Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coloring Easter Eggs

Hello future readers,

It's almost Easter! I'm off from school this week for Easter vacation, and I decided to invite a few friends over to color Easter eggs with me. My mom went to the store and bought all the stuff we needed.

Robyn, Wendy and April came over right after lunch. They couldn't wait to get started!

As we were coloring our eggs, we started talking about our Easter plans. Robyn was leaving tomorrow for a big family reunion up north. She has so many cousins, aunties, uncles and even a great-grandma! She's lucky. Wendy and April are gonna spend Easter up at their uncle's beach house, and have a clam bake! That sounds like fun! My mom and I, and Kim's family and Cheryl's family are going to Springfield Park for a picnic right after church. Picnics are really groovy and I can hardly wait to go!

Back to the eggs! We didn't dunk the eggs in cups of egg dye like most people do. We used paint brushes and egg dye with only a little water in them to make the colors come out brighter. April was making polka-dots. Robyn made herself! I was making a butterfly and Wendy put stripes on her egg.

It's not easy painting pictures on eggs. Sometimes they roll a little bit. But I think they came out really pretty. And I know this means I'm gonna be eating egg salad sandwiches in my lunch all next week. I guess I don't really mind, as long as my mom puts the bacon crunchies in it. That's my favorite way to eat egg salad. It's super yummy!

We each colored one more egg. When we finished, Mom wanted a group picture of us holding our eggs.

We all decided to wait until Easter Sunday to eat our eggs. I think I was gonna save mine for breakfast on Easter morning! We sat around and rapped awhile, and then it was time for my friends to go home. We were having so much fun, that before we knew it, it was dinner time! I guess it's like that when  you've got good friends.  I gotta go now, but I'll tell you all about my picnic in my next entry!

Until then, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Neat.
    We used to use crayons to make some designs on our eggs and the PAAS kits that are still available today. :)

    1. Wow, they still have PAAS in the future? Right on!

  2. Molly: Mom said we could go easter egg hunting!
    - Molly and AA

  3. you guys have easter break? lucky!

  4. My brother always liked to mix all the colors together at the end and stick an egg in, it usually was ugly and gray. He called it the Earl Scheib egg. What a goofball!