Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Easter Picnic

Hello future readers,

Happy Easter!

Today was a super groovy day! It started like always; Boomer jumping on me and waking me up. I'll sure be glad when my playful pooch outgrows this! (at least I hope he'll outgrow it!)

Anyway, after I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I remembered that today was Easter! I left my purple Easter bucket out on my toy box for the Easter Bunny to fill. And he did!

The first thing I saw was a doll! There was a doll in my bucket....a Blythe doll! I love her commercial! "Open your eyes to the world of Blythe..."

She's so pretty and she came with a comb and a pinwheel that really spins!

I also got an Easter coloring book, 3 chocolate bunnies, eggs filled with candy, and the Easter Bunny found the eggs I colored and put them in, too!

Outta site! I wanted to play with my new doll, but I had to get dressed for church. I put on my pretty new Easter sundress. The weather man said it was gonna be a beautiful day!

After church, my mom and I met up with Cheryl, Kim and their parents and went to Springfield Park for a picnic!  Our parents let us pick the spot to set up. Our parents wanted to sit at a picnic table, but we wanted to sit on a blanket on the grass.

My mom packed sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit and a big thermos of lemonade, yum!

We laughed and talked and ate. It was really fun!

After we ate, Cheryl wanted to fly her new kite she got from the Easter Bunny. It was a beautiful butterfly shaped kite. She ran across the grass to get it into the wind.

She finally got it to go nice and high. Some other folks were flying their kites, too, but Cheryl's was the prettiest one in the sky.

After we got the kite down, Kim wanted to pick flowers for our moms.

I picked another one for me to put in my room, so I could remember this day.  It was really dynamite. I hope you all had a Happy Easter too!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Molly: COOLIO! I got a quarter, a new magazine subscription, and a coupon for a doll i'm going to buy today!
    - Molly and AnonymousA

  2. Luke: Hi! I'm a boy doll! Who are Ya'll? -scans page- ah. Other dolls. Hi!
    Molly: Luke is my big brother!
    AnonymousA: Sharry, (Julie's Mom) Where did you get the Blythe?
    - AA and her dolls.

    1. Hello Luke and Molly! It's nice to see a boy checking out my diary! Molly it sounds like you had a really groovy Easter!

      *From Julie's doll mom*:
      I got the Blythe doll from Ebay.

  3. Looks like you had a great Easter! My favorite part is all the chocolate :)

    1. My favorite part was my doll and the picnic!