Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Hello future readers!

Before we went to church this morning, my mom was reading the paper, and it said that today is Barbie's birthday! Barbie is a super groovy fashion doll. You can change her clothes and get cool stuff for her like her Country Camper, and her Town House. And today she's 16 years old! Wow, Barbie is a teenager! My mom said she got her first Barbie when she was 10. It's hard to believe my mom played the same kind of dolls I like to play with! Well, after church, Cheryl invited me and Robyn over to play Barbie birthday party. I grabbed my Barbies out of my toy box and walked over to Cheryl's house.

Well Cheryl has a Barbie Town House, and she even had a cake. I thought that was pretty groovy.

The Town House is really outta site! It has 3 floors, 6 rooms and an elevator. I've always wanted one, but my mom said it's too big and there's no space in my room for it. I only have 3 Barbies. My favorite is Malibu Barbie (or Suntan Barbie as I call her). I love to take her to the beach.

We put all our Barbies around the table and sang Happy Birthday. It was fun. I hope girls like me play with dolls in the future. I couldn't imagine life without dolls!  I hope Barbie will be around for a lot more birthdays. Happy Birthday Barbie!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. where did you get the barbies and barbie house for dolls?

  2. *Note from Julie's doll mom*

    Hi Katie,

    Those are Happy Meal Barbies, and an image of a town house. Since this is Julie's blog, please address your questions and comments to her, thanks!

  3. Hello, I have nominated you for the prestigious Liebster Award:


  4. Happy birthday barbie! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the liebster award. Check it out at my blog

  5. So very sorry to be late to the party! Happy belated birthday, Barbie! Looks like She and her friends and your friends had a great day. :-)

  6. I always wanted the Barbie Townhouse but never got it. Instead I got the one that folded up. I always thought that elevator was so cool!

    1. I don't have any doll houses at all. But sometimes I like to take boxes, stack them up and make a house. I use magarine containers and little raisin boxes with scrap cloth on them to make furniture. I use it until the boxes fall apart, and make a new one another time.