Sunday, September 13, 2015

Miss LaSalle's Letter

Hello future readers,

Remember when I said I would explain to you why my school is starting so late? Well, here's the story...

A water pipe burst in the boys bathroom next to the gym and flooded that whole section of the school! They got the water turned off and the pipes fixed, but now the floors have to be replaced, 'cos they got warped. Some of us kids were happy, 'cos that meant we'd have more summer vacation, but some of us kids were bummed out, 'cos that means we'd have an extra 2 weeks of school in June. But good news! My mom said that the school board had a meeting and decided that if the teachers gave kids assignments while we were still out, we wouldn't have to make up the 2 weeks in June! And we still get 2 weeks off! Outta site!


A few days ago, I had just come back from Stephanie and Melody's house, and I was sitting in my room reading a magazine.

My mom comes in and gives me a letter addressed to me from Miss LaSalle.

Here's what it said:

All right! A commendation card on the first day of school! Here's my assignment list:

Ugh! A book report already? At least we have one fun assignment; watching "Good Times" and writing a report about it. That's one of my favorite TV shows! I'm not looking forward to the math and putting my vocabulary words in alphabetical order. Both of those always take me such a long time to do. *sigh* I wish this assignment list were shorter!

  Current Events isn't too bad though; I just have to find a short article.

Well, I guess I'd better get to the library and pick out a book, so I can get this darn book report out of the way first. My mom says I can still play and have fun, as long as I'm inside by 4 p.m. to do an assignment, so I guess that's not too bad.  Gotta go now, future readers!

Until next time,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Wow. So sorry your school burst a pipe. Once we had a big storm and it moved the roof of the building we did co-op in. We had to have co-op in a different building while they repaired the flooded top floor.

    What book are you going to do a report on? I would do a classic book, but that is my opinion.


    1. I checked out "The Littles". I've already read "Tom Little's Great Halloween Scare" from Miss LaSalle's class library, but I've never read the series from the beginning. The chapters are short so I should be able to finish my book report and do my other assignments too.

    2. I think I've read that one. My sisters like it.

      Have you ever read Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol? It is one of my favorite books.


  2. I'm glad they were able to come up with a way for you not to have to go to school longer. If you do some of your assignment every day, you'll be done in no time. I think I would like the book report the least too, those are so boring!

    1. Yeah, it would be a drag to have to go to school 'til the end of June! I don't mind reading. I love books! But I don't like reading because I have to, and in a time limit, too. I like to be able to read when I feel like it, and take my time.

  3. Wow, getting to watch Good Times for a school assignment! I wish I had Mrs. LaSalle when I was in school. Book reports can be a breeze if you are writing about a book you absolutely love! Take your time choosing the right book.

  4. hi, wow, I wish I could watch TV for a school assignment.
    I was wondering if you could use a Superstar Ken to go with your groovy Barbies
    I have the Hallmark ornament if you're interested. :) Just wondering.