Thursday, May 14, 2015

Playing at Danny's House

Hello future readers!

Last Saturday night, Danny's mother invited my mom and Jason's dad over for some "cards and coffee". I was invited, too, but, I didn't wanna go. I wanted to go hang out with one of my other friends, but my mom said that would be rude. I wasn't trying to be rude, but honestly, I didn't know if I wanted to hang out with the boys with no girls around. I know Danny has had to put up with all us girls and the stuff we like to do, even before Jason moved back to Springfield. But we kinda outnumber the boys, and it's always just worked out that way. I wasn't sure if I wanted them to outnumber me! I mean, boys just play different from girls, y'know?

So I decided that before we went over the Danny's house, I'd get one of my dolls to play with. That way, if they were playing something I didn't like, I'd still have something to do.

After I found my Gold Medal Barbie doll, my mom said it was time to go.

When we got there, I said hello to all the grown-ups, and Mrs. Campbell said I should go on upstairs to see what the boys were up to. When I came in, Danny was reading a Spider-man comic book to Jason.

I had never been in Danny's room, but it seemed to be filled with all the stuff boys like; action figures, superheroes, and lotsa blue! We all said hi, and I sat down on Danny's beanbag chair. His dog Muttley came over to me so I patted him on the head. Then he wandered downstairs to where the grown-ups were playing cards. Danny said Muttley was probably going down there to mooch some snacks.

I looked over on his bookshelf and noticed a Snoopy record player. So I asked Danny if I could look through his records. He told me that was OK. But when I looked through them, I saw they were just superhero story records. There was no music! Danny says at his house, all the regular music records are downstairs in the living room, and in his room, he had adventure records. Well, I thought that was kinda weird.

 So I asked the guys what they wanted to do. Danny jumped up and pulled his Six Million Dollar Man action guy off the shelf. "The Six Million Dollar Man" is a popular show with the boys. I've heard Danny and Jason talk about it in the lunchroom. It's about some astronaut who is a secret agent, and has all these powers called "bionics", 'cos he had an operation after he crashed his space shuttle. So now's he's super strong and fast and stuff. So Danny said he wanted to play Six Million Dollar Man,

Then Jason, got his Bigfoot guy out. I think Bigfoot is on that show too. There was a poster of him on Danny's wall.

I told them I would play, only if I could use my Barbie. They wanted to pretend that Bigfoot captured Barbie, and that the Six Million Dollar Man had to come and save her. That didn't sound too bad. So Jason and I went on one side of the room, and Danny squatted down on the other side. Jason started roaring and growling and I had to yell for help and for someone to save me.

Then Jason grabbed my Barbie from me and started really hamming it up trying act like Bigfoot. I was just about to tell him to give my doll back when Danny jumped up on his bed yelling "Leave that girl alone, you big hairy beast!"

Danny jumped off the bed making this weird "da-da-da-da-da-da" noise. and then his guy kicked Jason's guy in the stomach.

After that, the boys started fighting with their action guys! They were so busy fighting, that Jason forgot all about my Barbie and threw her on the floor!

I knew something like this would happen! I jumped up and yelled for the boys to stop! I didn't want my doll to get stomped on, and besides I wasn't even playing anymore. I was pretty much pushed outta the game!

Danny put his guy back on the shelf and Jason and I picked up our toys. I told Danny there had to be something else we could do that didn't have fighting. Jason made some crack about how girls are just no fun. That turkey! Danny said he knew something that all of us liked to do and there would be no fighting. He walked over to his bedside table and moved his lamp,

He took off the top, and inside there were Legos.

Now I'm not great at building, but I was willing to give it a shot. At least it was better than fighting figures! Danny picked up the bedside table and dumped out the Legos. So we sat around building stuff and rapping about school, what we were gonna do over the summer and stuff like that.

Danny made a helicopter. It looked pretty cool.

I made a kind of dopey looking car.

And Jason was working on a groovy building.

Just then, Danny's mom stuck her head in the door, and asked us if we'd like dessert. We all said that we'd love it! She told us to clean up the Legos and she'd bring up a treat. We put all the Legos away, and Danny fixed the bedside table and his lamp. Mrs. Campbell came back with 3 cups of Jell-o with whipped cream! Far out!

And wow, was it ever yummy!

