Sunday, May 15, 2016

Take A Look At Our School Photos!

Hello future readers!

Well, it's that time again. This past Friday, Miss La Salle passed out our class pictures! Check 'em out!

Here we are! Top row (L-R): Kyle, Robyn, Stephanie, Shante'. Bottom row (L-R): Miss LaSalle, Bridget, Danny, me, Susan and April.

Here I am.  I'm wearing almost the same color as the background!

This is a really groovy picture of Stephanie.

I guess Shante' likes blue flowered dresses too!

Danny looks so much more relaxed in his picture this year. His mom even let him wear sneakers!

I just love Bridget's curls. She reminds me of Shirley Temple. (She was a child movie star!)

Susan looks so pretty in ruffles!

Here's Kyle. He's pretty good looking, for a boy, I mean. He was really nervous, 'cos he wanted to take a good picture. He was squirming so much, the photographer had to take his picture twice!

April takes a nice picture, too. My mom says she has big "doe eyes".

I think Robyn looks far out in orange! I just love her hair, too!

Here's Mrs. Johnson's class:

Top Row (L-R): Cheryl, Lisa, Melody, Jennifer, Crissy. Bottom row (L-R): Mrs. Johnson, Wendy, Raychel, Jason, Sunny and Kim.

Cheryl's so pretty, I don't think it's possible for her to take a bad picture.

Wendy and April dressed like twins again. The photographer knew their mom would want one of them together.

Aren't they outta site? It must be really neat to have a sister.

That patchwork shirt looks dynamite on Raychel!

Jason's dad forgot it was picture day! Good thing he didn't wear a t-shirt!

I really dig this picture of Lisa.

Crissy always wears the grooviest clothes. I bet it's cool having a mom who used to be a fashion designer.

Sunny got to wear her pretty party dress for picture day. I wish I had one like that.

Melody just got over a cold. I'm glad she got better in time for picture day!

Kim has the most beautiful brown eyes!

I love this shade of green on Jennifer. It shows off her super tan!

Well future readers, that's it! I hope you liked looking at our class photos!

Until next time,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Great photos of everyone! I always think of a friend of mine who made a goofy face one year just as the photographer took the picture. She figured her mom would let her get it taken again and she said "nope, you're stuck with it!" So that's the picture of her in the school yearbook for that year!

    1. Oh no! How embarrassing! (one of my spelling words!)

  2. I love the pictures. I didn't know when it was pictures day at my co-ops (homeschool version of school), and I wished I could redo the picture. You and your friends look amazing, Julie.


    1. Thanks Melodie. Hmmm...well, since you go to school at home, couldn't your mom take your picture?

    2. Yes, I guess she could. Or, I could do pictures of my siblings and have one of them do one of me.


  3. Hi Julie,
    Your class pictures are all so nice. When my boys were little, if the pictures did not turn out well, we were stuck with them, but nowadays, parents can request redos. Nobody at Springfield Elementary needs a redo. You all look great!
    Your future friend,

    1. Thanks Fawn. But Kyle almost needed one!

  4. Everyone looks so nice in their school pictures! I love everyone's outfits. Even the teachers look groovy in their pantsuits! I think your dress is super pretty--you look great in that color. Do you and your friends trade pictures to keep as memories? We used to do that with the small wallet photos.


    1. Thanks Alice! My mom says that shade of blue is a really nice color on me. Miss LaSalle was wearing a pantsuit, but Mrs. Johnson was wearing a granny dress. Sometimes my friends and I trade photos, but mostly we send them to our pen pals or family.

  5. Groovy pictures, Julie! You all look fantastic (even the teachers)!! I love your blue dress.
    Also, is Crissy still a model? I wasn't sure if she still went to your school or not.
    Shirley Temple is still popular today, but she died a few years ago. :( I have seen her in the movie Heidi! She sure was a cute kid, and very talented too!

  6. Yeah, Crissy is still a model, and she's still in Mrs. Johnson's class. But sometimes she leaves school early to go to photoshoots. She really doesn't have a whole lot of time to play anymore and I miss her.

    Shirley Temple died? I guess that's far off in the future when she got old huh?I love watching her movies on television.

  7. OH! I love all your school pictures! You all looked so pretty and handsome. Someday you will look back at these pictures with so much joy.

    1. Thanks Brenda! I love the way all our pictures came out.