Saturday, May 9, 2015

Our Class Photos

Hello future readers!

I love the month of May, because it's when we get our class photos back! Yay! All my friends looked really groovy this year. Here's Miss LaSalle's class:

I think we all look outta site! And now, here are the pictures of each of us:

I think I look super in purple, but I think maybe I like last year's photo better.

Cheryl is always all smiles!

Melody is so cute!

I guess Jason takes a pretty good picture. At least he wasn't goofing around and making faces!

Wow! Kim changed her hair for this picture! I think she looks dynamite!

Sunny looks so pretty in her new outfit!

Here's Wendy. I have a granny square vest just like this one!

Jennifer loves pink! She says it's the  best color in the whole world for girls.

So here's Mrs. Johnson's class. She sure has a lotta kids this year!

Mrs. Johnson is really nice. I wonder if they do the same things in their class that we do in ours.

Stephanie looks so happy! This year Stephanie's mom asked the photographer to take a picture of Stephanie and Melody. They look so cute together!

Shante' is really beautiful. She reminds me of my cousin, Ruby.

Here's Danny. I know he's glad his mom doesn't make him wear suits for school pictures anymore. But he still has to wear one at Christmas!

I really like this picture of Raychel.

I like this picture of Lisa better than the one she took last year.

I'm really digging Crissy's new dress! I wish I had one like that!

Check out Susan's groovy pigtails!

April looks like Wendy's twin again. It must be great to have a sister you can dress like.

And last but not least, here's Robyn.  She looks pretty in stripes.

Well, that's it! I hope you like the pictures, future readers! Do you like getting dressed up for photos, too? We always take our school photos in the spring. When do you take your school pictures?

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Hi Julie,
    Wow, what a great bunch of photos! Everybody looks so nice! I agree, you look very pretty in purple and I love your pigtails. My own school pictures were often goofy looking. Do you ever watch "Laugh-In"? One year I had my mouth all puckered up and looked like Ernestine saying, "one ringy dingy". I was mortified! In 2015 if kid's moms don't like their pictures, they have the option to have them retaken. Lucky kids!

    1. Hi Fawn,

      Thanks! I know some of the kids (especially the boys) think school photos are a drag, but I like 'em! I'm glad they don't make faces and ruin our class photo! That's sounds so funny about Ernestine! I used to love watching Laugh-In when I was in kindergarten. Even though it had a bunch of grown-up stuff I couldn't understand (and still don't), I loved the groovy clothes, bright colors, dancing, Sock It To Me, the girl in the rocking chair (and that's the truth, *raspberry*), and Ernestine! It's cool kids can take their pictures over again. No one gets to do that now!

  2. Yes, Julie, kids do get their pictures taken in the future...and they still have to dress up for them! I'm homeschooled now (that's when your parents teach you at home-it's pretty groovy), but when I went to public school, we had our pictures taken near the beginning of the school year. I also didn't mind dressing up for school pictures.
    I think your picture is outta site! I also really love Stephanie's picture, her outfit looks groovy!!

    1. Home school, huh? I guess that would be fun, but I think I'd miss having teachers, assembly, recess, baton club, music and art classes, field trips, swapping sandwiches with my friends in the lunchroom, and of course, school pictures!

  3. Around here the schools take them at the beginning of the year too, usually in the first month or shortly after. I think the middle or end would be better though because you can change some in looks. Everyone's photos look great, glad that the boys didn't make funny faces!

    1. Thanks Flo! I think taking class photos in the Spring is better, 'cos you can wear nicer clothes 'cos it's not so cold. My mom said when she was little, they took her class photos in the Spring, too!

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    1. Thanks Mary Ann, but the boys were there too!

  5. What a great looking group of kids. Everyone's pictures are far out! I still like school pictures and I like looking at the old ones from my childhood. Are you looking forward to summer? Or will you miss school?

    1. Hi Winter,

      Thanks! I will miss school, especially my teacher, Miss LaSalle. But I'm really looking forward to summer! It's gonna be a groove!