Well after we finished the Jell-o, it was time for me and my mom to leave. Jason was taking his stuff out of Danny's closet. He was gonna spend the night and Mr. Campbell said the boys could camp out downstairs in the living room and watch Dr. Shock. I said goodbye to the boys, thanked Danny's parents for having me over, and my mom and I went home.

I guess playing at Danny's house wasn't so bad. Part of it was actually kinda fun. And he's a pretty good sport hanging out with us girls and doing the stuff we like. Jason's OK about it sometimes, but he hasn't spent as much time with all us girls as Danny has. He can be a pain, but he's a pretty good guy most of the time. I guess I wouldn't mind hanging out with the boys again with no girls around, as long as I don't have to play "action guys" again. After all, we don't make them play dolls, do we?

My mom thinks that maybe in the future, boys and girls will like doing more of the same things, and there won't be so much competition between boys and girls. I wonder if she's right?

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Hey Julie, your mom's right. Sort of. In the future, boys and girls share more interests but most boys still prefer the company of other boys and most girls like to hang out with other girls. Jello and Legos are still around. Boys and girls like to play Legos, they even make pink ones for girls. I think that's kind of silly, girls don't need everything to be pink!

    1. Pink Legos? You're kidding! That's pretty weird. I guess boys will always like playing with boys, and girls like being around girls. But that changes when you get to be a teenager, doesn't it? Then girls just go bananas over boys, and get super mushy! Yuck! And some of the boys act really dopey to get girls to notice them. I think I'm happy just being 9. And I'm glad there's still Jell-o! It wouldn't be the same without someone's mom yelling "If you open that fridge one more time, you're not gonna to get any Jell-o!" I hear this about once a month from my mom! HAHA!

    2. Jell-O and crazy teenagers are still around. Meh.

    3. Teenagers? Jason's 10 and Danny and I are 9.

    4. OOPS! You mean the crazy teenagers I was talking about? I guess they'll always be around.

  2. Hi Julie,
    Dannys room is really cool. I especially like his Batman lamp. Yep, they now have Legos especailly for girls. My granddaughter has the cruise ship, the biplane, the jeep and the mall. She loves them. The only problem is, they have so many tiny parts that they get lost in the carpet and become vacuum cleaner food. I know what you mean about the boys. Every time I play action figures with my grandson somebody ends up getting beat up. Why do boys have to be so rough?

    1. Wow, you mean there are special Legos made for things like boats and cars in the future? Gosh! Here in the 70s they're just bricks and wheels and doors and stuff and you can make what you want. Pink Legos! Man, will the boys have a good laugh over that when I tell 'em!

      Yeah, the boys can be pretty crazy sometimes. My mom says if they weren't like that, they wouldn't be boys. HAHA!

  3. Hi Julie,
    Jason and Danny will be happy to hear that we still have Legos in the future! And now girls have their own special Lego sets too-some even come with little figurines, almost like mini dolls, that they can place in whatever building they're making.
    I'm glad you tried to include yourself in the boys' game. It's too bad that your Barbie almost got stepped on, though. Do you have a lot of Barbies? I used to have some (we still have Barbies in the future!), but they got old, so I had to throw them away.

    1. Legos have little dolls with them in the future? Too much!

      I only have 3 Barbie dolls. I have Malibu Barbie, Gold Medal Barbie, and Christie (black Barbie). But I do have other dolls like Blythe, Dawn, a doll from Scotland, and of course, JuJu!

  4. Poor Barbie! I loved Barbie when I was growing up, they were so much fun.

    I still think Lego's are cool, but my gosh, the sets they have now--it is just amazing the amount of detail they have in them. Haunted houses, police stations, even one that looks like a Winnebago camper! The little dolls are called "Mini Figs" (figures) and they even make special ones that are highly collectible, my girls have a Hun (like Attilla) and an Evil Wizard. There was even a movie made about Lego characters living in a Lego world.

    1. A movie about Legos? That's just crazy! Good thing they don't have that here in the 70s. Danny and Jason would never stop talking about it!

  5. Hi Julie! We really like Danny's room! Martin especially likes the Batman lamp!
    We had to ask our Mom what a record player was, she laughed and explained how it works with a needles. It sounds kind of funny to us. Anyway, we really like checking in and seeing what's new with you.

