LaSalle to dance! And you know what? She's a pretty good dancer!

It was a really super terrific day! Almost as good as Christmas, but without the presents. Speaking of Christmas, I can't believe that it's almost here! My next entry will be all about Christmas morning.

Until then, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. In the second pic,the boy looks like he has X-ray vision

    1. *giggle* Danny isn't Superman! But he does have very bright blue eyes.

  2. Your dress is so pretty Julie!