Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's Final Project Time---with a boy??

Hello future readers,

I never thought it would happen. Usually, we get to pick our partners for end of the year final project. Well this year, Miss LaSalle decided to pick for us. I got...Kyle. It's not that I don't like Kyle. He's pretty nice, as far as boys go, but after what happened when I went over to Danny's house that time, I wasn't sure working with a boy was gonna be such a good idea. Kyle and I rapped about it in the lunchroom and decided we'd do our project about bears, and I'd go over to his house on Saturday (after the cartoons were over), so we could work on our project.

I could tell Kyle was really into superheroes. They were on his walls, his bed, even on his lamp. And he was reading a Spider-man comic book when I came into his room. I sat down on his Batman bean bag (oh brother!), and pulled out a book on Bears I had gotten at the library.

So we started talking about who was gonna do what. I said that I could do the writing since I had neat penmanship, and he said "Why don't I just type it?" Type it? Hmmmm....

Kyle told me he'd been practicing typing on his mom's beat up portable typewriter for the past year, and he got his own typewriter last Christmas. Far out! Now the written part of our project would really look like a grown-up did it! So I read out loud from the book, and Kyle typed it out in our own words.

And you know, he's pretty good with that thing!

Wow! Just like  grown-up! Then Kyle pulled out a large oak tag board and some crayons,  and thought we could make a neat poster to go with the report. Outta site! We looked in the book for a good picture to draw and got to work.

I'm not that great at drawing, even though I really like to do it. I draw OK for a kid, but I'm not an artist. But Kyle can draw really good, (OK really well!), so I did stuff like the trees, the grass and the sky, and Kyle drew the bear. Working with Kyle was turning out to be pretty neat! When we were done he held it up and asked me if I liked it. No, I didn't like it---I LOVED it! It turned out super!

Now we had a groovy poster and a neatly typed report to turn in. I was sure we'd get 100% for our grade!

Kyle asked me if I wanted to see his pet lizard, Lobo.

 I wasn't sure about that. When our cabin caught a lizard for our scavenger hunt at camp, Kim was the brave one who picked it up. But I didn't wanna hurt Kyle's feelings, so I said OK.

It wasn't so bad, except that he moves pretty quick and I almost dropped him.  So Kyle put him back in his tank, and said it was pretty cool that I didn't say lizards were icky. (Even though I sorta think they are!)

Kyle wanted to know if I wanted to play action guys.

Then I remembered I still had my Wonder Woman doll in my book bag from when I took it to Susan's house after school a couple of days ago.

Kyle said we could play Super Friends. He pulled out his tape recorder and tape box, and told me that sometimes he likes to record the Super Friends cartoon on Saturday morning, and act it out when he plays action guys with Danny and Jason.

I watch Super Friends on Saturday mornings, and I knew there wasn't too much fighting in them, so I agreed to play.

Would you believe I actually had fun! And I felt kinda dopey for not wanting to be teamed up with Kyle to do our final project. And just because Kyle digs superheroes, doesn't mean he acts like he's tough, and he's better than girls. (well, at least he didn't this time!) I know it's probably different when he's playing with Danny and Jason,though.  But I guess it's just like when I first met Danny...I shouldn't think all boys are gonna be rough and act crazy all the time. I guess sometimes they can even be kinda cool.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend
Julie Newman


  1. Good job Julie! You both did such a great job on this project. It's not easy sometimes working as a team. It was always hard for me when I was in school. I love Kyle's typewriter - so cool!!

  2. Thanks Brenda! It was actually pretty cool working with Kyle. It helped to have a partner who can draw and type! I don't think I know any other 9-year-olds who can like a grown-up!

  3. Great job guys, I can't wait to see what grade you get! I agree that Kyle's typewriter is cool, reminds me of the ones I learned to type on. I'm glad you had a good time with Kyle, one of my best friends growing up was a boy, and we played together all the time.

  4. We get our grades at the end of the week. I think Miss LaSalle will really like our project. I don't really have a best friend, (since I have so many friends and don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings), but I never thought as having a boy for a best friend. All the guys are pretty cool, I guess. Maybe I should try to play with each one of them alone. Maybe it would be different.

  5. Hi Julie,
    You and Kyle made a great team! I'm sure Miss LaSalle is going to give you a good grade. You were a good sport about holding Lobo. I wouldn't do that for a million bucks, well, maybe for a million I would, but not for one penny less.
    Your future friend,

  6. Hi Fawn,

    Thanks Fawn! I thought we did a dynamite job! And holding Lobo really wasn't that bad. The only thing I didn't like was that he squirmed and wiggled so much, (probably because he doesn't know me), and I didn't wanna hold him tighter, 'cos I was scared I would hurt him. So he almost wriggled out of my hands and I thought he'd hit the floor, but Kyle caught him.

  7. Looks like you had a great time. Kyle sounds like a great guy. Your project looks amazing.

    You were so brave to hold that lizard. One of the boys on my drama class brought his snake knee week, and I just touched it. Some of my classmates let it slither on their shoulders and arms. I don't like snakes or lizards


    1. Thanks Melodie. I know sometimes I'm afraid to touch "creepy crawly" type animals like snakes or lizards. But I know my friends' pets aren't dangerous. I just don't like the way they feel when they're moving around on me.

    2. If you could have another pet besides Boomer, what type of pet would you have? I would love a guinea pig.


  8. Hi Julie. You both did a great job with your project! When I was a girl I was a Tomboy. I played cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers. I also read action comics. I wanted to be Super girl. But I also loved to wear frilly dresses and play with my dolls. It was fun to do both! I don't play with action figures now, but I still love my dolls, even as a grown-up. I also liked lizards and horn toads. I don't like snakes, but did pet one at a girl scout campout.

    1. Wow, that's pretty groovy, Linda. I'm definitely not a tomboy, and sometimes have a little trouble wanting to play "boy's games". But I don't really like a lot of fancy, frilly things either. I guess I'm somewhere in the middle. There are times that the boys can be kind of loud and silly and act like creeps, but there are other times when they're really nice guys. But I know they're my friends, and that when the chips are down, they'd be there to stick up for us girls. (like Danny did when Jennifer was mean to me).

  9. The project you and Kyle did came out great! I bet you both get a good grade on that. I looooove Kyle's typewriter. It is super cool and I would love to know where he got it! He has what we call in the future "mad skills"--he can type AND draw! You did a great job with the landscape, too.

    It is good to have all kinds of friends and play in all kinds of ways. You and Kyle are lucky to be friends.

    Maybe we can get to see some of your classmates' projects, too-- do you have to do a presentation?

    Enjoy the almost summer, end of school!


    1. Thanks Alice. We get our grades next week. I hope we get a good one. I don't know about seeing the other kids projects, they've already turned them in. And if a presentation means if we had to get up in front of the class, then the answer is no we didn't.