Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patty's Day Class Party

Hello future readers!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Did you remember to wear green? In our school, if you don't wear green, you get pinched! This morning before the bell rang, Danny and his friend Jason went around pinching everyone who forgot to wear green, even the 6th graders! Man, they're lucky they didn't get creamed! Anyway, last Friday, Miss LaSalle told us we were gonna have a party for St. Patrick's Day. Do you know how hard it is to pay attention in class when you know you're gonna have a party? After we came back in from the playground after lunch, we took our weekly Monday spelling pre-test, and then Miss LaSalle put on a party hat, took out one of the cookies she brought, and told us it was party time! YAY! Far out!

She passed out party hats, and we each got 2 different kinds of cookies, and some lemon-lime green punch in green plastic cups.

Cheryl liked the mint chocolate chip cookies so much, she had 4 of them!

It was really fun! After we stuffed ourselves with cookies and punch, Miss LaSalle told us that leprechauns had left some gold coins for us behind her desk while we were at lunch.

I don't think any of us believed her, but we all played along like we did. She asked Cheryl to pass them out.

The coins were chocolate wrapped in gold foil. Yummy! Miss LaSalle is pretty groovy. She likes to send us home with goodies on holidays, and makes being in school a little more fun with these parties. I think she's the nicest teacher in our school! Erin Go Bragh! (Ireland Forever!)

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Molly: I didn't wear green, and one Kid pinched me so hard, I bled. :( But mom made me a green snow cone, and that made it better!
    - AnonymousA and Molly

    1. Wow Molly, that was really mean! I'm sorry that turkey pinched you. But your mom sounds really groovy and I'm glad she made it better.

    2. Molly: She is groovy! Yeah, today I walked up to the kid and said, "you're not wearing purple!" and stuck my tongue out at him, and he burst out laughing, and we made up!
      - AA and Molly

    3. *giggle* That's pretty funny! I'm glad you two are friends again.

  2. I love St. Patrick's day! It's still a big deal in the future with parties and food dyed green. Erin Go Bragh!

    1. I'm so glad holidays are still fun in the future!