    1. Hi there! We're glad you guys like Danny's room. He likes his Batman lamp, too. Batman is Danny's favorite superhero. It's ashame you don't have records in the future. What do you play music on? And the needles that go on a record player aren't the same as sewing needles. The tips are coated with bits of diamonds or sapphires. I love my records. My mom hates it when I play them too loud! Danny and Jason really like those story records. Danny even has a couple of spooky Halloween records!

    2. I liked this post. a lot. and no I am NOT gonna say anything innaproprate. I wanted to ask where you got boy dolls. American Girl doesn't make them and I can't find them anywhere other than eBay and I am banned from eBay. I had half a mind to get a Our generation doll and transform her into a boy doll but when I saw the doll I planned on changing into a boy she was so pretty and I could not get myself to transform her into a boy by replacing her hair. Where did Danny come from? My dolls are 12, 16,14, and 15. It would be nice if I could get them some guy dolls for them to dance with. Like do a Doll version of a high school dance. You have to know where to get boy 18 inch dolls that look like a boy version of a AG doll. Please tell me where you found American Boy dolls. And for the repetition in my comment, just gonna add in I have Autism and people with Autism sometimes have to deal with repeative speech and other voice related issues. anyways. I love your blog. Gotta go. Felicty, Samantha, Kirsten, Jennie, and Molly say hello from the future.

    3. felicity says: Aren't Record Players those giant box thinngys that you stick a mega sized CD called a record on and theres a little stick attached to it and when you turn it on the top of the box where the record is placed makes the record stat spinning like a plate in a microwave and a little stick thingy hits the record and it plays a song? Livy's G'ma has one of those! They look cool but I've never tried to use one. These days they have things called computers and cell phones where you can find all sorts of info using sites like Yahoo!, Google, Internet Explorer, etc. We listen to music from online radio stations, the radio stations you have that play on radios, and you can buy music for your computer or phone! I'm gonna have a room renovation soon and I hope I will get a computer of my own! I am older than you. I am 14. I am homeschooled. On this thing called a computer you can talk to people over various sites. A site is a page on the internet which has all sorts of stuff in it depending on the site. Some sites are created by rich people and are made so one person can talk to another on a webpage. it is complicated anyways hope you have a groovy GPA on your after exams report card. Kirsten: Hi!!! I am a waitress at Felicity's Soda Shop and i'm 15. I have blonde hair and tanish skin. My eyes are blue. I like renovating the apartment I share wuth the rest of us girls. I LOVE Rock music. My favorite band is Nickelback. I don't think you need to know what the band sings about mostly. Their lead singer, Chad Kruger is AWESOME!! I like hot showers also. I find swimming very fun. Samantha: Hi! i'm 17. I like Biking, and dream of having a Harley Davidson to ride on. I like guns just like Livy des and I want a Mossberg 500 for my 18th birthday. I have a wild heart full of love. Just like Livy, I have anger issues. I love country music. Especially Montgomery Gentry. For now I need to go. Molly can't talk now cause she is asleep and Jennie is in a coma after breaking her arm! ( clumsy girl she is!). Have a good day Jullie and friends! We wish you a good sunday from the future! : )

    4. Hmmm...this sounds like a question for my mom!

      *From Julie's doll mom, Sharry:*

      Before I answer, let me remind you that you can go to "My Mom's Page" and e-mail me w/ questions like this. This main page is for Julie ONLY.

      Danny was an Etsy purchase. He is a custom Our Generation flexible doll. Jason was a gift. He is a hybrid doll. He has an American Girl Samantha head, and an older Our Generation flexible body.

  6. Hey Julie!
    We have Legos now and even girl Legos. I'm sorry to say that girls and boys still fight, especially if you have a brother! Why is it that whenever two or more boys get together, they talk about cars, fighting, and cool guns? Lol.

    1. Boys can really be a pain sometimes. But Danny and Jason are OK most of the time, like when they taught us archery in summer camp last year, or when Danny stood up for me when Jennifer first moved here and was being mean to me, or when Jason invited all of us to his super groovy Halloween party last year. So even though they can be turkeys sometimes, I think I'd really miss them if they weren't around anymore.

  7. Danny's room sure looks like a cool boys room!

    1. Yeah, it's pretty groovy, I suppose, for a boy's room. But if you asked Danny, he'd probably say my room is pretty groovy for a girl's room.