Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Party at the Springfield Community Center

Hello future readers!

I had a really groovy Halloween! At my school, we had the Halloween Parade and a class party (no Spook House this year, darn it!). Later on after dinner, some of us went Trick-or-Treating for about an hour, and then we went to the Community Center for a party! And was a it groove!

There was lotsa goodies like candy, caramel apples, cookies and punch. Kerry kept the sets from our Frankenstein play at camp, and decided to use the laboratory set for the party! Isn't that far out? Some of us got there early, and ate, danced and played ring toss.

Some of my friends were still out Trick-or-Treating and hadn't made the scene yet, but they were slowing coming in. The Community Center was having a free monster movie night for those who wanted to watch, so some of the kids were watching "Terror From Beyond The Grave". *shudder* I really don't like those kinds of movies, but the boys, Raychel, Stephanie and Melody did. They came in, grabbed some treats from the refreshment table, and went to watch the movie.

I knew a movie like that would give me nightmares for a month, so I was just fine hanging out at the party. Meanwhile, some more of our friends started to drift in, including The Cooper Family, and Velvet's friend, Mia Malone. (you remember her, right? She was Maria in our Frankenstein play).

Kerry told the little girls to have fun, don't eat too much, don't run around the center, and to mind Crissy. She wasn't sticking around. She was meeting up with some of the high school kids, (and Artie her boyfriend, kissy kissy!) down at the movie house to see "Psycho". Yuck! What is it about Halloween that makes everyone wanna watch icky horror movies? And of course, as soon as Kerry left, Mia and Velvet headed right for the refreshment table.

Well, pretty soon the rest of the kids showed up and the movie was over so the place was really jumping!

After a while, the music stopped and Shante' announced it was time for the Pumpkin Walk!

Most parties have Cake Walks, but Lisa's dad had donated 2 pumpkins, so we had a Pumpkin Walk!
Shante' laid out numbers on the floor, and explained the rules:

1) When the music starts, everyone walks in a circle on the numbers. When  it stops, stand on a number.  (kinda like Musical Chairs.

2) No bumping pushing or shoving.

3) Only 1 pumpkin per family

4) Shante' said she would keep her back turned when the music was on, so nobody could say she was cheating and picking her friends.

I was in the first group.

Monster Mash played over the loudspeaker, and we walked while Shante' turned her back.

When the music stopped, she called out "Number 3!"

"Hey! That's me!", I hollered.

Outta site! I actually won! My mom and I didn't really need another pumpkin for decorating, but it was be super for baking things like her pumpkin pie, or pumpkin bread.

The next group was up.

Crissy won that round. Yay!

Well future readers, one more dance and that was it for the night. It was a super groovy Halloween party! I hope Halloween in the future is just as groovy. Happy Halloween!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Looks like you guys had a groovy time! I would have skipped the scary movie too. Happy Halloween!

    1. It was lotsa fun, but I was so tired when I came home. I almost fell asleep in my costume!

  2. Hi Julie,
    I'm with you! No scary movies for me.
    My granddaughter dressed up like a witch and my grandson was a huge evil pumpkin head with a hooded robe. Both scared the bajeebers out of me. Dancing to the Monster Mash is much more my speed.
    Your future friend,

    1. Some of the masks at Woolworth's are way too creepy for me! The scariest thing I've been is a witch. Morticia isn't really scary, so that doesn't count. And I like The Monster Mash too!

  3. Hi Julie,
    Trick or Treat night was a blast here. I got plenty of Tootsie Rolls to last me awhile. I also got a popcorn ball, a spider ring, and pencil. Somebody handed out apples and toothbrushes. Can you believe it! Party pooper!
    Friends forever,

    1. Apples and toothbrushes?? Man, what a drag! I got gum, chocolate bars, (some even Nestle's Crunch!), lollipops and Smarties. I had popcorn balls at the party, though...they're so yummy!

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun this Halloween. Thanks for sharing.


    1. You're welcome, Morgan. I did have a dynamite time!

  5. Did you have any trouble walking in your mask? I always tripped on my feet.

    1. Sometimes, but I'm getting better. I just have to remember to look down for the curb and stuff like that.

  6. Looks like you all had so much fun! I remember those costumes. It's so much fun seeing these memories come alive in your time capsule.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      It sounds like you were a kid in the 70s too. Outta site! I'm so glad my time capsule is reminding you of good times from when you were my age.